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Part 83: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 12: You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Tokimeki Memorial 3, chapter 12: You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

11/25: Just let it slide

Yukiko: Hey, um...
Goon: What's wrong, Makihara-san?
Yukiko: Umm, so just the other day, uh--
Yukiko: No, never mind, it's nothing.

Goon: (She just walked off. I wonder if something's wrong?)
Goon: Option 1: Meh, not my problem.

I'm not gonna fall for it this time! Screw you, game. Besides, there's a date with Yukiko coming up to clear her latest bomb.

11/29: Bomb-clearing date with Yukiko

Goon: (Oh yeah, they just got a hockey game installed here.)
Option 1: Don't bother
Option 2: Invite her to play air hockey

Goon: Hey, want to play some air hockey?
Yukiko: That sounds fun, let's go.

Yes, it's mini-game time! It's simple air hockey, so I won't really have to explain everything. Move hand, hit puck. The main issue is that using a d-pad controller is really frustrating for anyone who's ever actually played air hockey at its usual speed.

After some futile flailing as my eye (and the puck) moved faster than the controller ever could, Yukiko won 8-5. And here comes the annoying part of most Tokimemo 3 mini-games.

Yukiko: Well, I'm happy I won, but I think I'm kind of disappointed, too.
Goon: (Looks like I didn't make a very good impression.)

I'd complain, but you all know what I'm going to say.

12/2: The worst liar

Goon: Hmm?
Yukiko: Uh oh.
Goon: Makihara-san, is that you?
Yukiko: Y, you must be mistaking me for someone else.
Goon: (Definitely seems like Makihara-san to me.)
Option 1: Are you sure I have the wrong person?
Option 2: Makihara-san, you look cute with glasses.

We are not going to compliment her. It causes too many problems.

Goon: Are you sure I have the wrong person?
Yukiko: Yes, you're completely mistaken. The person you're thinking about never wears glasses.
Option 1: Makihara-san, you're an awful liar.
Option 2: Oh, you know Makihara-san?

No mercy.

Goon: Makihara-san, you're an awful liar.
Yukiko: You think so too?
Yukiko: Uh, I mean...
Goon: (Well, she dug herself into that one.)

Yukiko: Hehehe, you found me out.
Yukiko: Truth is, I lost a contact during gym class.
Yukiko: It's kind of embarrassing to be seen in glasses, so I wanted to go home without anyone seeing me.
Yukiko: Aww, geez, stop looking at me like that!
Goon: (I don't think I'd mind seeing Makihara-san like that every once in a while, it's a fresh look.)

Eyes on the prize, Goon.

12/5: The Prize

Goon: Serika!
Serika: Hey, what's up?
Serika: By the way, people are saying that your art's been getting better.
Serika: I kinda thought the same thing when I saw it.
Goon: Thanks. Hey, want to walk home from school together?
Serika: Of course I do.

Just a quick note: the first half is Serika's generic "hey, your art stat is going up" line, which doesn't change from zero affection to maximum affection. But ever since the 2nd year of school started, she has been attached to Goon at the hip. Any activity that isn't Aikido club has had Serika hanging out, and I feel like I'm doing a disservice to the few good parts of this game by leaving out this kind of thing.

Art class.

Gym class.


I am including sleep twice instead of lit class or science class because it's adorable - and because I've been avoiding lit and science to avoid Pink and Green. Amusingly, Goon has never actually taken the sleep action in this entire playthrough, thanks to how stupidly overpowered cooking is. Anyway, back to the LP.

Goon: Midterms are coming up soon.
Serika: Midterms? Well, whatever happens, happens.
Serika: You should worry about your own grades - unless you're telling me you want to flunk, that's fine too.

12/8-12/12: Midterms

58th: Shiratori Masaki
90th: Fudou Gunzou
126th: Makihara Yukiko
132nd: Oda Mari
165th: Tachibana Emi
192nd: Shinjo Serika
208th: Yabe Takuo

Serika spouts same lines as last time - "We should study together! Wait, I shouldn't for mysterious loner reasons"

12/14: Bomb-clearing date with Emi

Emi's turtleneck really helps the art's neck problems a whole lot.

Emi: Oh - I remember this bakery, it has glowing reviews for its gateau au chocolat.
Option 1: Tachibana-san, you're way more trendy than I thought.
Option 2: I prefer traditional Japanese sweets to cakes.
Option 3: Cake? I hate sweets.

In the interest of being as neutral as possible, it's time to avoid the Obvious Good and Obvious Bad choice.

Goon: Tachibana-san, you're way more trendy than I thought.
Emi: What? No, I just overheard people talking about it, nothing more.
Goon: (Looks like I didn't make a very good impression.)

Good enough.

There's only one conversation of note in the post-date attempt to even things out to a fairly neutral position:
Emi: Yes, I was released from the hospital, but it does not look like I will be able to return to the aikido club very soon.

