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Part 95: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 5: Whistle While You Work

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 5: Whistle while you work

7/7: Interview with the vampire('s cafe)

It's time to fulfill a lifelong dream and work for ALUCARD. It's a pretty simple process to get a job in Tokimemo Girl's Side - the job posting only appears after your stats get high enough, and all of them are desperate for able hands. So it's as simple as spending a Sunday calling up the place.

Manager: Hello, this is Alucard.

Goonko: Still uttering the same nonsense. No matter. Now is the time to put aside your weak human side, and join me in remaking this world!
Manager: What?
Goonko: I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.

Goonko: I called because I saw your opening for a part-time position.
Manager: So, can you come work on every Tuesday and Thursday?
Goonko: Yes, thank you so much.
Manager: Okay, we'll see you then.
Manager: We're counting on you!
Goonko: (I guess I'm working every Tuesday and Thursday at a cafe from now on. I'll do my best!)

7/8-7/12: Midterms

None of the jobs force their high school employees to come in to work on test weeks, so there's nothing to interrupt the usual 5-test sequence. However, Tokimemo Girl's Side midterms have some different subjects that I find difficult to pin to specific stats. But, first things first!

Goonko: (The first day is for language.)

This one's pretty clearly based on Academics, and for that reason, Goonko tanks it hard.

Goonko: Hmm? Suzuka-kun, what're you doing?

Kazuma: Uh, nothing. Don't worry about it.
Goonko: Are those your basketball shoes?!
Goonko: I get it, you're heading to the gym to practice.

Kazuma: Whoa! Keep your voice down, you idiot.
Kazuma: You'll get me in trouble.
Goonko: Oh, sorry.
Goonko: But, I mean, we're still in the middle of midterms.
Kazuma: That's why I have to sneak out.
Kazuma: If I take too many days off of practice, I'll get soft.
Goonko: But what about studying? Will you be okay?
Kazuma: What does it matter?
Kazuma: It's not like pulling an all-nighter will help me at this point.

Goonko: Even so, it'd still be better for you to study a little bit--
Kazuma: Give it a rest, you're not my mom.
Goonko: But... oh no, the teacher's coming!
Kazuma: Crap! I'm outta here!
Goonko: He's quick...

Goonko: (The second day of tests is math.)

This one is also pretty clearly Academics. Which is why Goonko bombs on this subject as well.

Goonko: (The third day is multiple choice.)

Multiple choice? What? What does that even mean? What stat affects it? Goonko does badly at this one too, so I guess that means it's keyed off of Academics again?

Goonko: (The fourth day is art.)

This one's easy to figure out, and it's good to know that Goonko can make something other than 50-foot jump shots. Thanks, Mizuki!

Goonko: (The fifth day is home ec.)

Huh. I guess one of the stats affects that. Goonko does pretty well on this one too, so it's probably raised by the Social/Guts stat? Weird, but not as weird as it being controlled by Fitness or Art.

1st: Hazuki Kei
94th: Mihara Shiki
141st: Sudou Mizuki (Mizuki, are you THAT BAD of a cook? Are you that stereotypical a rich girl?)
194th: Fudou Kimiko
253rd: Suzuka Kazuma

Kazuma: Looks like we got around the same grades.
Kazuma: Eh, it's not like I care about grades anyway.
Goonko: (I need to study harder from now on.)

7/16: The first day of work

Goonko: Hi, my name's Fudou Kimiko, and I'm starting here today. Nice to meet all of you.
Manager: We're counting on you to take care of Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Goonko: Got it.
Manager: Sorry to put you to work so soon, but could you deliver this coffee to the studio next door?
Goonko: Sure! I'll be right back.
Goonko: (Time to work hard!)

If you pay attention to the background, you can see where they cut corners in this game - those characters look scribbled and awful, rather than scribbled and hilarious like the animated Goonko does.

Goonko: (Let's see, the A studio is over this way.)
Goonko: Thanks for waiting! I'm here to deliver your order!
Hazuki: Hmm? It's you.
Goonko: What? Hazuki-kun?!
Goonko: What're you doing here?

Hazuki: Work. What else would I be doing here?
Goonko: Oh, is this a photo shoot for a magazine?
Hazuki: Yeah. What about you? Side job?
Goonko: Uh-huh. Hopefully we'll see you a lot at Cafe Alucard!
Hazuki: Sure. Well... good luck over there.

Looks like Goonko will need all the help she can get at this job.

7/20: The first step toward actually dating boys

I guess it had to start some time - it's time to get Goonko talking to boys. Considering the awful collection of twerps she's found herself surrounded by, Kazuma is pretty much the only sane option.
Kazuma: Hello?
Goonko: Hi, Suzuka-kun? It's Fudou Kimiko.
Kazuma: What? I'm busy right now, make it fast.
Goonko: Well, umm--

Going through the date map is probably the most comfortable I've felt in Girl's Side. It's just so familiar to me after all of these Tokimemos, and it doesn't matter if I'm a girl this time.

