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Part 76: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 5: Working through the pain

Tokimemo 3 chapter 5: Working through the pain

The closest things in this game that you'll find to actual connections to the other Tokimemo games are artifacts like this clay figure of a "girl with a koala hairstyle" - one who looks suspiciously like the unusually popular stalker of the first Tokimemo. Strangely, this is one of the only useful items that you can get from the Excavation activity, since it unlocks a conversation topic about koala hairstyles that is one of the only topics in the game that Serika enjoys talking about.

Later, you'll see an "alien artifact" that looks just like Miyuki's alien in Tokimemo 2. That's pretty much all there is in terms of previous game tie-ins.

9/10: Rika again

After hitting level 5 in science:

Goon: (I feel like somebody's watching me)
Goon: (Hey! Over by the school gate. It's that girl from before.)
Goon: Hey, excuse me!

Goon: What the hell's going on?

9/15: Aikido match

Goon: (Today's my match.)
Emi: The opponent is Raicho High.
Emi: Word is that they have very strong programs in skiing and other winter sports.
Goon: Huh. I wonder how they are in aikido.
Goon: Only one way to find out!

Goon: That was easy!

Goon: I won!
Emi: Make sure to work this hard next time, too.
Goon: (That's all I get?)

9/16: Bumping into trouble

After a successful exploration of the hill, we get a Yukiko event. This isn't very much of a prize.

Yukiko: Oh, I didn't think I'd bump into you here.
Yukiko: Are you out shopping?
Goon: No, just out for a walk. What're you up to, Makihara-san?
Yukiko: Well, my mom sent me out on an errand.
Yukiko: We're having sukiyaki tonight at home, but my mom forgot to buy onions.

Goon: Wow, that's nice of you.
Yukiko: What? Helping out is the only right thing to do.
Yukiko: Anyway, I gotta go. See you at school!
Goon: Yeah, see you.

9/21: Culture festival

Goon: I wonder if I should invite someone to check everything out with me.
Option 1: Makihara-san
Option 2: Tachibana-san
Option 3: Shinjo-san
Option 4: Nope.

Hey, look, an actual opportunity to interact with Serika! Time to take advantage of it and choose her.

Goon: Where should I go with her?
Option 1: The science club
Option 2: The drama club
Option 3: The broadcast club
Option 4: The astronomy club

Sadly, none of these options are particularly good for Serika. She's a hard one to please. We might as well watch a play. They were pretty damn amusing in Tokimemo 2.

Goon: Hey, Shinjo-san! I was looking for you.

Serika: Hey. What's up?
Goon: I'm going to check out the drama club's play, want to come with me?
Serika: Yeah, sure. I wasn't doing anything.
Goon: Cool, let's go.

Every once in a while, there's a noticeable hitch in dialogue where $playername would appear in the script. In Tokimemo 2, they would at least print out what was supposed to be said there, even if the name wouldn't be said in the dialogue. In Tokimemo 3, there's just a really awkward pause and nothing.

Goon: Someone told me the drama club was going to do a performance of The Tale of Genji.
Serika: Yeah? That sounds kinda stuffy.
Serika: I'm a little interested, though.

Serika: Yaaaawn...

Serika: Yeah, this story just doesn't appeal to me.
Serika: Although I do think the acting is good.
Goon: (It looks like Shinjo-san didn't really like it.)

Serika: That was pretty boring.
Serika: I probably would've been better off staying at home and sleeping.
Goon: (I guess today was a failure)

10/1: Progress!

As I've mentioned a couple of times, leveling up a stat is the new way of activating the after-school events in Tokimemo 3, where Goon says "Going home alone sucks, I should stalk someone until they show up and I can ask them to come with me." For months, this hasn't been really successful, since Serika either won't show up at all or will say "huh, your levels went up, nice" and then walks away. Six months of game time later, we have our first departure from that pattern.

Goon: Shinjo-san!
Serika: ...You want something?

Serika: Say, you look like you've been working out lately.
Serika: Well, it's none of my business, but I think it's nice.
Goon: Hey, thanks for noticing. Do you want to walk home with me?
Serika: Sure, I don't mind.

Goon: By the way, Shinjo-san.
Serika: What's up?
Option 1: Invite Shinjo-san out on a date
Option 2: Ask for Shinjo-san's phone number
Option 3: Just head home

To make sure we don't waste any of our precious few opportunities, we go ahead and invite her out on a date.

