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Part 89: Tokimemo 3, Chapter 18: The Fear

Tokimemo 3, Chapter 18: The Fear

6/27: The quest begins anew

In order to finish the story right, I had to load from June 27th of 2004. Sadly, Rex the Dinosaur Skull had to be lost to a time paradox in order to be able to get this started.

Going step by step through 3 hours of reloads is going to be soul-crushing, so let me give you the executive summary of what happens in these alternate timelines.

YKWSTG count: Infinity plus 1

This is what happens in the previously mentioned park date with Emi, where being kind to small animals leads to a concussion. While Goon is unconscious, she rests his head on her lap, which is a Big Deal to some people because they get to wake up to this.

7/19: The mystery deepens

So here's why it took 3 or 4 runs to get Serika's storyline moving. There are two real requirements for seeing this event, plus a secret third

The first requirement is really annoying because summer vacation cuts out almost half of your window, but it's manageable. The second requirement cuts out a little over half of the other possible dates, but it's manageable.

The third option is the real killer. In the previous runs, I tried to keep these requirements a secret and play like normal. By my count, I had about 6 opportunities for the RNG to say "okay, here, you've fulfilled the conditions." On the final runthrough, enough was enough and I just arranged dates with Serika on every Sunday possible--and it still took 3 tries for this event to happen. To add insult to injury, she actually showed up on time for 3 or 4 of those opportunities, showing that the RNG was just taunting me.

YKWSTG count: Infinity times two

Goon: I wonder what's going on? Serika's really late.

Serika: Hey!
Serika: Sorry for making you wait out here.
Goon: No worries, let's get going.
Serika: Uh, actually, about that...
Serika: Sorry.
Goon: What?
Serika: Work just called me out for an emergency and--
Goon: Work?

Serika: Uh, no, I just have something I need to take care of. That's all.
Serika: So I can't do anything today.

Serika: Sorry, but could you let me pass on today?
Option 1: Well, if it's an emergency, you have to take care of it.
Option 2: Well, that's a shame.

As usual for Tokimemo story events, there's no difference between these options.

Goon: Well, if it's an emergency, you have to take care of it.
Serika: Thanks. I'll make it up to you, I swear.
Goon: You don't have to go that far. We'll just go out another time.

Serika: I'm really, really sorry.
Serika: Well... see you later.
Goon: Later.
Goon: I guess I have nothing to do today.

The day still gets lost, of course. The entire day gets consumed by walking out to meet Serika and then going "oh, I guess you have to go" before walking back home.

Also, the Persona theory gets stronger and stronger because the only time this event happened was on a rainy day.

7/20: Another school break-in, what a coincidence

Goon: Huh? There's another big crowd for some reason. I wonder what happened?

Takuo: Yo! You here to check it out too?
Goon: Check out what? What the hell just happened?
Takuo: Someone broke into the school again! This time it was the principal's office.
Goon: So that's why everyone's crowding around to get a look?

Takuo: Yeah. It's crazy in there, the whole place is just destroyed.
Takuo: The faculty is having an emergency meeting right now, trying to figure out who did this.
Takuo: But it's weird.
Goon: What is?

Takuo: Well, it's the same as last time. Nothing was stolen.
Takuo: Whoever did this just crashed the place and left.
Goon: Huh. I wonder what the point of it is?

Takuo: How should I know?
Takuo: But there definitely has to be a reason for all of this.
Takuo: I'm really curious now.
Takuo: Anyway, that's what's going on. Talk to you later.
Goon: Well, that was kinda creepy. But geez, the principal's office this time?

Serika: Goon.
Goon: Oh, hey Serika.
Serika: Sorry about yesterday. There was some stuff I couldn't get out of.
Serika: Say, what's with this crowd? What happened?
Goon: Someone broke into the principal's office.

Serika: R, really? The principal's office?
Serika: I wonder what's so fun about messing that place up?
Goon: What kind of person would do that?
Serika: Dunno.
Serika: I mean, does it matter? It's not my problem.

