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Part 79: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 8: Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAKE!

Tokimemo 3, Chapter 8: Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAKE!

4/21: Introduction to Mari, part 2

After leveling up Art, there's an opportunity to meet Mari after school for the standard "hey, you wanna walk home?" event. However, since it's Mari, we'll be getting a very different version of this event on the first time.

Goon: Oda-san!
Mari: Pardon my manners, but could you please go away and leave me alone?
Mari: You're just one of the many trying to talk to me because I'm a curiosity to you.
Mari: I hate those people.
Mari: They buzz around me, and even when they ask "How do you do" it's just because my parents happen to be famous.
Option 1: What are you talking about?
Option 2: I didn't mean it like that at all.

Both options lead to the same conversation. Thankfully, there's no way to bomb your relationship with Mari before it starts.

That's Yukiko's job.

Mari: What?
Goon: I just wanted to talk to you. And, uh, maybe ask you if you wanted to walk home together.
Mari: ...
Option 1: I didn't know your parents were famous.
Option 2: Honestly, I don't know the first thing about you.

Again, both options are the same. I chose 2 here because Yabe's introduction to Mari makes 1 a lie.

Mari: Wow, you truly know nothing?
Mari: I have no choice but to forgive you - and educate you.
Mari: Follow my lead, and learn.
Mari: We'll start by having you carry my bag.
Goon: Um. Sure. My pleasure.
Goon: (When did I become a manservant?)
Goon: (Oda-san... allowed me to have a fun time walking home with her?)

4/26: O Takumi Where Art Thou

So, remember how I said that the only reliable way to get information is by calling up the girls and asking them about their friends? Yes, there's an annual update from Yabe or Masaki, but since they were designed as rival characters and fail horribly as friends, they won't give you information like Yoshio or Takumi did. How bad can it be, right?

Serika: Hey, I was wondering when you'd call. What's up today?
Goon: I'd like you to tell me what the other girls think of me.

Serika: Other... girls? Why are you trying to ask me that?
Serika: Screw that.
Goon: (What's up with her?)

This conversation happens with any girl once their affection is slightly higher than neutral and significantly shortens their bomb timers. Note that, other than Yukiko, you can only get a girl's phone number when their affection is right around neutral. So, basically, we're going to have to fly blind for the rest of this game.

You know what? Screw this game.

YKWSTG count: 6

This is half of the relationship chart, by the way. Yukiko gladly provided it and was glad to help, which will cease to be the case in about 2 months. Note that she doesn't provide information about herself, and doesn't know anything about Serika.

5/17: Sports festival, year 2

Goon: Alright, time to go out there and work hard!
Serika: I don't usually go to these kinds of things, but since you're here, I came to cheer you on.
Serika: Good luck.
Goon: Thanks!

We've waited a year for this. It's time for a rematch with the 3-legged race, this time without an anchor tied to Goon's leg.

Serika: Haha, looks like we're teaming up for this.
Serika: Honestly, I wasn't very excited at first, but now I'm a little fired up.
Serika: Let's win this thing.
Goon: Yeah, let's kick some ass!

Year 1: Tied to Masaki. Retired from the race without even finishing.
Year 2: Tied to Serika. Won by something like 20 lengths.

I try not to nitpick the art too much, but between her lack of expression, lack of animation, and the angle of her head, mini-Serika looks dead. It's a little creepy.

Serika: We did it, $playername, we took first.
Serika: I knew you had it in you.
Serika: You were amazing out there.
Goon: Thanks.
Goon: (I hope I'm not blushing.)

5/23: The payoff

Goon: (Time to head home.)
Serika: Goon.
Goon: Hey, Shinjo-san. What's up?

Serika: It's, uh, nothing big.
Serika: By the way, it looks like you've been working out lately.
Serika: Emi was telling me about it, it's pretty cool.
Serika: Anyway, want to head home together?

I reloaded 55 times so that this could happen. There is no way Goon is saying no here.

Goon: Yeah, sounds good. Let's get going.
Serika: Nice! Let's go.

Serika: Say, this is kind of out of nowhere, but are you free this Sunday?
Serika: I was thinking we could head to the riverside park together. What do you think?

See previous note. Can you imagine how horrifying this would be if this were Yukiko and not Serika, and we had to keep saying no? It chills the spine.

Goon: Sure, that sounds good.
Serika: Alright, it's a date!
Serika: Thanks for saying okay. I was pretty nervous asking you, honestly.