Goon: Want to go to the zoo on the 5th?

Serika: Sorry. I'm busy that day.
Goon: Oh, I see. That's unfortunate.
Serika: Sorry. Bye.

Getting rejected for dates is nothing new or special in the Tokimemo series. What's new is the opportunity cost being so high, since it takes a stat level-up to have a chance to talk to Serika in the first place.

After the 1st, Goon levels up his stats on the 5th and 7th, but Serika says she has plans and scoots off before any questions can be asked.

10/7: Another chance at a chance

Goon: By the way, Shinjo-san.
Serika: What's up?
Goon: Want to go shopping with me on the 13th?

Serika: Sorry, that day doesn't really work out.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Serika: ...But this day could work.
Option 1: Alright, let's go with that day.
Option 2: Sorry, that doesn't really work for me.

┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

She suggests the 19th, which thankfully is not an aikido day (we get kicked out of the aikido club if we miss two of these days).

Goon: Alright, let's go with that day.
Goon: I'll meet you in front of the shopping district on the 19th.
Serika: Got it.
Serika: If you're late at all, I'm just gonna head home, so keep that in mind.
Goon: (The 19th. I have to make sure I don't forget.)

10/9: Rolling downhill

Goon: By the way, Shinjo-san.
Serika: What's up?
Option 2: Ask for Shinjo-san's phone number

Goon: Could you tell me your phone number?
Serika: Sure. Let's see, my number...
Serika: Oh yeah, that was it.

Received Shinjo-san's phone number.
Goon: (YES!)

10/14: Moegino Watcher check

This Moegino Watcher covers another flea market at the shrine, the autumn leaves, a Renaissance art exhibit at the museum, a local theater production of The Seven Demotions (don't ask me), and the new air hockey game at the arcade.

10/15: Rika stalker check

Goon: (Right at the end of the hall, it's that girl again.)
Goon: Hey, excuse me--

Goon: And she's gone again.
Goon: (What the hell is her deal?)

Let's summarize what we know about the cast of Tokimemo 3 so far:

- Yukiko is perky but has been unremarkable for her entire life.
- Chitose has horrible English and horrible jokes.
- Rika stares around corners with a camera and flees when noticed.
- Mari ????
- Emi is well-mannered and traditional.
- Serika is mysterious and aloof.

It feels like they barely spent any time asking themselves the question "will these introductions make the characters interesting?"

10/19: The first date with Serika

According to the guide, Serika likes the black collared shirt, black cotton pants, and sneakers as an outfit. Alright, then, let's do this.

Serika: Fudou.
Goon: Hey, Shinjo-san. Did I keep you waiting?
Serika: Not really. I just didn't have anything else to do.
Goon: I see.
Serika: So, where are we going today?
Option 1: Let's go to the pet shop.
Option 2: Let's go to the boutique.

Serika likes the pet shop, so we're going there.

Serika: That kitten was pretty cute, wasn't it.
Option 1: You like cats?
Option 2: I didn't think you were the type to like animals.
Option 3: I figured you were a cat person.

Let's see. Option 1 is a dumb question, option 2 is borderline insulting, and that leaves 3 as the only logical answer.

Goon: I figured you were a cat person.
Serika: We're alike in some ways. I... they don't like being alone.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Serika: Today went pretty well.
Serika: Well, I'm over this way. Later.
Goon: Later.

10/22: Begin phase 2

With Serika's communication line secured, we need to make sure we have access to the only source of information about her in the whole game: Emi. so, we use a couple of after-school events on her until...

Goon: Could you tell me your phone number?
Emi: My number? I'm sorry, I can't.
Goon: (Damn.)

10/26: Goon's birthday

Goon: Oh yeah, today was my birthday.
Goon: But no one remembered...
Goon: ...
Goon: I should sleep.

At this point, I interrupt the parade of sadness to point out something very important.

The ugly-ass stump on Goon's floor has been replaced by a somewhat-less-ugly bell. This will not make him any more popular with the ladies, but at least it isn't a stump.

We've also discovered the Alien Haniwa, which is this game's only tie to Tokimemo 2.

11/3: Fail at calling Serika, a bunch of times

The standard "call and get shot down" way to lose a day in Tokimemo isn't remarkable enough for me to comment on, but this one raised my ire a little bit.

