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Part 81: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 10: The night is still young.

Tokimemo 3, Chapter 10: The night is still young

This is the main reason Emi is a useful character. She knows what Serika thinks - and is probably the only one. She also isn't at the point where she bombs instantly upon asking stuff about Serika. But that will come soon, unfortunately. There's still an Emi bomb ready to go off.

Not only that, but she's actually starting to rival Serika in affection, thanks to all of the time Goon spends doing aikido. We'll have to work on that.

9/20: The school festival, year 2

Serika: Hey! Wait up!
Serika: I've been looking for you.
Goon: Looking for me? Something wrong?
Serika: What? Uh, no, nothing like that.
Serika: I was just bored, so I figured maybe we could go wander the festival together.
Serika: I figure if I'm gonna see this anyway, it'd be more fun to see it with you.
Serika: So?
Option 1: Sure, let's go.
Option 2: Sorry, I'm busy today.

Goon: Sure, let's go.
Serika: Hahaha, cool. I was kinda worried you might say no.
Serika: So where should we go?
Option 1: Science club
Option 2: Drama club
Option 3: Broadcast club
Option 4: Astronomy club

Serika hated the drama club last time, so it's time to see what Chitose's group has to offer.

Goon: They're trying a tongue twister tournament today.
Serika: Tongue twisters? Totally tempting. Time to take it in.

Translator tittering truly tipped this transcript. I couldn't help it.

Chitose: Thanks for waiting! The final round of the tongue twister tournament is about to begin!
Chitose: Both of these contestants have made it this far - who will be the champion?
Chitose: Here we go - tongue twister tournament championship round...
Chitose: Ready? Go!

Disappointingly, most of these tongue twisters are sped up tracks, and not actually shouted at high speed by any actors. Disappointing.

Challenger A: Nama mugi nama gome nama tamago!
Challenger B: Aka pajama ao pajama ki pajama!
Challenger A: Tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da!
Challenger B: Bouzu ga byoubu ni jouzu ni bouzu no e wo kaita!
Challenger A: Tokyo tokkyou kyokakyoku!
Challenger B: Shinjin shanson kashu shinshun shanson show!
Challenger A: Kono takegaki ni take tatekaketa no wa taketate kaketakatta kara taketatekaketa!
Challenger B: Kaeru pyokopyoko mi pyokopyoko awasete pyokopyoko mu pyoko pyoko!
Challenger A: Sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi!
Challenger B: Niwa ni wa niwatori ga iru!
Challenger A: Bus gas bakuhatsu!
Challenger B: Oaya ya hahaoya ni oayamari!

All of these are real Japanese tongue twisters. I've romanized them so you can see how hard it is to say them fast - it's fun, though.

Chitose: Wow, what an exciting match! Well, we'll see you next time!
Chitose: See you again!

Serika: Haha, that was fun to watch - I mean listen to.
Serika: I wish I could do that.
Serika: Not that it'd be useful for anything.
Goon: Good point.
Goon: (Seems like Serika-san really liked that.)

Serika: Well, I guess that's all.
Serika: But I had a lot of fun. More than I thought I would.
Serika: Although that's probably more thanks to you than thanks to anything we saw today.
Goon: (Yeah, that's kind of what it felt like.)

9/21: Aikido match

Another easy win.

Goon: We won!
Emi: Congratulations. You showed us how hard you work every day.
Goon: (I need to do this well next time, too!)

And now that Emi likes Goon, she actually has a new line for victory!

9/28: Bomb-clearing date with Emi

Goon: Looks like they're doing a showcase of the gems of the world here, too.
Emi: Where do you want to go?
Option 1: Let's go to the underground food court.
Option 2: Let's go to the boutique.
Option 3: Let's check out that gem showcase.

Option 4: Dear God what is that on your head?!

Goon: Let's check out that gem showcase.

