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Part 80: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 9: Let us go out this evening for pleasure.

Tokimemo 3, Chapter 9: Let us go out this evening for pleasure

7/17: The competition

Emi: Good afternoon, [awkward $playername pause].
Goon: Well if it isn't Tachibana-san and Serika-san.
Serika: Hey. You heading home?
Goon: Yeah. Are you two going somewhere?
Emi: Yes, I'm going to Serika's house and making dinner.
Goon: Oh?

Emi: Serika always skips lunch, and she only makes simple meals for herself at home.
Serika: You really need a new hobby, Emi.
Serika: If you really want to cook for someone, why don't you cook for your boyfriend?
Emi: Haha, I don't have one yet.

Emi: What about you, [awkward $playername pause], would you like to join us?
Goon: Uh, no, I'll pass.
Serika: That's too bad. Well, later then.
Emi: Have a good night.
Goon: Thanks, see you both later.
Goon: (Those two are the picture of a nagging housewife and quiet husband.)

The only explanation for being forced to decline the invitation is running out of time to write the rest of this scene. I mean, seriously, what high school boy would say no to free food?

7/21: Solid Snake and Serika

Goon: This theater's playing Metal Gear Solid.
Serika: Ooh, nice. I've wanted to see this movie for a while.

Serika: Solid Snake was awesome!
Option 1: But kind of unapproachable.
Option 2: He's a man's man.
Option 3: Even the supporting cast really stood out.

Somehow, Serika seems like the last person who would see unapproachability as a character flaw.

Goon: He's a man's man.
Serika: Right? That's how all heroes should be.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

The post-date conversation has nothing new of interest.

7/26: Magical coffee beans

Aside: According to the coffee sellers at my local farmer's market (and supported by some quick Googling), it takes about three years to get usable fruit from a coffea arabica plant, and potentially more if you don't want the plant to stunt its own development.

Therefore, Goon must be some kind of once-in-a-century botanical genius to be able to grow and harvest his own coffee in two weeks. He could make billions after school!

7/27: Ennichi with Serika

Serika: Goon.
Goon: Good evening, Serika-san. You're wearing a yukata tonight?
Serika: Yeah, I'll wear one for the right occasion.
Option 1: It really suits you. You look beautiful.
Option 2: It really suits you. You look really cool.
Option 3: It looks like you've never worn one before.

From everything we know, Serika's way more likely to enjoy being called cool than being called pretty - so 2 it is.

Goon: It really suits you. You look really cool.
Serika: Y, you think so? Thanks.
Serika: Even if you're just trying to butter me up, it's nice to hear.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Goon: There are a lot of stalls to check out.
Serika: Haha, yeah. They all look fun.
Serika: Hey, it looks like you can win some prizes at the stalls over there.
Serika: Want to try one of them?
Goon: Let's try the frog jump.

The frog jump is by far the least tedious minigame in Tokimemo 3, so we gladly pick it over anything else here.

It also helps that it takes far fewer tries for me to get a passable score in the frog jump than pretty much anything else in this game. Pretty much prize below 170 points will get an "eh" from Serika - and that's if the RNG allows you to buy the leather jacket, which is not guaranteed - so we might as well just get the academics charm.

Goon: That was a pretty good try.
Serika: Hey, not bad. Are you good at these things?
Goon: Here, I'll give you the prize, Serika-san.
Serika: Thanks.
Goon: (Eh.)

Emi: Good evening. You were here at the festival too?
Goon: H, hey, Tachibana-san.

Serika: Y, yo, Emi. I didn't know you were coming.
Emi: Oh, Serika, you two came here together?
Serika: Y, yeah.
Goon: Well, you know, uh...

Emi: I'm glad you two are getting along so well.
Serika: No, uh, it's not like that.
Emi: I'm sorry if I was interrupting. Pardon me.

Serika: Wait, Emi!
Serika: I, I have no idea what Emi was talking about.
Serika: She didn't have to make such a fuss about it.

Serika: Hey, do you think it's gotten a little hot around here?
Goon: (Has it?)

7/29: Masaki double date, year 2.

The dialogue hasn't changed since year 1. Masaki throws Goon a bone and tells him to show up at the train station for the double date.

The girls and their dialogue remain the same as the first year, too.