Serika: Hello, this is the Shinjo residence.
Serika: No one is home right now, but please leave a message after the tone.
Goon: (Hmm? Looks like she's not home.)

Getting an answering machine takes an entire day.

The closest thing to this in the Tokimemo series is if you call someone in the last week of Tokimemos 1 and 2, when there is no more time left to date anyone. In that case, you reach their answering machine, say "Oh, I guess they're not home", and the game gives you the day back for whatever you want to do with the last choice of the game.

11/4: Success!

Serika: Hello, Shinjo residence.
Goon: Hey, Serika, it's Fudou.
Serika: Oh, it's you.
Serika: What's up? You need something?
Option 1: Invite her out on a date

Goon: Wanna go to Hilltop Park with me on the 10th?
Serika: Sure, I'm not doing anything that day.
Goon: Cool, we'll meet in front of the park.
Serika: Got it.
Serika: Don't be late. It's the worst thing in the world to keep someone waiting.

Mark these words folks.

11/10: Why is this a mechanic

To keep things from getting stale, we're switching to the white shirt for this one.

Goon: Where were we meeting, again?
Option 1: We were meeting at the shopping district
Option 2: We were meeting on top of the hill

In Tokimemos 1 and 2, this pop quiz only appears if you have two dates scheduled closely to each other and both are coming up - especially if you're going on those dates with two different people. It's a way of punishing you for keeping too many balls in the air.

This pop quiz comes up even though Goon's last date was a month ago (10/19) with Serika, and there is no other date scheduled. It's kinda annoying, but at least it's easy.

Goon: ......
Goon: (Did I go to the wrong place?)
Option 1: Wait a little longer
Option 2: Go to the shopping district and wait

Again, in previous games this was designed to make you second-guess yourself and make you wonder if you'd picked the wrong choice. In Tokimemo 3 it's... I guess it's for the same purposes, but the trigger condition is way too sensitive.

Goon: Shinjo-san's not here yet.
Goon: ....

Serika: Fudou.
Goon: Hey, Shinjo-san.
Serika: Sorry. I had a little thing to take care of.
Goon: Nah, don't worry about it.

Goon: Hey didn't you just tell me that being kept waiting was the worst thing in the world?
Serika: Sorry. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have been late, but game mechanics held me back for no good reason.

Serika: Mmm, it's such a great day. There isn't a cloud in the sky.
Goon: You're right, today's perfect.
Goon: Where do want to head?
Serika: There's an observation deck around here, let's head there.
Goon: Good idea, let's go.

Serika: You get a really good view from here.
Serika: It feels like we're giants or something.
Option 1: Yeah, the wind feels great too.
Option 2: I know an even higher spot with a better view.
Option 3: Have you never been anywhere high up before?

Goon: I know an even higher spot with a better view.
Serika: Yeah? Let's head there next time.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Serika: Today was fun. Relatively.
Serika: Well, I'm over this way. Later.
Goon: Yeah, later.

11/24: Make another date with Serika

She agrees to the amusement park on December 1st.

11/28: Bomb warning!

Wait, we only know 3 people, and Emi and Serika are both friendly, so it could only be... oh dear.

12/1: Date with Serika

Because it's December 1st, a change of clothes is in order! The guide said that black glasses work in winter, but that's partially because they'll always work with the suit pieces. Let's see what happens when we go with the glasses, the black collared shirt, black pants, and dress shoes. Serika likes black, after all.

Goon: (Where were we going to meet up, again?)
Option 1: In front of the train station
Option 2: At the shopping district
Option 3: On top of the hill

The game is quizzing us on three different places now, adding in two locations that we've visited in the last two months - all of which we've been to with Serika.

Goon: ......
Goon: (Did I go to the wrong place?)
Option 1: Wait a little longer
Option 2: Go to the shopping district and wait
Option 3: Go to the top of the hill and wait

What is the point of this

Goon: (Shinjo-san's still not here yet.)
Goon: ...
Serika: Fudou.

Serika: What's with that getup?
Serika: You look like a mess.
Goon: What? This? I, I guess--

Serika: Well, that's a buzzkill.
Serika: I'm heading home. Sorry.

You know what? Screw this game.

YKWSTG count: 3

Oh. Oh yeah. That's the stuff.

Okay, I feel better now. Back to Tokimemo 3.

12/1: Jumping through hoops

This time, Goon goes with the Full Salaryman - glasses, suit, and dress shoes.

