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Part 71: Homura route, chapter 7: My last act as president

Homura route, chapter 7: My last act as president

1/1: The home stretch

Hikari's, Jun's, and Takumi's cards are the same as always.

Goon: This is Kotobuki-san's card. It really drips with her personality.
Goon: But what the hell is this guy supposed to be?

A happy new year!
Let's make this one a very happy one!

Up on the top left of Miyuki's card is a drawing helpfully labeled horse saying "neeeeigh".

Homura's card is also technically not new, but 1) she's the star of this run and 2) it's hilarious.

Goon: Oh, hi Homura. What're you doing here this early?
Homura: Happy new year! May it be full of cheer for both of us.
Goon: Uh, happy new year. I hope for the same thing.
Homura: I came here to say my new year's greetings, and invite you to come out to hatsumoude. Let's go!
Goon: Yeah, I'm in!
Homura: I thought you'd say that. Let's get a move on.
Goon: Alright, lemme go change.
Homura: Make it quick.

Yup, same as last year. I'll skip to the parts that're new.

Homura: Hey, while we're here, we should pull our fortunes.
Goon: Sure, let's do it!
Homura: That's the spirit! Don't be shocked by how good I am at this, though.
Goon: (How can she be good at this?)

Goon: Let's see, my fortune for the year is...
Goon: Kichi, huh?
Goon: (What did Homura get?)
Homura: Did use the trick and get yourself a Daikichi?
Goon: Here, see for yourself. What did yours say, Homura?
Homura: Daikichi, of course. Wanna try another one?
Homura: Here, I got daikichi again.
Goon: Whoa. You were right.
Goon: (Maybe there really is a trick to this.)

Homura: Even this late, people are piling in. Wanna go back and do it all over again?
Goon: Again?
Homura: I'm joking. See ya--get home safe.
Goon: You too, Homura.
Goon: (She said it was a joke, but I feel like she was serious.)

1/13: Oh yeah, there were other girls in this game

Oh yeah, huh. Notably, this is Goon's first date with a not-Homura girl since year 1. The drought is over!

1/27: Homura's new look

If you buy Homura the cute skirt at Christmas, her outfit changes to something... that resembles a letterman jacket crossed with a sweater. It certainly is different from her usual look.

As usual, the conversations remain static and only the outfit changes.

2/14: Valentine's Day

Homura: Gunma.
Goon: Yo, Akai-san.
Homura: Prepare to be amazed!
Homura: Here, take this. How do you like it?
Goon: W, wow. I am amazed. Is this chocolate cake?
Homura: Yeah, because if I gave you a regular old chocolate, it'd be boring.
Homura: Wanna split it with me later?
Goon: S, sure.
Goon: (That explains it. I was wondering why she gave me a #7.)

Yep, same as in the previous Maho run.

Miyuki: Oh no!
Goon: What's going on, why're you looking at me like that?
Miyuki: I got so excited giving out chocolate, I ran out!
Goon: You wanted to give me one? Don't worry so much about it.

Miyuki: But I can't just let this stand--
Miyuki: Oh, I know! Here, have this instead!
Miyuki: It's kinda the same thing, so it's fine, right?
Goon: (Gum, on Valentine's Day? And it's already been chewed.)
Goon: (I guess this counts as a kind of giri chocolate?)

Um. Eww.

3/1: Graduation day

I didn't upload a version of this speech myself yet, but since Tokimemo still has a good following on the 'net, here's the fully animated version of Homura's ending:

Goon: The graduation ceremony's about to start. I should head over there.

Homura: Today, all of us leave Hibikino High School behind and enter the world.
Homura: Right now, with all of you watching over me, I'm full of joy at making it to graduation.
Goon: (This is a pretty formal speech from her.)

Homura: Alright, that's enough of the formalities.
Homura: These three years have been really fun for me!
Goon: (?!)

Homura: Nyahaha!

Homura: I don't really remember all of it, though.
Homura: The sports festival, the school festival--
Homura: Everything was super fun, except for the parts where I was stuck in a classroom clinging to a desk and trying to study.

Homura: Yeah... it was fun.
Homura: Well, I guess that doesn't matter.

Homura: No, it does matter!

Homura: Dammit! I can't say it right!
Goon: (...)
Homura: Uh, well, you know--
Homura: What I want to say is, uh--
Homura: The reason the sports festival and the school festival were fun were because you were there with me.
Homura: Oh, and the class trip too.
Goon: (What?!)

Homura: Shit, is it hot in here?

Homura: When I think about you, I get all warm right here.
Homura: ...

Homura: So what I'm trying to say is--
Homura: What I'm trying to say is...
Homura: Goon, I want to keep hanging out with you!
Homura: How about it, let's have fun together forever!
Goon: (Homura...)

Goon: Homura.
Homura: Wha--
Goon: Uhhh, well...
Goon: Let's keep hanging out like this, Homura.

Homura: What?

Goon: Because... I love you, Homura.

Homura: Alright, this speech is over!
Homura: Graduating class spokesperson, and student body president, Akai Homura!


Goon: Wow, I can't believe that the silent bell rang for us.
Homura: Huh? What's that mean?
Goon: You didn't know, Homura?
Goon: There's a legend that says if a couple confesses their love for each other while the bell rings, they'll live happily ever after.
Homura: Huh.
Goon: What do you mean, "huh"?
Homura: Who cares about a legend like that?
Homura: We don't need that, we're gonna have fun for the rest of our lives!
Homura: Right?
Goon: Right!
Homura: Cool, now let's go eat and celebrate our graduation!
Goon: Yeah!

And that is how the curtain closed on my three years of high school

When I look back, it feels like all I did was run student council meetings.

In any case, I'm glad that I managed to graduate.

I got accepted to a second-tier company, so I can't complain about that.

Oh yeah, and Homura's going to work for Akai Orchards.

We're on different paths now, so we may have fewer opportunities to see each other.

But that just means we'll value our time together even more.

She's as rude and crude as always, but I think that we'll have a lot of fun times together from here on out.

This school's legend has been fulfilled.

But the two of us aren't going to rely on some legend.

We're going to keep building our relationship together...


As always, Takumi decides to take his talents and work for a host club.

Jun also goes to a sports college for kendo, as usual.

But he doesn't do it with Akane.

Hikari goes to a second-tier engineering school, where she is working on both her studies and on having fun.

As usual, Kotoko goes to a second-tier liberal arts college.

Miyuki goes off to work at a magazine publishing company, hoping to become a writer.

Akane works at a restaurant, where she gets to work with giant cookware all day, especially giant knives.

Wait, why did Goon specifically call out the knives? That's weird.

Kaedeko works as a receptionist at a giant corporation, where she's well-liked because she's cute and has a nice smile.

Mei is Mei.

The end!

But wait, there's one more thing that wasn't answered by this run and I thought would be covered. So, I'll just put it here.

What's with Homura and Bakuretsuzan?

Their story starts when Bakuretsuzan was a high school student at Hibikino, where he and Homura's grandfather were best friends. They became rivals in affection for the girl who would become Homura's grandmother, so in many ways Bakuretsuzan sees Homura as the grandchild he could have had, especially since she seems to be the spitting image of her teenage grandmother.

Thankfully, Bakretsuzan is an overgrown manchild at heart, so he and Homura are boisterous best friends instead of the incredibly complex Snape-Potter relationship. Or the incredibly creepy STRANGER DANGER-Goonko relationship.

Oh, and why is she student body president? Because she was late to school on the very first day. Bakuretsuzan caught her, and slapped her with the position as a kind of punishment.

Basically, Bakuretsuzan is awesome.

Later tonight: Finishing the Mei run on stream!