This is where I stopped for a second to ask "who bandages their hair?" - it looks like Serika randomly has bandages around the hair behind her ears, because it's really hard to see the little bit of bandage peeking out from under her bangs. And because the shading's bad, it looks like there's just a random wrap of bandage around her hair. I mean, that's what it looks like, doesn't it? It's like she's using athletic tape instead of a scrunchie to make her hair stay in place.

Serika: W, well, anyway, I have some more stuff to take care of, so I have to go.
Serika: Later.
Goon: Hmm? Oh, okay, later.

That's the only new thing until November.

7/25: Okay this is just silly

Presented without comment.

9/9: Random character moment between Emi and Serika.

Emi: Oh, good afternoon.
Goon: Hmm? Oh, hey Tachibana-san, hey Serika.
Serika: Yo. You heading home?
Goon: Yeah. You two going home too?
Emi: Yes, Serika's going to teach me cat's cradle.
Goon: Cat's cradle? You mean that game with the string?

Emi: Yes. Did you know that Serika is unbelievably good at it?
Serika: Don't listen to her, it's nothing special.
Emi: My mother and my grandmother taught me some tricks, but Serika's tricks are so creative.
Emi: Like, um--what did you call that trick, again? The first one you showed me.

Serika: Big Bang?
Emi: Yes, Big Bang! That was more than just a trick, I would call it art.

Serika: Y, you would?
Emi: I want you to teach me to be as good as you at cat's cradle some day.
Emi: And now, we should get going.
Serika: Well, you heard the girl. Later.
Goon: (What kind of cat's cradle trick would be called Big Bang? I really want to see it now.)

11/8: Time to make history

If you want to see this event in motion - and there's a lot of motion - then you should check out either the highlight on my Twitch channel or the YouTube upload. Be aware that I was doing it live, so the translation's pretty awkward at points.

Goon: Hey, Serika.
Serika: H, hey, [awkward $playername pause]. You heading home?
Goon: Yeah. What about you, Serika?
Serika: N, no, I just have something I need to take care of back at school, so I'm heading that way.
Goon: What do you need to take care of?

Serika: I need to take care of what I need to take care of.
Serika: It's nothing big.
Serika: Trust me, it's nothing.
Goon: I see.
Serika: Yeah. I gotta go, so...
Serika: Take care of yourself.
Goon: Huh? Uh, sure.
Goon: Wait, WHAT?!
Goon: "Take care of yourself"?!
Goon: She said that like she's never going to see me again. What's that supposed to mean?
Goon: But... I've never seen her act like this before.

Option 1: Yeah, I'm really worried.
Option 2: Eh, it's nothing to worry about.

Why would anyone ever choose option 2?

Goon: Yeah... I'm really worried!
Goon: I need to go back to school!

Goon: Yeah, it makes sense that no one's here at this hour.

Goon: Serika, where are you?

Goon: She's not here either.
Goon: Where are you, Serika?

At this point, I realized that the actual music for this scene is completely muted and totally underwhelming, so I started playing Persona music over the game. It improved the experience dramatically.

First up: The Battle for Everyone's Souls/Battle Hymn of the Soul.

Serika: ...!
Goon: Serika, what're you doing?

Serika: Huh?
Serika: Y, you idiot! What're you doing here?
Serika: This is no place for you!
???: Hmm? Who's that?
???: What an ass.
Goon: What? Where'd that voice come from?

???: I see... I thought you would be alone, but you brought an audience.

Goon: Wh, what is that? It's not human!
Serika: It's just what it looks like. A monster.
Goon: A monster?!

Serika: Yes. You know about this school's unexplained phenomena and ghost stories?
Serika: Monsters were behind all of them.

???: Indeed. And this girl took the time to defeat them.

Serika: But... it's all over now.
Serika: You're the last one!

Monster: Thank you for the wonderful introduction.
Monster: As thanks... I will introduce you to my realm!
Monster: Along with your friend!
Goon: Whoa!
Serika: Ugh!

Goon: Ahhhhhh!
Goon: Wh, where are we?