The hoops are the same, and still needlessly hoopy. But at least Serika doesn't make a fist and walk off at the sight of Business Goon.

Goon: Whew, we're finally here.

Goon: (Hmm? I wonder if you can ride those animals? I kinda feel like trying it out.)
Serika: So, where do you wanna go?
Option 1: I... kinda wanna ride those animals. Can we?
Option 2: Let's head to the Ferris wheel.
Option 3: Let's head to the roller coaster.
Option 4: Let's go to Marchen World.

I have to know.

Goon: I... kinda wanna ride those animals. Can we?
Serika: Ride... those? Wait, seriously?
Option 1: Yeah. Can we? Please?
Option 2: Uh, no, I was kidding.

Goon: Yeah. Can we? Please?
Serika: No. Absolutely not! I hate all this kids' stuff!
Serika: I refuse.
Goon: O-okay.
Goon: (Damn, she didn't have to shoot me down that hard.)

Okay, curiosity satisfied. Time to head to the roller coaster, which we already knew was the best option from the double date.

Serika: Mmm, there is nothing better than this at the park!
Serika: No matter how many times I ride it, I never get bored!
Option 1: I... I'm good.
Option 2: This ride? That often? I'd get bored.
Option 3: Yeah, I think so too.

Goon: Yeah, I think so too.
Serika: Right?!
Serika: If only the other rides had as many thrills as this one, that'd be awesome.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Serika: Whew, the park was really fun.
Serika: But I think I may have overdone it a little bit.
Goon: Yeah, me too. Let's find somewhere to sit down and get a drink.
Serika: Hey, good idea. Let's go!

And now, Tokimemo 3's extrapolation on a Tokimemo 2 mechanic: the follow-up date. In Tokimemo 3, it happens way more often, and is the entire reason the hobby system exists - you get to pick 3 conversation topics based on things Goon has spent some time on, and that provides a little extra boost to the affection of a girl.

Serika: Weekend crowds are nuts.
Serika: This place is packed.

Serika: I can't really relax here.
Serika: I don't think I'm very well suited for noisy places like this.
Goon: I see...

Goon: (What should I talk about?)

Among other things, this is how you fill out the profile section - you can ask girls for their birthdays, blood types, and so on here, though at this early stage of the game we're mostly interested in things that will make the rest of the game smoother.

Topic 1: Koala hairstyles (learned from excavating the Koala-Haired Doguu)

Serika: Koala hairstyles, eh...
Serika: Hmm, that's definitely weird-looking.
Serika: But I do think it looks fun.
Serika: Wait, don't tell me that you like that kind of hair.
Serika: ...You're a funny one.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Topic 2: Talk about rock music

Serika: ...So what do you think?
Goon: (Looks like she's pretty interested.)

Topic 3: Ask about her birthday

Serika: It's, uhh, April 18th.
Serika: I almost forgot it myself.

After 3 topics, the follow-up date ends and we no longer have to wade through pages and pages of menus (there are 112 total potential conversation topics!)

Serika: Today went pretty well.
Serika: Well, I'm over this way. Later.
Goon: Yeah, see you.

Random note: the name of the restaurant is Fairy's Kitchen, which is most likely based on First Kitchen, a fast food chain most notable for its "Fakkin" nickname, which makes expats and English students snigger.

12/3: Finally get Emi's number

Emi: My number? Here.
Emi: My family uses that number too, so we cannot talk for very long on that line.
Emi: Is that okay with you?
Goon: It's fine. Thanks.

And now we have finally secured the only source of information on Serika in the whole game (the downfall of a small cast).

12/9-12/13: Midterms

That sure is a lot of fist-pumping for an "eh".

30th: Shiratori Masaki
76th: Makihara Yukiko
121st: Fudou Gunzou
167th: Tachibana Emi
177th: Shinjo Serika
200th: Yabe Takuo

12/15: Aikido match

Emi: Today's opponent is Sanryuu High.
Emi: It seems as though they do not do very well in tournaments.
Goon: Sounds like they're a third-rate school, just like the name says.

Goon: Easy!

Goon: I won!
Emi: Make sure to work this hard next time, too.
Goon: (That's all I get?)

12/17: Close encounters of the pink kind

Goon: (There she is again)
Goon: Hey, could you--

Goon: And there she goes again.
Goon: Seriously, what's she doing?