Emi: There are diamonds here worth tens of billions of yen.
Emi: They're so expensive, I don't even know what to say.
Option 1: I wonder if there's anyone who can actually go well with that kind of diamond.
Option 2: These things are made from carbon, just like coal.
Option 3: Some day, I'll buy one of these and give it to you, Tachibana-san.

Goon: Some day, I'll buy one of these and give it to you, Tachibana-san.
Emi: Hehe, you always joke.
Emi: I appreciate the sentiment, but this kind of giant diamond is simply too much for me.
Goon: (Looks like I made a good impression)

It's hard to figure out why Emi goes through 8 seconds of random pose changes before saying anything - I guess they wanted to show some emotion, but it really just looks like she can't figure out where to put her hands.

And, because Emi likes Goon now, it's time for a follow-up date. Two relevant pieces of info come from this:

First, you can ask her about Serika's injuries.
Emi: Serika often shows up with those scrapes all over her.

That was... well, at least it wasn't a generic line, I guess.

Also, Emi's birthday is February 6th.

9/29: More Emi fangirls

Emi: Oh, (awkward $playername pause). Are you heading home?
Goon: Yeah. Are you heading home too, Tachibana-san? Want to--

Freshman: Senpai!
Freshman: Senpai, hurry up! The anmitsu shop's all-you-can-eat deal is almost over!
Emi: I'm sorry. As you can see, I promised these girls I would go to the shopping district with them.
Goon: You're pretty popular, Tachibana-san.

Freshman: Senpai, hurry up!
Emi: You'll have to excuse me.

Oh god they tried to make her cute it's not workingggg

10/8: Mari moment

Goon: Hey, it's Oda-san. But something's not right.
Mari: From the moment I laid eyes on you, I've been captivated by you. I even dream about you.
Mari: When I think about you, it feels like my heart is about to burst.
Mari: Do you - do you understand how I feel?
Goon: (I - I seem to have come in at a bad time.)

Mari: Oh. What might you be doing here?
Goon: Oh, uh, nothing.
Mari: Did you hear that confession I just made?
Option 1: N, no way, I wasn't listening in.
Option 2: I won't tell a soul.

As before, neither option matters here.

Mari: You don't have to worry about it. It was just rehearsal again.
Goon: Oh? I see.
Mari: You can't help but be taken in. My performance is perfect.

10/11: Wait, what?

Where did THAT bomb come from? Son of a...

10/12: Bomb-clearing with Emi... again.

Emi: It looks like this was where the special seats were for the summer fireworks.
Option 1: The view must have been gorgeous from here.
Option 2: I heard there were a lot of couples who came here.
Option 3: It must have been jampacked because there were so many people here.

That's right, Goon, try and hide the fact that you were here with this girl's best friend. It's safest that way.

Goon: The view must have been gorgeous from here.
Emi: Yes. Seeing the fireworks from right below the launching pad must make them seem so different.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

At this point, I had to do a TON of reloading in order to get the class trip right.

The problem is, who you meet at the school trip is only partially determined by who likes you the most. There is, of course, some RNG involved. Here's the worst case scenario for the 10/20 class trip:

10/20: Door #1: Hell on earth

Yukiko: Hey, you know that saying, "to jump from the balcony of Kiyomizu" - for doing really brave things?
Yukiko: When I stand on the real thing, I'm so scared that I can't move my legs.
Option 1: I can do it!
Option 2: Yeah, you need to have a lot of guts to do it.
Option 3: You can do it, Makihara-san.

This conversation is pretty innocent, but here's the really bad part. Whoever you see on this balcony will ask Goon to go sightseeing with her:

Goon: Makihara-san, what's up?
Yukiko: Well... day 4 is when we get to go out on our own, right?
Yukiko: Do you... want to go with me?
Goon: No.

This is what Yukiko looks like when you say no. It's really scary.

Yukiko: Baby deer are so cute. I love their little round eyes.
Option 1: We should feed them something.
Option 2: They're just acting cute because they want food.
Option 3: You really like animals.

