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Part 87: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 16: The Fury

Tokimemo 3, Chapter 16: The Fury

12/25: Christmas at the pool. Like you do.

Serika: So, where're we heading?
Option 1: Let's swim in the pool.
Option 2: Let's head to the water slide.
Option 3: Let's go bodyboarding in the wave pool.

In later stages of the game, the pool, the beach, and the amusement park are great ways to build affection, because girls will say "hey, there's more to do here, let's hit up something else" and you can get more opportunities to make good choices.

Of course, it's completely unnecessary at that point, since a girl already has to like you to get the double-up. Oh well. More personality, I guess!

Goon: Let's go bodyboarding in the wave pool.
Serika: Bodyboarding? That sounds fun. I'll give it a try.

Serika: Riding the waves has a kind of a romantic air about it.
Option 1: I don't really get what's so great about it.
Option 2: Yeah, let's try it.
Option 3: I'm--I'm scared.

Goon: Yeah, let's try it.
Serika: Well said! We're gonna find the biggest wave and get right on it.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)
Serika: This is pretty fun, but I want to try something else.
Goon: Let's go swimming in the pool.

Serika: Wow, that sucked.
Goon: What happened?
Serika: I think some guys were hitting on me over there. They wanted me to go somewhere with them.
Option 1: Huh. Really?
Option 2: What?! Show me who, I'll kick their asses!
Option 3: Are, are you okay?!

Goon: What?! Show me who, I'll kick their asses!
Serika: Thanks, but that won't be necessary.
Serika: After I talked to them a little bit, they ran home.
Serika: They seemed in a real hurry. It was a little insulting, frankly.
Goon: (Wh, what did she do to them?)

Thanks, game. I needed that.

12/26: (Abridged) Bomb-clearing date with Emi

Emi: By the way, are you good at skating?
Option 1: You seem really good, Emi-san.
Option 2: They call me the Emperor of the Ice!
Option 3: Actually, it's taking everything I have to stay standing on the ice.

Goon: You seem really good, Emi-san.
Emi: N, no, it's actually taking me everything I have to stay standing on the ice.
Goon: (I didn't make a very good impression.)

First and second place in a martial art that is all about control of joints and center of gravity. And neither of them can skate. Huh. Anyway, a couple of good conversation topics is all it takes to make the date worthwhile instead of accelerating the bomb.

12/28-12/29: Mari's turn

Goon: Hello, this is Fudou.
Mari: Oh, hello. This is Oda. My apologies for calling so late.
Goon: Hey, Oda-san. Something wrong?
Mari: No, not at all. But I wanted to call you, just in case you don't know what tomorrow is.
Goon: What's tomorrow?
Mari: Tomorrow, the curtain opens on the national high school drama competition.
Mari: Our drama club was recognized for its achievements and chosen to compete.
Goon: Huh. A drama competition?
Option 1: Relax. Break a leg.
Option 2: Our drama club is sure to win because of you, Oda-san.

Neither of these have any impact, of course, since this is a story event.

Goon: Relax. Break a leg.
Mari: Yes--hearing your voice has relaxed me a great deal.
Mari: Now I can give it my all tomorrow.
Mari: If you could, I would appreciate it if you came to watch me...
Mari: Will you?
Goon: Of course I'll go.
Mari: Really? Thank you.
Mari: I have nothing to be afraid of if you're in the audience.
Mari: I will give it my all to bring us the prize.
Goon: I'm looking forward to it!
Mari: Thank you.
Mari: I will see you at the theater tomorrow.
Mari: Good night.
Goon: Good night.
Goon: (I'm really looking forward to the show tomorrow.)

This couldn't possibly come back to bite me in the ass! Right?

Goon: (Today's the competition.)
Goon: (Oda-san is acting her heart out on the stage.)

3D character interacting with a 2D character while theoretically on the same plane. The mark of quality!

Mari: Yes, it's true that you are the prince of an allied nation.
Mari: As princess, it would not be strange for the two of us to be wed.
Mari: Our royal fathers and the people of our nations must be waiting and hoping for our marriage.

Mari: And yet... there is only one person in my heart.
Mari: It must be insane, for a princess to love a lowly soldier.
Mari: But that man taught me that there is one thing more valuable than wealth or land.
Mari: And that is a loving heart.

Mari: Even if my body turns to dust, my feelings will not change.
Mari: I love that man - not as a princess, but as a woman.
Goon: (Oda-san's acting is great, but it feels like there's something missing.)

Goon: (They got third place... kind of a shame.)

You know what may have been missing from the play, Goon? Actors. Poor Mari got stuck with a bunch of cardboard cutouts, apparently.

Actually, what probably was missing was Goon himself. However, that's for another timeline, another Goon, and some other schmuck who's willing to play through this awful awful game.

1/1: New Year's with Serika, one more time

Goon: This is Makihara-san's card. The little drawing is cute.

"a happy new year
Let's work hard this year!"