Goon: So, should we meet in front of the park on Sunday?
Serika: Yeah. Don't be late.
Goon: (This Sunday. I have to make sure I remember.)

5/25: Day at the park with Serika

Cut: The usual "what do I wear?" and "where was I going, again?" idiot checks that come before every date. They're more tedium than game mechanic at this point.

Serika: Goon.
Goon: Hey, Shinjo-san.

Serika: Haha, right at the same time. Looks like you had the same idea I did.
Goon: Yeah, looks like.
Goon: Let's head into the park.
Serika: Sounds good. Let's hurry.

Serika: Look at that, there are so many flower petals floating down the river.
Serika: It's really pretty.
Option 1: They're all gonna end up as trash.
Option 2: I want to see where they come from.
Option 3: It's pretty, but kind of ephemeral.

Goon: It's pretty, but kind of ephemeral.
Serika: I think that's what makes it pretty, though.
Serika: Hey, you okay with sticking around a little?
Serika: It feels like we haven't talked enough.
Goon: Yeah, let's head somewhere.

Serika: I was thinking about what couples find so fun about going to places like this.

Serika: Right now, I kind of get it.

The only important part of these conversations left is the "Can I call you XXX?" question.

The standard options are Shinjo, Shinjo-chan, Serika-san, Serika, and Serika-chan. The "other" tab is pretty much full of random nicknames, most of which will bomb with Serika. We'll go with Serika-san until the last push, and just call her Serika at that point.

Goon: Can I call you Serika-san?
Serika: Sure, I don't mind. You can call me whatever you want.
Goon: (Yay!)

Serika: It feels like we still haven't talked enough.
Serika: But we can always come back. It's not like this place is going anywhere.
Goon: Yeah.
Serika: Today was pretty fun.
Goon: Thanks for inviting me out. I'll invite you somewhere next time.
Serika: I'll be waiting.

5/27: More Mari

(sobbing noises)
Goon: I hear someone crying. Did something happen?
Option 1: Check it out
Option 2: Leave it alone

Mari: ...
Goon: (Is Oda-san... crying?)
Goon: Oda-san, what's wrong?

Mari: (Sobbing)
Goon: Hello? Oda-san?
Goon: (What should I do?)

Mari: Pardon my manners, but could you please be quiet?
Goon: What?
Mari: You have no clue, do you $playername?
Mari: I'm rehearsing right now.
Mari: Please don't barge in and interrupt me.
Goon: S, sorry. I didn't realize.

Mari: I suppose it's my fault for being so good.
Mari: You must not be able to help it.
Mari: Now, if you'll excuse me.
Goon: (That was incredible acting.)

5/31: Exploration actually becomes useful

It took a year, but Goon finally discovered one of the five date spots you can discover with the Exploration hobby command. It'll help provide a little variety. This one only becomes available after you've been on a date in the hilltop park.

Goon: I bet if you looked out on the city from the Marine Bridge over there, the view would be great.
Goon: Maybe I'll invite someone out there some time.

6/1: The evils of infomercials

The Secret Boots are pretty much useless. The last few months had the "Get taller set", which raises Sports by 4 levels each use. This one, though...

Bob: What's wrong, Johnny? You look down!
Johnny: Hey, Bob. Well, tomorrow I'm going on a date, but I don't have anything to wear.

Woman's voice: We have just the thing for you!
Woman's voice: If you wear these bikini briefs, you'll be so sexy she'll swoon!

Johnny: Wow, it totally works!
Johnny: I can't wait to put this on tomorrow!
Woman's voice: Order now, and receive 10 free spare pairs! What an amazing bargain!
Bob & Johnny: Operators are standing by!

The budgie smuggler, like the Secret Boots, is a completely useless item. You can't give it as a present (no one would take it anyway), and wearing it instantly makes girls flee.

But it's funny, and we need some of that in this game, so I went ahead and bought it for Goon.

Moegino Watcher update

The only things to note are that the amusement park has closed the Marchen World attraction and replaced it with a Ghost House. Oh, and the upper right part says that there's some sort of movie based on a video game playing in theaters, too.

Mechanically, pretty much every girl enjoys watching Metal Gear Solid, so expect to see it at least a couple of times.

6/9: Bomb warning - Emi


6/11: Emi event

Sadly, these don't clear bombs. Only dates and birthdays.

Emi: Oh, $playername, good afternoon.
Goon: Hey, Tachibana-san. Did you just finish getting changed?
Emi: Yes. The freshmen are so enthusiastic, there's so much I can teach them.
Freshman girl: Tachibana-senpai!