12/19: Bomb warning 2

Goon: Huh?

Yukiko: !!
Goon: Hey, Makihara-san.
Yukiko: ...

Goon: Hey, Makihara-san!
Goon: (I must've done something to hurt her.)

12/20: Level up bonus

Angry for a month, and the moment we talk to her she's as cheery as a songbird. Huh.

Goon: (I'll wait for Makihara-san.)
Goon: (Hey, there she is.)
Goon: Makihara-san!

Yukiko: Oh, you're heading home?
Yukiko: By the way, everyone says you've been studying really hard lately.
Yukiko: Hhehe, that's really good.
Goon: Hey, thanks. Say, you want to walk home together?
Yukiko: Yeah, that's fine.
Option 1: Ask her out on a date
Option 2: Just head home

Time to give ourselves a safety net.

Goon: Want to head to the riverside park with me on the 28th?
Yukiko: Sorry, I'm busy that day.

D'oh. Guess we'll actually need to call her.

12/21: Time used, time lost

Goon: Want to go shopping with me on the 29th?
Yukiko: Umm, that should be fine.

Safety net cast.

12/24: Christmas

Goon: A Christmas party? That's kinda weird for the school to sponsor.

Takuo: Hey, did you hear about the Christmas party?
Goon: Yeah, I just saw it on the bulletin board.
Takuo: I heard they rented out a ballroom at a five star hotel.
Goon: Wow, that's pretty crazy.

Masaki: Hey, you two. You're pretty late to the game.
Masaki: I already knew about this.
Goon: Are you going to the party, Shiratori?
Masaki: Of course I am.
Masaki: I can't just leave those girls to be lonely without me.
Takuo: I'm going too, of course. This is the best chance to get to know some girls.

Masaki: Hmph. Do as you please.
Masaki: Just be sure you don't get caught underdressed.
Goon: (They're checking at the door?)

Goon: Well, what should I do?
Goon: Go to the party.
Goon: What should I wear?

Pretty much the only option is the glasses, suit, and dress shoes.

Goon: Wow... this is a pretty big party.

Serika: Huh. You came too.
Goon: Hey, Shinjo-san. Merry Christmas.
Serika: Yeah, Merry Christmas.
Goon: What's wrong? You don't look like you're having fun.

Serika: Kinda. I don't really feel like I fit in to places like this.

Yeah, you probably intimidate the guys by wearing a suit better than they do.

Goon: Yeah, I can see that.
Serika: Later.

Emi: Good evening.
Goon: Hey, Tachibana-san. Merry Christmas.
Emi: Thank you.
Emi: This is certainly a lively party.
Goon: Yeah, that's for sure.
Goon: I had no idea that they'd do something on this scale.

Emi: Umm, I promised to meet with some friends, so I must be going.
Goon: Okay, see you later.

Yukiko: Merry Christmas.
Goon: Hey, Makihara-san. Merry Christmas.

Yukiko: But wow, can you believe how big this party is?
Yukiko: It's amazing.
Goon: Yeah, they spared no expense.
Yukiko: I should go back to my friends.

Yukiko: See you later!
Goon: Yeah, later.

Goon: (It's time for the gift exchange. What should I contribute?)

As tempting as it is to give someone in class a petrified stump, I...

I gave in and gave someone in class a petrified stump.

Goon: (Which present should I open?)

Stream went with the red one, and miracle of miracles, it wasn't an 8x10 shot of Ijuuin Rei! Instead, it was...

Goon: There are...
Goon: Homemade cookies inside!

In terms of game effect, homemade cookies slightly raise Stamina when used, and can also be given as a gift to a couple of the girls.

Serika: Oh hey, you're the one who picked my present.
Goon: Oh, this was yours, Shinjo-san. Thank you.

Serika: Hey, don't get so formal. I just hope you like it.

12/29: Bomb-clearer with Yukiko

It's winter, so I went with a sweater, cotton pants, and the loafers/dress shoes. Seems fine, right?

Oh, and of course I had to take a test in order to go to the right place again.

Yukiko: Fudou-kun.
Goon: Hey, Makihara-san.
Yukiko: !!
Yukiko: Umm. I'd... I'd like it if you thought about the person who's going to walk next to you.
Yukiko: So, um. Sorry.

Goon: Hey, Makihara-san?

YKWSTG count: 4

Next time: Year 2.