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Part 93: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 3: I Wonder

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, Chapter 3: I wonder

4/22: Basketball practice

This is the animation for basketball practice. Goonko stands in the halfcourt circle with her back to the basket, turns around, and hits nothing but net. If you've ever played basketball before, you know that there are only three reasons to practice a halfcourt shot for an entire day: One, you're really bored. Two, you really really really want to win an upcoming game of HORSE. Three, you honestly think that your other skills are good enough (and you're a cocky enough sunovabitch) that you believe the best way to improve your team's chances of winning is to practice ridiculous circus shots. I call that option "the Baron Davis", and given that the only shots you ever see Goonko take are from the half court circle, this is what I assume. She's freaking Tidus playing Blitzball, seeing if she can shoot from behind the goalie and still hit the net.

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 7:

4/28: Shopping again

Time to hit up Boutique Sofia, which, according to the icon, is apparently a shop for doll clothes.

I like this place already. It has class.




Full outfits

Terms I had to look up: Cut and sewn, boat neck, the Japanese word for "calf length" (which is literally "six lengths")

What I actually bought: ice cream skirt, white collared shirt, knee-length pleated skirt, crew neck T-shirt. This left Goonko with zero cash left, so it'll be a long while before Goonko takes another shopping trip. But on the plus side, we now own the greatest clothing items in the game: the ice cream skirt and the American flag skirt. This bodes well for the future.

While we're at it, it's time to change up Goonko's outfit to see how the system works. First things first.

USA! USA! USA!Let's see if Goonko owns any tops that go with this thing at all.

Well, it might work.

...Okay, it really doesn't work at all. Let's see what happens if we try something classier than the USA skirt look.

Combining the collared shirt with the sabrina pants leads to a "you did well" chime, and summons cherubs who proclaim that Goonko now looks "Pure".

This is amazing feedback compared to the whole lotta nothing that TM3 gave you. Let's go with this for now. I wonder what the other looks are, though?

4/29: Check out the net

I was way, way late on this train. It looks like this is where you can find new shops, see when places are having sales, and as usual, find new date spots.

Habataki Net also has a movie schedule and a concert schedule, which is a pretty big improvement over Tokimemo 3's disgustingly crowded design.

This horoscope is also amazing. Instead of vaguely colored lines on graph paper, this is actually very explicit about what weeks are good for what activities. I'll actually check this fairly often, since success rates tend to be low in year 1 and Goonko will need all the help she can get. The categories are also pretty good, though I wonder about where the line between the categories are - does hanging out with Mizuki count as Study because it raises the art stat? Or Leisure? Or does it average both? What about basketball camp with Kazuma, will that be Health or Love? Deep questions that I'll have to figure out over time.

5/3: Golden Week

This is what the preen command does at home. Can Tsukushi be any creepier?

Okay, sleeping at home is relatively normal, at least.

5/13: Mizuki opens up

Mizuki: Sigh...
Goonko: What's wrong, Sudou-san? You don't sigh very often.
Mizuki: Fudou-san, are great artists the kind of people who don't notice that the most beautiful girl is right next to them?
Goonko: I'm not sure, but I don't really think so.

Mizuki: What do you mean by that?!
Mizuki: Are you saying that Mizuki is not the most beautiful?
Goonko: Wh, what?

Mizuki: Oh, never mind.
Mizuki: Please leave Mizuki be today.
Mizuki: À bientôt.

So, Mizuki has her sights set on the art character in this game. If we look at the character designs and look at what character seems to match up well with Mizuki...

That could probably work out alright. As long as it's not Kei. Anyone but Kei.

5/15: More time with Mizuki

Goonko: Sudou-san, want to walk home together?
Mizuki: Oui! It could be rather nice to walk home once in a while.
Goonko: Yay, let's go!

5/18: Praised by Mizuki

Goonko: (This week went perfectly!)
Mizuki: Fudou-san, this has been fun.
Mizuki: You may accompany Mizuki any time.
Goonko: (Yay!)

I like Mizuki. It's a little masochistic, but she makes me laugh.

5/18: And then the week got worse

Goonko: (Phew, I spent too long chatting after class and now I'm late. I'll just take a shortcut.)
Goonko: (You know, everyone gossips a lot about this chapel. But somehow, it seems so familiar to me.)
Goonko: Gah!

STRANGER DANGER: Oh, excuse me! Are you alright?
Goonko: Y, yeah.
STRANGER DANGER: I'm sorry. I was just captivated by this chapel.
Goonko: I wasn't looking where I was going either.
Goonko: I like this chapel. It's really mysterious.
STRANGER DANGER: Yes... this chapel has a spell on it.
Goonko: A spell?