Goon: This is Oda-san's card. It has a pretty sharp design.

Goon: This is Emi-san's card. The politeness of the letter speaks volumes about her.

"Good fortune in the new year.
You helped me a great deal in the last year.
Thank you very much.
I offer you new year's greetings."

Goon: This is Serika's card. It's, uh, very her.

"New year's greetings.
May this year be full of good fortune."

Goon: This is Shiratori's card. It's as lazy as ever.

"New year's greetings.
See ya this year!"

Goon: This is Yabe's card. He surprises me every time...

"Take good care of Yabe this year!"

The entire new year's event is still the exact same as the previous year, so I'm just going to cut and paste until there's something new.

(ding dong)
Goon: Who could that be?

Goon: Oh, hi Serika.
Serika: Yo. Happy New Year. May this year be full of fortune and happiness.
Serika: Alright, the stupid formalities are out of the way now. What do you think, wanna head to hatsumoude with me?
Goon: Of course I do.
Serika: Haha, awesome. It's boring to do this kind of thing alone.
Goon: I'll go get ready, it'll just take a minute.
Serika: Keep it quick, if you can.

Serika: What a crowd. If you stop paying attention for just a second you'll get lost.
Goon: Yeah, you should make sure not to get separated.
Serika: That's my line. Don't get yourself lost, don't make me more worried about you than I already am.
Goon: Oh. Okay.
Serika: Anyway, since we're here, we should pay our respects or the whole trip's pointless.
Goon: Yeah.

With so little time left, might as well wish for luck in love with Serika.
Goon: I pray that Serika and I can get along better than we do now.

Serika: Uh, say... what did you wish for?
Goon: It's a secret. What about you, Serika?
Serika: Me? I, uh, I wished for the same as you. A secret.
Serika: Hey, look over there, they're pulling fortunes.
Goon: You're right, maybe we should grab some for ourselves.
Goon: Yeah, let's go.

Goon: This year's luck is...
Goon: Suekichi, good fortune coming.
Serika: So? How's it look?
Goon: Suekichi. Not bad, I guess.
Goon: What about you, Serika?
Serika: Haha, I got chuukichi, moderate luck. Not bad.

Serika: And it looks like I got better than you.
Goon: Damn, I guess I lose.
Serika: Hahahaha, sorry. But we'll have to see whose luck really is better this year.
Goon: Yeah, you're right.

1/12: Yukiko's turn

Yukiko: Ah, there you are.
Goon: Hey, Makihara-san. Did you need something?
Yukiko: Yeah... could you come with me after school today?
Goon: Sure, I guess.
Yukiko: Okay. Wait for me at the school gate. It's a promise.

This isn't exclusive with any of Serika's events, so why not? It's not like this can screw me over, right?

Goon: (Makihara-san wanted me to go with her somewhere. Where could she possibly want to go?)
Yukiko: Thanks for waiting. Alright, let's get going.
Goon: Hey, wait. Could you tell me where we're going first?
Yukiko: You'll understand when we get there.
Goon: Makihara-san?

Goon: This is...
Yukiko: Yes, this is where Obaa-chan is sleeping.
Goon: What?
Yukiko: Yeah. Yesterday, they told me they found a sealed envelope in her closet.
Goon: A sealed envelope?

Yukiko: Yes. It said that I should open it and read it with you.

This isn't spooky at all.

Yukiko: And so, I thought I'd read it with you in front of her.
Yukiko: I think she'd really be happy.
Option 1: So that's what this is all about...
Option 2: This is kinda more embarrassing than I was expecting.

Again, none of these decisions matter.

Yukiko: I'll start reading it now.
Yukiko: Dear Yukiko. If you're reading this letter, then it means that I am no longer in this world.
Yukiko: I know how long I have to live better than anyone.
Yukiko: I am putting my brush to ink because I have something I need to say to the two of you.

At this point, Yukiko's voice changes to the old woman's voice mid-sentence. It's kinda creepy, even for an often-used dramatic narration device.

Yukiko/Old Woman: When I saw the two of you, you reminded me of my own youth.
Yukiko/Old Woman: Yes, during the war...
Yukiko/Old Woman: I went to Moegino High School as well.
Yukiko/Old Woman: At the time, there was a young man I was in love with who was called to the front when students were mobilized.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Japanese army only started student conscription late in the war. But regardless, being 16-18 years old during the war means that in 2004, the old lady was somewhere between 85 and 95 years old - probably around the lower end.

Yukiko/Old Woman: I thought that I had to tell him how I felt, or I would always regret it.
Yukiko/Old Woman: So on the day he was to leave for the front, I called him to the legendary hill.

Yukiko/Old Woman: But I couldn't tell him.

Yukiko/Old Woman: I couldn't let out a word of what I felt.
Yukiko/Old Woman: He never came home from the war.