Freshman girl: Everybody's been waiting for you to help us train, Tachibana-senpai!
Emi: Just for me?
Freshman girl: Yes! We all want to be like you, Tachibana-senpai, and be able to shihonage two people at once!
Goon: You're pretty popular, Tachibana-san.
Emi: No, I'm not that special.

I will not look in the background. I will not look in the background. I will not mock the hastily-drawn 2D characters behind the 3D characters.

Freshman girl: Come on, senpai!
Emi: I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me.
Goon: (Those girls sure look up to her.)

6/15: Aikido exhibition

Another easy victory. The dialogue doesn't really change.

6/21: Bomb-clearing date with Emi, troll edition

Because I had to do it at least once: black-rimmed glasses, no shirt, budgie smuggler, and Castlevania boots.

Emi: Are you... planning on walking around wearing that?
Emi: I, I've just remembered a pressing matter I must attend to.
Emi: I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me.
Goon: Tachibana-san?
Goon: (Is there something wrong with my outfit?)

Bah, it's the movies, no one would've noticed.

6/21: Bomb-clearing date with Emi, for reals

Goon: (Metal Gear Solid is a hard science fiction anime about a lone mercenary's fight to infiltrate a military base.)
Goon: (...It's really awesome.)

Emi: That was quite intense. I was so impressed that I forgot it was an anime.
Option 1: Yeah, it's the best of Japanese anime.
Option 2: I kinda got bored of it halfway through.
Option 3: That guy who plays the main character was really cool.

Goon: Yeah, it's the best of Japanese anime.
Emi: Yes, I've heard that Japanese-made animation is being watched around the world.
Goon: (Eh.)

6/24: Walk home with Serika

Same dialogue as before.

This time it's a bit more standard, with Goon able to ask Serika out. With Goon's weekends consumed by growing coffee beans, making lunches, and ordering flattering codpieces fron the television, it's nice to get some days back like this.

Goon: Want to go to the movies with me on the 5th?
Serika: Hmm, that day's bad for me.

Serika: The 21st would be perfect though, what do you think?
Goon: Let's go on that day instead.

6/25: Critical bomb warning

Oh for the love of...

7/12: Bomb-clearing date with Yukiko, troll edition

We're going to make this work. Hawaiian shirt, bikini briefs. Perfect for a day at the beach.

Oh. It was a trip to the department store. Oh well. Nothing of value was lost.

7/7-7/11: Midterms

7/12: Bomb-clearing date with Yukiko #4

Yukiko: There are so many candy shops here! It's like I'm in heaven!
Option 1: You don't have to act so excited.
Option 2: Don't forget all the Japanese sweets, like red bean!
Option 3: If all you eat is sweets, won't you get fat?

Again, there's no option for a middle ground. Dammit.

Goon: Don't forget all the Japanese sweets, like red bean!
Yukiko: Oh, I almost forgot! Ehehe...
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

7/14: Test results

Goon: Looks like I did pretty well.

63rd: Shiratori Masaki
72nd: Fudou Gunzou
92nd: Makihara Yukiko
117th: Oda Mari
144th: Tachibana Emi
191st: Shinjo Serika
231st: Yabe Takuo

Serika: I saw your test scores. Not bad. You did way better than I did.
Goon: Nah, it's nothing special.
Serika: Haha, it must be nice though. I just barely passed.
Goon: How about we study for we study for the next tests together?
Serika: You mean it?!

Serika: Oh. Wait... maybe next time...
Serika: Or some other time.
Goon: (I wonder what's going on, she just suddenly looked sad.)

7/17: School swim meet, year 2

Serika: Goon.
Goon: Hey, Serika-san.
Serika: Don't worry about what will happen with the classes.
Serika: Swim like I know you can, and you can win. Be confident.
Goon: Thanks, Serika-san. I'll do my best!
Serika: Keep your cool.
Goon: (Alright, I'm fired up!)

While the bar has moved up from the previous year, Goon's concentrating on his athletics, and in the one-stat system, being great at aikido translates to being a great swimmer.

Goon: Alright! I took first place, and the class won too!
Serika: You did great! And the class took first, too!
Goon: Yeah!

Serika: It's all thanks to you. I knew you had it in you.
Serika: I'm glad my pep talk helped.
Goon: I owe it all to your support. Thanks, Serika-san.
Goon: (I'm glad I could contribute to the class' win. I was right to train for this.)

Next time: Let us go out this evening for pleasure. The night is still young.