Monster: Welcome. This is a world I made especially for you and me.
Monster: There is no one to get in our way here.
Monster: Aren't you happy? I'll play with you until your life ends!

Serika: I'll use my powers to open an exit for you!
Serika: Hurry, run!
Monster: Relax. The only person I have business with is you, woman.

Monster: But then, if you use up your power, you might not have enough left, will you?
Serika: Shut up!

Serika: You said no one would get in our way. That's fine!
Serika: I won't hold back!
Monster: I see...
Monster: Then you and I will be able to have a lot of fun.
Monster: Ha. Hahahahahaha!

Serika: Ugh... damn you!
Serika: Augh!

Serika: Agh... how?
Monster: Oh, how pathetic. What happened to that attitude from before?
Monster: Were you just bluffing?
Serika: How are you so strong? I defeated all of your friends...
Serika: You're the last one!
Monster: My friends? You've got it all wrong.
Serika: Wh, what do you mean?

Monster: Everything you've defeated up to this point has merely been a key to my seal.
Serika: A key?
Monster: You were going out of your way to help me be reborn.
Monster: Thanks to you, I'm back at full strength!

Everything Serika is depicted fighting comes from the most common high school ghost stories. Hanako-san in the bathroom, a haunted piano that plays itself, the skeleton model in the science room coming to life, a haunted painting, etc. I really like the devil basketball, though. That one's pretty unique.

Serika: Stop spouting bullshit!
Serika: Aaaaaugh!
Monster: What's wrong? Does it hurt?
Monster: It seems like you haven't recovered from your previous battles.

Serika: Shut up. Shut up!

Serika: I won't lose... not to you.
Serika: Not to you!!

Well, at least they were consistent about her being left-handed.

Sorry for the interlacing problems

Serika: *sobbing and moaning*
Goon: Serika!
Monster: No matter what powers you may have, you are only a mere human.
Monster: A puny little creature!
Monster: Now, it's time to put an end to your suffering!

Goon: At this rate, Serika's going to...
Goon: What should I do?

Recommended music: Burn My Dread -Last Battle-

Serika: Uh... ugh... what're you doing?
Serika: Take this chance. Get out of here!
Goon: Serika...

Serika: Hurry!
Goon: Serika, I--

Option 1: I have to protect you, Serika!
Option 2: I have to run!


Goon: Serika! No! I'll protect you!

Goon: AUGH!

Serika: Y, you idiot.
Serika: I told you to run...
Goon: I can't just leave you here, Serika!
Serika: *gasp*

I would like to remind you at this time that this game is Tokimeki Memorial 3, a high school romance simulation game.

Serika: You're so stupid.

Okay, maybe I got the game wrong. This is actually the part of Persona 4 where your social links come back to tell you how much of an impact you've had on their lives, so you can draw on their strength to fight the last boss.

I'm pretty sure that the old candy shop woman and the T-Rex skull both also come to help her.

Serika: But--
Serika: But thank you.
Goon: Isn't there--isn't there something I can do?
Serika: Could you buy me some time?
Serika: Just a little bit.

Serika: There's a brief moment, when his ghostly form briefly separates from his corporeal form and then returns to his soul.
Serika: I'll aim for that and hit him with everything I've got.
Serika: But I can't do that yet.
Serika: I need some time to gather up my strength.
Serika: So, even if it's just for a second, I want you to draw that monster's attention away.
Serika: Can you do that?
Goon: Yeah, I'll try!

Suggested theme: Heartful Cry ~in Mayonaka Arena~

Goon: Hey! Monster!
Goon: You're fighting me now!
Monster: Oh? How heartwarming. Is this the power of friendship? Or is it love?
Monster: Very well. I'll eat you first. Be grateful!

Goon: AUGH!
Monster: How's that? Isn't it a wonderful pain going through your body right now?

Goon: I, is that all you got?
Monster: Oh? You're pretty tough.

Goon: Hmph!
Goon: AUGH!
Monster: Not bad. But playtime is over.