It counts as a bad impression, but the other two questions can make up for it easily by asking about Japanese literature and, amusingly, effective rehab habits.

12/21: Aikido exhibition

Another victory - close this time, we've been neglecting aikido club in favor of, I dunno, goofing off or something.

12/23: Skiing on the Emperor's Birthday

As tempting as it is to wear this old headband that Goon dug up and keeps around for no actual reason, we once again must resort to wearing the same clothing that Goon has been wearing all game. Because screw this game, that's why.

This is the most feminine outfit that Serika has worn all game.

Serika: Yessss, look at all this snow!
Serika: There's a silvery shine to everything that sends shivers down my spine!
Goon: Y, you seem really excited, Serika.
Serika: Haha, of course I am! What kind of idiot wouldn't be excited to go skiing?
Serika: Let's get moving!

This is also the most poetic that Serika has been all game. This is getting weird.

Serika: Hey. Thanks for waiting.

Aaaaand we're back to normal.

Serika: Say, what's with the staring? Something wrong with my clothes?
Option 1: What's that on your back?
Option 2: It looks like you're wearing a military uniform.
Option 3: That black look is pretty slick.

Gif provided because there's just something funny about Serika working her arm while in that getup.

Goon: That black look is pretty slick.
Serika: Th, thanks. I like this outfit a lot. I'm really glad you like it too.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Serika: Mmm, taking in all this fresh mountain air makes you hungry.

Have I mentioned that the mountain is named Bakuretsuzan? Because it is. That's pretty much the closest we'll get to the awesomeness of Tokimemo 2.

Oh, and this is what Serika's outfit looks like without the winter coat.

12/24: Christmas Eve

Takuo: Yo. Looks like they're holding a Christmas party again this year.
Goon: Yeah, I just saw it on the bulletin board.
Takuo: I wonder what they've been planning for this year. I'm so excited to see it!
Goon: Yeah, you do seem pretty worked up.

Masaki: Hey, you two. Are you both going to the Christmas party again?
Masaki: It is always nice to have you two around to make me look better.
Goon: (Hey...)
Takuo: Haha, you never change, Shiratori.
Takuo: See you guys at the party!
Goon: I guess I should go this year.

Hey guys, what a surprise, it's time to wear the exact same outfit that always gets worn to every special occasion, because there is nothing else in this game that works!

Speaking of suits for special occasions...

Serika: Hey. Merry Christmas.
Goon: Merry Christmas, Serika.

Serika: Ha, glad I found you. Now I'm glad I came.
Serika: I honestly didn't want to be here, but I thought you might be coming.
Serika: Haha. Well, I'll see you later.
Goon: Yeah, later.

Wait. That's it?

Yukiko: Oh! You came. Uhh, umm, are you having fun?
Goon: Yeah, I am. Merry Christmas, Makihara-san.
Yukiko: Ehehe... yeah. Merry Christmas. This year's just as fancy as last year.
Goon: Yeah, it is.
Yukiko: I have to go back to my friends soon. Sorry!
Yukiko: I'll see you around, though.
Goon: Okay, later.

Emi: Oh! There you are.

Goon: Dear God, Emi-san, what the hell is that thing growing out of your neck? Have you seen a doctor? Does it hurt?

Goon: Hey, Emi-san. Merry Christmas.
Emi: Yes, it is a merry Christmas indeed.
Goon: How's it going for you? Having fun?
Emi: Well, yes, but I never feel comfortable at this kind of party.
Emi: I don't stand and eat on very many occasions, so I feel out of place.
Goon: Hmm, I guess I understand. Why don't you sit and take a break for a while?
Emi: Good idea. There were chairs set up on the other side of the room, so I will head that way.
Goon: Okay. See you soon.

It's time for the present exchange again, and as tempting as it is to give someone a grade school quiz that we dug up in the hills, the only item in Goon's inventory that would neither cripple us for the rest of the game nor make someone incredibly angry at its uselessness is a homemade cake.

As for the present Goon drew...

Goon: Inside is... a beret.
Masaki: It looks like you're the one who got my present.
Goon: This was yours, Shiratori? Thanks.
Masaki: Hmph. I never imagined that this gift would be in your hands, but rules are rules.
Masaki: Take good care of it.

And... that's it.

1/1: New Year's!

Goon: I wonder if the New Year's cards have come in yet?

Goon: Here's Makihara-san's card. The little drawing is pretty cute.

"Happy New Year! Let's make this year a fun one!"

Goon: Here's Oda-san's card. It's... very much her style? It's pretty wild.

Goon: Here's Emi-san's card. Did she do the calligraphy for every card herself? That must have taken forever.

"Happy New Year. I pray that this year treats us well."

Goon: Here's Serika's card. I guess you could call it... modest?

"Happy New Year."