Goon: (So, what should I do?)
Option 2: Ride with Serika-san

Masaki: Wait a second.
Masaki: Serika-san, would you like to go with me?
Serika: Hmm? With you?
Goon: Hey, wait a second.
Masaki: Hmph. I suppose we should be fair and let Serika-san decide for herself.

Serika: Sorry, Shiratori. I'll go with this guy.
Goon: Who, me?
Serika: Don't make me repeat myself. Let's go.
Masaki: Hmph. If that's what Serika-san wants, I guess I'll let this one slide.
Masaki: Go have a little fun.

Oh yeah. Feels good. As usual, the best place to take Serika is on the roller coaster, so that's our first stop.

Serika: Mmm, no matter how many times I ride it, that rush never gets old.
Serika: Emi says she doesn't like it, but I can't give up this ride.
Serika: Say, you think they'll mind if we get on again?
Goon: (She really does love the roller coaster.)

The second stage still has Masaki attempt the cockblock, and again Serika ignores his feeble attempts to get her attention. She doesn't like the haunted house that much, so we'll ride the Ferris wheel with her as the most neutral option.

Serika: *yaaaawn*
Serika: I'm kinda sleepy.
Serika: The Ferris wheel doesn't really do much for me.
Goon: (That didn't go too well for Serika-san, I guess.)

The haunted house is a fairly unremarkable mini-game. The game flashes a map of a maze at you. Starting at the S, you have 99 moves to run over the Foot panel, which opens the Door and lets you exit the Goal.

There are wandering ghosts which will force you back to the Start area to do the whole run over again.

I didn't care enough to memorize the map at the beginning, so Emi and Goon ended up trapped in the house and failed at the game.

Emi: Serika said that this place is so childish that it's boring.
Emi: I don't know.
Emi: It was all dark, and the footing was uncertain, so I was a little worried.
Emi: (I guess that was a failure.)

And that's why we went with Emi instead of Serika.

The end-of-the-day dialogue is still the same as year 1.

8/4-8/8: Aikido summer camp

Nothing of note happens during summer camp for a second straight year. It's just a week of forced aikido practice.

8/9: Let's hit the beach: actual beachwear edition

Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals. All clothing that you are supposed to wear to the beach, right?

Serika: !!
Serika: What's with that outfit? You look awful.

NOPE! Because Tokimemo 3 makes no sense.

8/9: Let's hit the beach: WTF edition

Look, if it works for Genki Sudo, it'll work for Goon, right?

Of course it works. Because screw this game, that's why.

YKWSTG count: 7

Goon: (Serika-san's taking a long time.)
Serika: Sorry I took so long.

Option 1: That swimsuit's really sexy.
Option 2: That swimsuit's really cute.
Option 3: That swimsuit's really cool.

Again, cool seems like the right choice.

Goon: That swimsuit's really cool.
Serika: Oh, uh, thanks.
Serika: You think it's cool, huh? Haha...
Serika: It's a little weird to hear, but it's nice too.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Serika: Wow, it's packed out here.
Serika: I wonder why everyone wants to climb over each other and go to the beach.
Serika: Well, I guess we're not exactly in any position to talk.
Option 1: We should make sure we don't get separated.
Option 2: It's so crowded, it'll be hard to find a good spot.
Option 3: We're packed like sardines out here.

Translator's note: Option 3 literally means "It's like washing yams," which is a fun Japanese idiom to translate.

Serika: Haha, well said. It really is like that out here.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Serika: Hey, you okay with staying here a little longer?
Serika: I don't feel like leaving yet.
Goon: Me either. Let's go for a walk.

Serika: I wonder why the sun setting over the horizon is so beautiful here.
Option 1: But it sets so quickly.
Option 2: When I'm with you, Serika-san, it looks even more beautiful.
Option 3: It's especially nice to see the light reflecting on the waves.

Let's get cheesy.

Goon: When I'm with you, Serika-san, it looks even more beautiful.
Serika: Wh, what're you talking about? That's stupid.
Serika: But you know, it's kind of weird. I was thinking the same thing.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Beach house conversation cut for having nothing new other than the background.

8/30: Invitation from Serika

(ring ring)
Goon: Hello?
Serika: Hey, it's me, Shinjo.
Goon: Hmm? What's up, Serika-san?
Serika: Well, tomorrow's the fireworks show.
Serika: I was wondering if you wanted to go see it.
Goon: Okay, that sounds good.