STRANGER DANGER: A spell cast by Puck.
STRANGER DANGER: More importantly, are you hurt, young lady?
Goonko: Oh, I'm fine.
STRANGER DANGER: Good. Have a wonderful day.
Goonko: (He called me young lady. He's kind of a dandy, isn't he?)

All of this basketball and hanging out with Mizuki has been great for Goonko's fitness and art, but her academics are awful. It's time to see what hitting the books looks like.

Yep, still like this art style.

6/2: A strange encounter

Goonko: (What's going on over there? Why the crowd?)
Student 1: Hey, did you hear? The world-famous fashion designer Hanatsubaki Goro is at our school!
Student 2: Seriously?! The fashion leader of the century, the advisor of the apparel world, Hanatsubaki Goro? What's he doing here?
Student 1: Wow, Hanatsubaki-sensei is coming this way!
Student 2: Oh my god! Hanatsubaki-sensei!

Goro: Just a moment, my dear~
Goonko: Y, yes?! Are you talking to me?
Goro: Yes, you, dearie~
Goro: Could you, mmm, close your eyes for a second?
Goonko: Wh, what's going on?
Goro: I said, close your eyes~!
Goonko: O, okay!

Oh God, I think I know who voices Goro. And yes, Goro deserves nothing but tildes at the end of his sentences. He's That Fabulous(tm).

Goro: Hmmm, yes~
Goro: Mm-hmm, oh, I see~
Goro: I'm finished~

Goro: Dear, would you like to go to my webpage, and master "the way of fashion"?
Goonko: Uh, umm...
Goro: Hehe, I feel like we will meet again, dear~

Goro: Oh my, it's time for my interview on TV~
Goro: Adieu, farewell~!
Goonko: What's with that guy--huh? There's a business card in my breast pocket.
Goonko: ("World-famous fashion designer". Oh, the URL is on here. I should check out his site!)

Question: Are those called breast pockets for girls too? Do they just call them front pockets? Being a girl is hard.

I fairly quickly recognized who voiced Hanatsubaki Goro. Those buttery-smooth tones have been around for a long, long time, from one of the oldest Gs who ever robotted. For Goro is voiced by...

Hayami Sho!

Hayami Sho's signature robot roles (buckle up, he has a lot):
1) Max Jenius (SDF Macross)

2) Exkaizer/Great Exkaizer/King Exkaizer/Dragon Kaizer (Brave Exkaizer)

3) Great Da-Garn X/Ga-ohn/Da-Garn Jet/Da-Garn X (The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn)

4) Klein Sandman (Gravion)

I had to throw in that last one, Sandman has the greatest dynamic cut-ins in Super Robot Wars history.

Hayami Sho's most, uh, "special" role: Hanatsubaki Goro

What I think every time he opens his mouth: Gran Knights no shokun, gasshin se yo!

Okay, back to the LP.

6/8: The sports festival, girl's side

Goonko: Today's the sports festival. Let's do this!

Goonko: What event should I enter?
Option 1: 100-meter dash
Option 2: Scavenger hunt race
Option 3: Bread-eating race

A bread-eating race is not done much anymore, as far as I know, but it's pretty funny in concept. Let's take a look at that one!

The first part of a bread-eating race is simple. Hit Circle as fast as you can (without using a turbo button) to run to the bread station.

The second part is a bit trickier. Press Circle to start the jump meter, then press it again to determine the height of Goonko's jump. This is necessary because the bread is suspended from a string and use of the hands is illegal - jump up, bite down, keep running to the finish line.

Goonko, uh, didn't do so well, as is pretty standard for the first year of a Tokimemo. We'll get 'em next year, Goonko.

Kazuma: You're too damn slow!
Kazuma: Coming in last is proof that you weren't taking it seriously!
Goonko: (Ugh, I feel so pathetic)
Goonko: (Hey, what should I do with this bread I got from the race, anyway?)
Option 1: Break it in half and offer it to him
Option 2: Keep it

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? This should go well!

Kazuma: Ooh, awesome! I was just getting hungry.
Goonko: (Looks like that worked.)

Well. That was easier than I thought.

Goonko: The folk dance is the only way to end a sports festival!
Goonko: Looks like we're starting soon.

Goonko: (My next partner is Suzuka-kun.)
Kazuma: Oh, Fudou. Let's dance.
Goonko: (And that's how the sports festival ended.)

Next time: Mizuki, no, please, Mizuki, not him either