Note that the person who appears in the first conversation is not always the person who appears here, which makes it even worse when it's Yukiko twice.

Goon: Hey, Serika-san. Just the person I was looking for.
Serika: Good morning. Did you want to talk to me?
Goon: Want to head out sightseeing with me?

Serika: Um... sorry. The truth is, I... have something booked already.
Serika: Sorry. I'm really sorry.

This happened waaaaay too many times.

10/20: Door #2: Not bad, but not what we're looking for

Emi: You can see all of Kyoto from here.
Emi: I've always admired Kyoto.
Emi: It must be wonderful to live in a place where the old Japanese way of life is still alive.

Option 1: It's a that really keeps you in touch with history.
Option 2: We're Japanese too, you know.
Option 3: You're right at home here, Tachibana-san.

Goon: Hey, Serika-san. Just the person I was looking for.
Serika: Good morning. Did you want to talk to me?
Goon: Want to head out sightseeing with me?

Serika: Um... sorry. The truth is, I... have something booked already.
Serika: Sorry. I'm really sorry.


Door #3: The one where things actually went right

Here's what it took to get the RNG to the point where Serika would actually appear in parts 1 and 2:

10/15: Emi falls down the stairs (no, seriously)

Goon: (I heard that Tachibana-san fell down the stairs and hurt her leg.)
Goon: (I hope she's alright - she's in the hospital now, I should go visit her soon.)

Uh. I guess that's one way to get her out of the way...

10/20: The trip begins

Goon: I'm exhausted from the trip.
Takuo: What are you talking about? It's still the first day!
Takuo: And the night is still young.
Takuo: I suppose I have no choice but to tell you...
Goon: I didn't ask you for anything.

Takuo: I found a great place that can see into the baths!
Goon: What?! You mean...
Takuo: Yes! You can see the women's baths clearly. Well?
Option 1: I, I want to see it!
Option 2: I, I don't know what you're talking about.

As in other Tokimemo games, the best option is to pass. If you peek into the men's baths you raise Stress for no reason, and if you actually do see a nekkid girl, you'll be in bomb territory for... everyone.

Takuo: You're no fun. Fine, I'll go by myself.
Goon: (He ran off. I wonder if he'll be okay?)

Goon: So? How was it?
Takuo: Don't ask me. Please don't ask me anything.
Goon: ?

10/21: The reward of perseverance

Serika: It's a nice view, isn't it?
Serika: When you look out at Kyoto from here, it seems like an illusion from the past.
Serika: What do you feel when you look out?

Option 1: It's pretty, but I don't read as much into it.
Option 2: I'm so scared that I can't see it very well.
Option 3: It's like time has stopped here.

Goon: It's like time has stopped here.
Serika: Yeah. If time really did stop, how nice would it be to look out at this forever?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Goon: Serika-san. What's up?
Serika: It's nothing big, but - well, day 4 is when we can go out on our own, right?
Serika: Do you wanna go with me?
Option 2: Sorry, I hate myself too much to say yes to this.

Serika: Alright! That's settled. Alright, I'll see you that morning. Got it?
Goon: Yup.
Serika: Haha, see you soon.

Serika: Haha, deer are so cute.
Serika: People shouldn't be so afraid of them, they're so friendly.
Option 1: I dunno, I'm kind of scared to touch them.
Option 2: Serika-san, you can make friends with any animal right away, can't you?
Option 3: Yeah, I should probably try and pet one.

Goon: Serika-san, you can make friends with any animal right away, can't you?
Serika: I don't think I'm that special.
Serika: Anyone should be able to do this.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

10/22: Mini-games!

Goon: Whew, this tea tastes great after coming out of the bath.
Takuo: Ooh, this room's open.
Masaki: And it's the perfect size. Let's do it here.
Goon: "It"? What're you guys talking about?
Takuo: Why, the big pillow fight, of course!
Goon: Do that in your own room, please.
Masaki: Haha, there aren't many rooms big enough for this.