8/31: The fireworks

Goon: It's pretty crowded here. We might not be able to find a good spot unless we hurry.
Serika: Maybe. But there's no point in panicking.
Serika: The trick is to calm down and take your time.

Goon: This is a pretty nice spot.
Goon: Just like you said, it was better to take it slow.
Serika: Right? If you get impatient at times like this, you'll never find anything.
Serika: It looks like they're starting soon.

Serika: Say, what kind of fireworks do you like?
Option 1: I like sparklers.
Option 2: I like mouse fireworks.
Option 3: Skyrocket fireworks are definitely the best.

Goon: I like sparklers.
Serika: Yeah, those are pretty good.
Serika: They're tiny, but warm.
Serika: Let's do that next time... just the two of us.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

Masaki: Oh, I didn't know you two were here.
Masaki: Wh, what a coincidence.
Goon: Shiratori, did you come here alone?
Masaki: Wh, what are you getting at? There's no way I'd come here alone.
Masaki: Now if you'll excuse me, my girl is waiting for me. Ha ha ha...
Goon: (Isn't that just a sign he's alone?)

9/1: Moegino Watcher check

Two things of note here: one is the air hockey game at the arcade, which is really unsatisfying, even by video game air hockey standards - plus Serika is unreasonably good at it, making it really hard to use to our advantage. The other is the extended run of the runaway hit movie, Metal Gear Solid.

Also of note: There's a Murderous Koala that can be unearthed by the excavation hobby. It's not useful other than as a reminder of other, better games, along with the other ancient Tokimemo artifacts you can find.

9/9: Mysterious injuries

Goon: Hey, Serika-san.
Serika: Y, yo.
Goon: What's wrong? It looks like you're hurt.
Serika: Oh. Nothing, really.
Option 1: Did you get into a fight?
Option 2: Did you get into an accident?

Both options are the same, as with every other "story" event in this game.

Serika: Don't say that, it's bad luck.
Serika: I just took a spill. It's nothing big.
Goon: I see. Well, alright, but...
Serika: I'm telling you, it's nothing. Trust me.
Goon: Well... alright, as long as you're okay.
Serika: I have to go. Later.
Goon: (She said she fell - is she clumsier than she looks?)

9/10: Emi and Serika again

Emi: Oh, [awkward $playername pause], good afternoon.
Serika: I'm glad you're here. I need you to help me out.
Goon: What's going on?
Emi: Could you help me convince Serika to join the aikido club?
Goon: You want Serika-san in the aikido club?

Emi: Yes. With Serika's talent, she could very quickly be ready for matches.
Emi: It's such a shame she doesn't apply herself to a club.

Serika: I told you, I'm too busy with other stuff.
Emi: And I will keep asking you to explain that.
Emi: Excuse us.
Goon: (She has a point, I feel like Serika's better suited for martial arts than sports.)

9/11: Yukiko's birthday

In order to fend off the bomb birds, the best present available for Yukiko (especially since it's really easy to restock) is the bouquet of roses.

Goon: Makihara-san!
Yukiko: Oh! Um, what's up?
Goon: Happy birthday. I got you a present.

Yukiko: You got me a present? Hehe, thanks a lot!
Yukiko: Can I open it now?
Goon: Sure.

Yukiko: Thank you. This is a great present.
Goon: (It looks like she really liked it.)

I intentionally took this screenshot while she was blinking to make it look more Kubrickian. Did it work?

9/13: Oh god why did I even try this

Yukiko: I was waiting for you to call. Hehe...
Goon: I'd like you to tell me what the other girls think about me.
Yukiko: ...
Goon: Hello?
Yukiko: ...
Goon: Hello? Makihara-san?
Yukiko: Fine, I'll tell you.

Yukiko: It's like this...
Goon: Thanks, that helps a lot.
Yukiko: I... I can't take it anymore.
Goon: Makihara-san?
Yukiko: I'm sorry. Bye.

Immediate bomb warning after hanging up. I wonder who it could possibly be?!

You know what? Screw this game.

YKWSTG count: 8

The latest mind-cleansing game is Duel Savior Destiny, which is a fun little fantasy beat-em-up for the PS2. It also used to be a PC visual novel, with all that implies.

Next time: Class trips. And bombs, probably.