Goon: Here's Shiratori's card. It was pretty clearly mass-produced.

"Happy New Year!"

Goon: Here's Yabe's card. As spirited as usual.

"Happy New Year! Yabe Takuo!"

(ding dong!)
Goon: Who could that be so early in the year?

Goon: Oh, hi Serika.
Serika: Yo. Happy New Year. May this year be full of fortune and happiness.
Serika: Alright, the stupid formalities are out of the way now. What do you think, wanna head to hatsumoude with me?
Goon: Of course I do.
Serika: Haha, awesome. It's boring to do this kind of thing alone.
Goon: I'll go get ready, it'll just take a minute.
Serika: Keep it quick, if you can.

Serika: What a crowd. If you stop paying attention for just a second you'll get lost.
Goon: Yeah, you should make sure not to get separated.
Serika: That's my line. Don't get yourself lost, don't make me more worried about you than I already am.
Goon: Oh. Okay.
Serika: Anyway, since we're here, we should pay our respects or the whole trip's pointless.
Goon: Yeah.

If you've been paying attention to this LP at all, you know what Goon wishes for at the shrine.

Serika: Uh, say... what did you wish for?
Goon: It's a secret. What about you, Serika?

Serika: Me? I, uh, I wished for the same as you. A secret.
Serika: Hey, look over there, they're pulling fortunes.
Goon: You're right, maybe we should grab some for ourselves.
Goon: Yeah, let's go.

Goon: This year's luck is...
Goon: Suekichi, good fortune coming.
Serika: So? How's it look?
Goon: Suekichi. Not bad, I guess.
Goon: What about you, Serika?

Serika: Daikyou, awful luck. This really sucks.
Goon: Well, it's just a fortune, so it's nothing to worry about.

Serika: Y, you don't have to worry so much about me.
Serika: I've never put any stock in these things.
Goon: Well, if you're sure.
Goon: Let's just tie this around the tree to be sure.
Serika: Good idea.

Serika: Today was pretty fun.
Serika: Let's have fun this year.
Goon: Yeah, I hope this year is a good one.
Serika: Yeah... for the both of us.

1/14: Emi's recovery

Emi: Gunzou-san...
Goon: Hey, Emi-san. Is your knee doing alright?
Emi: Yes. As of today, the doctor has given me permission to practice at full strength again.
Goon: That's great! But don't push yourself too hard, okay?
Emi: Yes, I understand. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go running.
Goon: Alright, take care.
Goon: (She can work out again, that's good.)

2/1: That's not creepy at all

One of the hobby activities is painting, and you can make portraits of your friends. It takes a while to complete, and if you're making a portrait of any of the girls, you will always create a failure first. What does it look like? I'm glad you asked!

Yup. That's not leaving that spot for the rest of the playthrough.

2/6: Emi's birthday

We could give Emi a bouquet of roses... but that'd probably lead to more problems. We could also give Emi the awful portrait of Serika, but that's not leaving Goon's room ever again. Instead, we're just going to be giving her some food.

Goon: Emi-san!
Emi: Oh, good afternoon. Is something the matter?
Goon: Happy birthday. Here, I got you a present.
Emi: You remembered my birthday?
Emi: Thank you. May I open it now?
Goon: Sure.

Emi: Wow... thank you very much.
Goon: (Looks like she liked it.)

2/9: Okay this is getting silly

Serika: Yo.
Goon: Hey, Serika.
Goon: What happened? How'd you get hurt?

Serika: What, this? This, this isn't anything big.
Serika: I was being careless and I fell by the side of the road. That's it.
Goon: Didn't you say the same thing about last time?
Serika: Did I?
Serika: Well, I am a big klutz, I just keep tripping all over the place.

Serika: ...ow.
Goon: Are you alright?
Serika: I told you, this is nothing.
Serika: Anyway, just trust me on this one.

Serika: Geez, have a little faith. You'll never make friends with that attitude.
Serika: Anyway, that's how it is, so... later.
Goon: Well... okay. See you.
Goon: (She told me to have a little faith, but is she really going to be okay?)

2/14: Valentine's Day!

For one of the first times in series history, Valentine's Day doesn't occur on a weekday in 2004. Instead of the usual flood of girls, only one will show up. This is quite convenient.

(ding dong!)
Goon: Who is it?

Serika: Yo. Sorry for just showing up unannounced.
Goon: Serika? What's going on?

Serika: Huh? Uh, nothing, I just thought I'd hand you this.
Goon: Th, thanks. Huh, heart-shaped chocolates...?
Serika: W, well, yeah. It was pretty embarrassing to buy them.
Serika: They're not really my style.
Serika: So... make sure to eat them all, okay?
Goon: Of course! I'll treasure every bite.
Goon: (She came all the way out here to hand this to me? I'm touched.)

Next time: Fission Mailed

Goon: (Alright, this year I'm gonna fool her for sure!)