Takuo: The girls are already here, so all we need to do is make teams.
Takuo: It's already a done deal, so let's get ready.
Goon: I guess I have to go along with this.
Masaki: Let's add some excitement to this. How about the losing team has to clean up the room afterward?
Yabe: Hehe, not a bad idea. Makes things a little spicy.
Goon: (Damn you, Shiratori. I can't afford to lose now.)

Serika: Hey, (awkward $playername pause), you have a partner for the pillow fight yet?
Goon: Not yet.
Serika: How about we team up? I don't have a partner either.
Goon: Gladly!

Serika: Alright! Let's win this.

Takuo: You're our opponents? Ha, we'll kick your ass!
Goon: Oda-san, you teamed up with Yabe?
Mari: We won't lose.
Mari: Also, an actress' face is her life, so if you hit me in the face I will never let you live it down.
Takuo: Let's do this!

The easiest way to describe the pillow fight mini-game is "like Power Stone, but slower and not fun." Press X to pick up pillows and X to throw them. Press Circle to jump (there is no real purpose to jumping). Press L1 while holding a pillow to use a super move - well, except that the main character doesn't have a super toss, so it doesn't matter. Occasionally, wait staff from the inn will come in and bring steamer baskets of food, which you can pick up for health or points.

The only real difficulty is avoiding friendly fire, as this will lose you points with the girl at the end. At one point, I managed to get all three AIs stuck against the bottom of the screen constantly walking into a wall, so I was able to pick off Mari and Takuo with utter ease.


This is the conversation if you win but hit friendly fire:

Goon: We won!
Serika: Yeah, we did!
Serika: I don't like how you hit me, but I'll let it slide.
Goon: Yeah, sorry.
Goon: (Good thing we won.)
Goon: (Come to think of it, when did she change?)

Good question, Goon. Good question. Here's the conversation for not hitting her and winning:

Goon: We did it, Serika-san!
Serika: Yeah, we won!
Serika: You were awesome.
Goon: You think so? Thanks.
Goon: (I'm glad I took it so seriously.)
Goon: (Come to think of it, when did she change?)

10/23: Worth it.

Goon: I promised Serika-san I'd go sightseeing with her. I'll wait here in the lobby.
Serika: Hey, good morning. Did I keep you waiting?
Goon: Nah, not at all. You're early, even. Let's get moving.

This scene takes place at the Kazamidori-no-yakata, AKA the Weathercock House. It's a well-known landmark in Kobe.

Serika: I love low-key buildings like this.
Serika: I especially love that weathercock - it really pulls the place together, don't you think?
Option 1: I want to live in a place like this some time.
Option 2: Yeah, it's really mastered its craft.
Option 3: All weathercocks are the same, really.

Goon: Yeah, it's really mastered its craft.
Serika: "Mastered its craft"?
Serika: Haha, I see. Yeah, that weathercock's seen a lot of history from up there, hasn't it?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Serika: Hey, do you have some time right now? I was thinking we could take a look at the night sky.
Goon: Of course.
Serika: Awesome. Let's hurry.

Serika: Haha, awesome. It's like a sea of stars.
Serika: It's enough to make you forget where you are...

Serika: ...We go home tomorrow, don't we.
Serika: This will be our last memory of our school trip.
Goon: Yeah. I'm glad we could see this gorgeous nightscape before we headed back.
Serika: Yeah. It's beautiful.

Serika: I wish we could stare out at this forever.
Serika: Just the two of us. Forgetting about what happened before, or what'll happen tomorrow.
Goon: What?
Serika: Oh...

Serika: I'm not really acting like myself.
Serika: I thought that I didn't know I could feel this way anymore.
Goon: (...Serika-san.)

Next time: But at what cost?