Let's see if Kazuma wants to go to the seaside park--it should fit his sporty nature, though it might also be aiming a bit high since it's pretty much a beach activity.

Goonko: Want to go to the seaside park on the 28th?
Kazuma: Sorry, I got other plans that day.
Goonko: I see, sorry to bother you.
Kazuma: Sorry again.
Goonko: (Well, that's disappointing.)

D'oh. Oh well, there'll be other opportunities.

7/21: A door opens, a door closes, and some reloading happens.

It turns out that if you call a guy when he's not at home, you can leave a voice mail to ask him out. This is very convenient, since he'll call back when he gets home that night.

Unfortunately, it also turns out that the 21st is basketball day, and Goonko gets kicked out of the basketball club for skipping practice a second time. Let's, uh, let's forget this ever happened and do some handy-dandy reloading, because basketball is pretty important to Goonko's future. Long story short, I had to reload, and then missed basketball practice again on the 21st. Look, it's not put anywhere other than on the schedule, okay? There's no TM2/TM3-style reminder of compulsory practice days! Hell, Reiichi can randomly spike your club activities if you're not careful by suggesting a field trip on the 3rd Sunday of a month!

Nothing really interesting happens on either of those reloads, so let's just forget this ever happened and move on to summer vacation.

7/28: Successful date invitation

Goonko: Want to go to the fireworks show on the 4th?
Kazuma: Hmm? Well, I don't have any plans, so why not?
Goonko: Okay, I'll be waiting for you on the 4th at Shin Habataki station!
Kazuma: Sure, you got it.
Goonko: (Yay! It can't be the 4th soon enough.)

8/4: Goonko's first date!

This time, the icon is less creepy because we're actually going on a date! With a boy!

The first thing we'll need to do is check on Goonko's outfit. First impressions are very important, after all.


The Sporty look should be a hit with Kazuma.

Goonko: (I wonder when Suzuka-kun's getting here. Oh, here he comes!)

Kazuma: Sorry, I overslept.

Goonko: Seriously? Dude, the fireworks show starts at 9 PM. Did you go to sleep after eating lunch or something?

Goonko: Ah, that's fine. I just got here myself.
Kazuma: Yeah?

Kazuma: I think that looks nice.
Goonko: Huh? What does?
Kazuma: Uh, I, I was talking about your outfit.
Goonko: (Yay! It looks like Suzuka-kun likes these clothes.)


Kazuma: It's starting soon.
Kazuma: Do you say "tamaya"? Or are you a "kagiya" type?
Goonko: Huh?
Kazuma: I'm a "tamaya" kind of guy. It feels great to shout it out.
Kazuma: You should try it too.

Two things: first, it should shock absolutely no one that The King of Braves' character enjoys shouting. You would think that it was the basis of his career, or something!

Second, the long-held Japanese tradition of shouting out "tamaya!" at fireworks apparently comes from the Sumidagawa fireworks festival, as people would cheer for one of two major rivals in the art of pyrotechnics as they were wowed by the work of the Tamaya guild or the Kagiya guild. I did not know that until last week.

Corner-cutting measure #2: the fireworks show appears to be camcorder footage from a small fireworks show, rather than an animation like it was in the previous games.

Kazuma: Man, that was awesome! Fireworks are so cool!
Option 1: You're making way too much of this.
Option 2: I wonder how they work?
Option 3: They're like giant flowers blooming in the night sky.

I see that these answers are as easy as ever.

Kazuma: Yeah, they really are like huge flowers!
Kazuma: They're so intense!
Goonko: (Hurray, a perfect impression!)

Kazuma: Thanks for inviting me out. Today went by in a flash.
Kazuma: This kind of thing is pretty fun.
Kazuma: Later.

8/11: Way too much detail, guys. Way too much.

The August feature on Habataki Net is about Kei - part 1 of many, apparently. This game seems quite determined to beat into our heads just how hot we should think Kei is.

Hazuki Kei, the popular high school student and model. We're getting up close and personal with his charms.

Click to enlarge to full size ->

Okay this is getting weird.

Hazuki eye
His pale green eyes project a mysterious aura. They are apparently inherited from his German grandfather.

Hazuki hair
Is gaining followers at a fearsome rate!
The salon of his stylist Tanaka-san is booked solid for the next six months.

Hazuki wing
Flies in the sky

Hazuki beam
Is a heat ray

He's gained the power of a Hazuki -- the superhero known as Hazukiman... Hazukiman!

Seriously, though, this kind of article is really freaking creepy to me. A couple of glamour shots, sure. A close-up on a dude's right eye and his left temple? As your entire article? That's, like, "it puts the lotion on the skin" levels of weird.

8/12: Summer camp

Goonko: Summer camp starts today. Let's do this!

Kazuma: Yo, Fudou. Summer camp's finally starting.
Goonko: Hey, Suzuka-kun.
Kazuma: We'll be practicing from morning to night. No quitting!
Goonko: (I'm ready!)