Yukiko/Old Woman: I believe that falling in love is truly a wonderful thing.
Yukiko/Old Woman: But if you never express that while you're alive, then it has no meaning.
Yukiko/Old Woman: I feel like that young man taught me that.
Yukiko/Old Woman: It's beautiful to leave memories behind, but there is nothing more painful than living with regret.
Yukiko/Old Woman: I should have said all of this while I was alive, but...
Yukiko/Old Woman: Please, do your best, you two.

Yukiko/Old Woman: And so, Yukiko-chan. Please, do your best.
Yukiko/Old Woman: I will always, always be watching over you.

Yukiko: Obaa-chan...
Goon: (Makihara-san...)

And that is Yukiko's the old woman's story.

Now you can see why so many Japanese fans were angry that this is all the development Yukiko gets. She's a petty, jealous child before this part, and... she continues being petty and jealous after this, but now she has a letter from a dead octogenarian telling her to love while she's alive.

I'd be pretty pissed off too if I wasn't the main character of my own story.

Goon: (I didn't know that the old lady had that in her past. I see... I understand)

What about you, T-Rex skull? What tragedies did you have to live through?

1/15: Our masterpiece is complete

Goon's room is now perfect. There is nothing left that can possibly make this better. Behold: the ultimate expression of Tokimeki Memorial 3. I call it "The face of the franchise killer"

1/19: The endgame begins

At this point, bombs basically can't go off and have any effect on the game anymore. Huzzah!

Goon: Today's the deadline for college applications.
Goon: ...It's also the last day to apply for the employment exams.
Goon: What should I do?
Option 1: Go to college
Option 2: Go to work
Option 3: Become an aikido instructor
Option 4: Eh, screw it, I don't care.

As with previous runs, it's time to turn that club activity into a useful career! Goon 2.5 became a martial arts instructor, why can't Goon 3?

1/29: One last date with Serika

This one's on a boat tour, because we haven't been here yet.

Goon: The weather's nice today, so it looks like we're allowed on deck.
Serika: Really? Well, let's go out there then.

Serika: Wow, the ocean wind is awesome! I feel great!
Option 1: The smell of the ocean is even better on top of that!
Option 2: I feel sick...
Option 3: Because I'm with you, Serika, I feel great too!

Goon: Because I'm with you, Serika, I feel great too!
Serika: What are you talking about? But, umm, thanks. A little.
Goon: (Looks like I made a pretty good impression.)

2/14: The whiniest Valentine's Day

Goon: Today's Valentine's Day.
Goon: But no one's coming to give me anything...

Masaki: Hmph. It's you.
Masaki: You're making a face that screams out that no one gave you chocolate. Hahaha!
Goon: Hey...
Masaki: Whoops--I should have some mercy on your poor soul and not dig the wounds any deeper.
Masaki: Good luck. Hahaha!
Goon: (I really hate him right now.)

There is less than a second between that conversation and Emi coming up with chocolate.

Emi: Umm... please accept this.
Goon: Is this chocolate?
Emi: Yes. I made it myself, so I have no idea if you'll like it. I'm nervous.
Goon: I'm sure I'll like it. Thank you.
Emi: Th, thank you as well.
Goon: (She made chocolate for me? I'm moved.)

Shut up, Goon. You were whining a second ago. Besides, press circle again and surprise!

Yukiko: Umm, uhh, will you... take this?
Goon: Hmm? Chocolate? Wow, thanks.
Yukiko: You're amazed? Hahaha, I'm so glad.
Yukiko: But, you, umm, you have chocolates from other girls too... right?
Goon: Huh? Ummm--

Yukiko: Oh, I, I'm sorry! I'm acting a little weird today.
Yukiko: Hehehe... and, so, um, later.
Goon: (What's up with her?)

Mari: Well... today is Valentine's day, yes?
Goon: Is this really chocolate? It has such fancy packaging.
Mari: It's chocolate from Belgium's finest brand. It took a great deal of effort to order it.

Mari: The elegant aroma, the sweet fragrance.
Mari: This is the wonderful flavor of the genuine article.
Mari: I wonder how many centuries of tradition are contained within these beauties...
Goon: Th, thanks.
Goon: (Oda-san went so far to get that for me. Amazing.)

That should be good enough for now, right Goon?

Goon: I, I wonder where everyone is? It would've been fine handing the chocolate over earlier...

WHAT?! Screw you, you little brat. The richest girl in school brought you chocolate from halfway around the world, and a girl with one good knee slaved over the stove for your sake! Aaaaugh.

Serika: Here, catch.
Goon: Hey, thanks. Wow, this chocolate's pretty cute.
Serika: Y, you think so? I can't really judge these things very well.
Serika: It took everything I had just to drag it to the register.
Serika: That was really embarrassing, so make sure you enjoy it.
Goon: Of course. I'll treasure it.
Goon: (Serika went through all of that for me. Wow, that's amazing)

Goon: I kind of got a lot of chocolate this year for Valentine's.

And you whined whenever you weren't being showered with chocolate. What a jerk...

Next time: The ending...?