Monster: Pathetic.
Monster: But well done.
Monster: For a human, at least.
Monster: To show you how much I appreciate your efforts, I will release you from your pain with this next attack.
Goon: (Serika... I'm sorry!)

Serika: Sorry to keep you waiting!
Goon: !
Serika: Ghost! You're fighting me now!
Serika: I won't let you do as you please anymore!
Monster: You half-dead little bitch!
Monster: This next hit will finish you off!

I would like to remind you at this time that this game is Tokimeki Memorial 3, a high school romance simulation game.

Serika: You're right about one thing.
Serika: This is over.
Serika: This is the last of my power!
Monster: Cease your babbling, human!

Monster: Impossible! How could you have this much power?!

Monster: AHHHHHH!

Goon: Mmph...
Serika: Looks like you're awake.
Goon: Serika. Are you okay? What happened to your injuries?
Serika: You shouldn't be worrying about me.
Serika: You really are an idiot.

Serika: You're an idiot, but...
Serika: You were really cool.
Serika: What you did was amazing.
Goon: Serika?

Serika: Uh, hey. Sorry to bring it up, but could you please get up?
Goon: What? What do you mean, get up?
Serika: I mean, I can't move like this.
Goon: W, wait, have I been lying on your lap this entire time?
Goon: I, I'm so sorry!

Goon: I'm sorry I didn't notice!
Serika: Hey, you don't have to apologize so many times.
Serika: I'm the one who should be apologizing to you, anyway.
Serika: It's pointless to hide who I really am from you anymore.

Serika: I guess you could call me a government agent.
Serika: I get orders to go to schools and eradicate hives of monsters.
Serika: That's what I really am.
Serika: I'm just an exterminator.
Serika: I'm not a hero or anything.
Serika: It doesn't even make a good joke, does it?
Goon: I can't believe it. Why do they make you do that?

Serika: That's a dumb question.
Serika: It's because I can do it.
Serika: Ever since I was a kid, I've been able to see things other people can't.
Serika: Touch things they can't.
Serika: My mom and my dad told me that I shouldn't look, shouldn't touch.
Serika: They said I shouldn't use my powers.

Serika: But I couldn't understand why they said that.
Serika: I thought everyone was like me.
Serika: So I kept using my powers in front of people.
Serika: I didn't understand what the consequences would be.

Serika: By the time I realized--it was too late to do anything.
Serika: One day, my mom and dad disappeared.
Serika: And a strange man came up to me and said--

Serika: "If you want your parents back, then hunt monsters."
Serika: He seemed to be some kind of important government official.

Serika: But I didn't care about that.
Serika: If it meant he would give me my parents back, then I would do whatever it took.
Serika: So I kept fighting. Before I came here, I went to so many schools.

Serika: I wonder how many schools it was?
Serika: But no matter where I went, all I did was fight, and I never remembered anyone or anything.

Serika: Friends, a normal school life, they were things that might as well have been alien.

Serika: But coming here, and meeting you, I felt I finally understood.
Serika: School can be so much fun.
Serika: If I could, I would've stayed here forever as an ordinary student.

Serika: But that was impossible.
Serika: Everyone near me gets hurt.
Serika: If they get close to me, they all get hurt.
Goon: Serika...
Serika: You're no exception.
Serika: Because you got close to me, this happened.

Is THAT why Emi tore her MCL?

Serika: I'm sorry, but you're better off without me.
Serika: It's all--it's all my fault.
Goon: That's not true at all.
Goon: I came here because I wanted to be here.
Goon: That's the same reason I wanted to help you.
Goon: Besides, you saved me, didn't you?
Goon: There's no reason for you to beat yourself up.

Serika: Ha--haha...
Serika: You win. You are an incurably soft-hearted person.
Serika: This is the first time anyone's ever said something like that to me.

Serika: It's really the first time.
Serika: I'm sorry. And thanks for sticking your neck out for someone like me.
Serika: Thank you...

Next time: Tokimeki Memorial 3 Golden