???: Eek! I'm sorry!
Goonko: Huh? Uh, who're you?
Tamami: Umm, my name is Konno. Konno Tamami.
Tamami: I'm the manager of the boys team.
Goonko: I'm Fudou Kimiko. Umm-
Tamami: Kimiko-chan! I knew it, you're on the girls team. Nice to meet you.
Goonko: Nice to meet you too.
Goonko: Are you gathering up the laundry? That looks like a tough job.
Tamami: Right? Everyone's always so sweaty.
Goonko: I know it's your job, but you're a saint.
Goonko: Ugh, I think I can smell it from here.
Tamami: Oh, I'm sorry.
Club member: Konno! Where are those fresh towels?
Tamami: Sorry!
Tamami: I have to go.
Goonko: (Konno-san seems kind of easygoing, but she might be the perfect manager.)

This is probably a generic meeting that could have happened with some more basketball experience and less hanging out with Mizuki. But it still feels weird telling someone at basketball camp "I know you! You're on the basketball team!"

So, Tamami is the sporty equivalent of Mizuki. Which means that... oh, dear. It means that she'll almost inevitably fall for Kazuma. We're destined to butt heads, aren't we? Poor girl. Oh, by the way, after clearing some cobwebs out in my head that hadn't been dislodged since the '90s, I figured out who plays Tamami. She is none other than...

Minami Omi!

Minami Omi's signature robot role: Hoshino Ruri (Martian Successor Nadesico)

Minami Omi's most, uh, "special" role: Hyatt (Excel Saga)

What I hear every time she opens her mouth: Baka bakka (What a bunch of idiots).

Back to the LP.

8/15: Cooking for the team

Goonko: I should get everything ready to make dinner!
Goonko: What should I make?
Option 1: Instant ramen
Option 2: Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce
Option 3: Papardelle with ragu

Well, Goonko did pretty well at home ec, so it should be pretty safe to make spaghetti for the players.

Kazuma: Hey, what's this? Did you make all this, Fudou?
Goonko: Yup.
Kazuma: Really? I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Kazuma: That tasted great, Fudou.
Goonko: (I'm glad it turned out alright. He ate it all!)

Tamami: Thanks for cooking, Kimiko-chan!
Tamami: It was delicious.
Goonko: (I'm glad they appreciate it!)

With Tamami joining the cast, she now appears in the basketball practice animation. I can't help but be reminded of the "it's gotta be the shoes" ads with Spike Lee and Michael Jordan when I see this, but that might just be me.

8/17: The last day

Goonko: Today's the last day of training camp.

Kazuma: Good job. You worked pretty hard out there.
Goonko: (Yeah! It feels like I've gotten a little better.)

Tamami: Umm... good job. You really kept at it.
Tamami: I definitely think you got better.
Goonko: (I guess I did, a little bit)

Goonko: Time to head home!
Goonko: Hmm? What's this box?
Goonko: W, wow!

Fudou Kimiko gained the basketball heirloom, "Iron courage"!

This item, along with being a silly little RPG reference, also has an in-game effect. It provides a permanent +5 bonus to Fitness. It's small, sure, but hey, free stats are free stats, I'm not going to complain about getting a boost from a compulsory activity. I wonder how many more of them are in the game?

8/19: New friendship options unlocked!

Playing badminton with Tamami now appears as an activity next to talking art with Mizuki.

There's also a new e-mail to commemorate the start of Tamami's inevitably doomed friendship with Goonko.

Kimiko-chan, good evening! (Good afternoon?)
This is a little abrupt, but I had to send you this mail after this surprise.

You have a little brother named Tsukushi in grade school, right? My little brother (Tamao) said they're in the same class.
He has your last name, and he moved in to town on the same day as you, so he's 100% your little brother, right?
My brother told me that Tsukushi-kun is very mature and very popular with the girls (^ - ^
Tamao is a little shy, but he said the two of them became fast friends.
Isn't it a crazy coincidence that our brothers are friends too?

Good night!

The header of Tamami's e-mail includes a panda named Tamatama, while her signature is adorable and says "This was Tamami." I hope that we can be friends in a future playthrough, because she's almost guaranteed to fall in love with Kazuma, and I am not above making her disappear if she tries to get between us and the King of Braves in the next two and a half years.

8/25: The best flea market ever

At the end of every season, there's a flea market with discounted prices on presumably outdated fashions. But hey, cheap is cheap, and we should make sure Goonko's allowance and waitress' salary go as far as possible.

The Dolman sleeve summer sweater with the piano design isn't a bad pickup at 7 Rich, but... what's with that "Cosplay" category up top?

Oh. Oh, I see.

The Kirameki High uniform is actually a pretty nice callback, even though sailor uniforms are hideously archaic/fetishistic at this point in time. Neither of these is affordable right now, which is a bit sad.

And then, Hadouken. No, seriously, that's the name of this accessory, the Wave Motion Sword. At 15 Rich, how can I say no to those savings? I couldn't resist.

Maybe being a girl is easier than I thought!

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 10:

Next time: The worst nicknames known to man.