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Part 98: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 8: Poor Unfortunate Souls

Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 8: Poor unfortunate souls

12/15: Basketball

Guess what? Goonko won! Surprise!

The dialogue is currently generic, so I'm skipping it - Tamami made lemonade again, and Goon shot the J. Simple enough!

12/20: Hanging out with Tamami

We're going with calling her Tamami-chan for the rest of the game. Even if she is destined to be crushed under Goonko's heel as the designated rival for Kazuma's affections, we can at least be nice about it.

Tamami: Winter break's coming up.
Tamami: Have you already figured out what you're doing over the break?
Goonko: Not really, I don't have anything planned yet.
Tamami: Me neither. What about for hatsumoude?
Goonko: Hatsumoude? I dunno.
Tamami: It would be so nice to go to hatsumoude with someone you like and talk about your hopes for the year.
Tamami: Oh, wow, what am I saying?
Tamami: Please, forget I said anything.
Goonko: (I wonder if anything good will happen over winter break?)

12/23: Hardcore shopping

Here it is. The big sale at Boutique Jes. The deals are pretty significant, so let's see how much we can afford. First things first, let's try and buy some formalwear, which we normally have a hard time affording!


Okay, so with the haregi option being right out because even discounted it costs almost twice what we have, it's time to pick up some of the other clothes. The executive summary of what was bought:

Most important purchase: Black party suit

Other purchases:

Total cost for all 5 items was 72, and that leaves 52 to save up for next year's big purchases: a swimsuit and a haregi for special occasions.

Goonko: (Hey, I know that limousine.)
Mizuki: Bon jour, Fudou-san!
Mizuki: Are you shopping all by yourself?
Goonko: Y, yeah, I just finished.
Goonko: What about you, Sudou-san?
Mizuki: Mizuki? Mizuki has been invited to the grand opening of a French restaurant.

Mizuki: I thought about declining because I'm busy, but they said that they simply couldn't open without Mizuki.
Goonko: But at least you get to eat some good food, right? That's not so bad.
Mizuki: You think so? Perhaps you can take my place.
Goonko: Me? Really?!

Mizuki: Never mind. It wouldn't work. This party is a gathering of the elite...
Goonko: Sorry I couldn't make myself useful.
Mizuki: Don't worry about it.
Mizuki: Excusez-moi, Fudou-san.
Goonko: (Did Sudou-san really bring the limo over all the way here just to tell me this stuff?)

12/24: The traditional Christmas party

Goonko: Oh yeah, I got an invitation to a party at the Habataki school chairman's house today!
Goonko: They told me there was going to be a gift exchange.
Goonko: I better buy my present now!

Goonko: What should I buy?
Option 1: A 1-Rich gift
Option 2: A 10-Rich gift

Good thing we left some money in reserve. The 10-Rich gifts are all obviously better at raising affection than the others, so we're going with those.

Option 1: Music box
Option 2: Porcelain lantern
Option 3: Tablecloth
Option 4: 1/1 scale Skullbear
Option 5: Glass vase
Option 6: Roomwalker

A roomwalker is a kind of collapsible treadmill for use in small bedrooms. This is the most likely present that Kazuma will like, so we're going with it.

Goonko: The gift's ready, now I need to head home and change.

The new suit counts as Elegant, and all the money we spent on it was totally worth it.

Goonko: All ready! Time to head to the Christmas party!

Goonko: Hmm? What's going on?
???: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Amanohashi mansion.
???: Tonight, I'd like you to relax and make yourselves at home.
???: And please, enjoy this Christmas Eve to your heart's content.
???: Merry Christmas!
Everyone: Merry Christmas!

Mizuki: Fudou-san, Joueux Noël!
Mizuki: Are you enjoying yourself?
Goonko: Hey, Sudou-san, merry Christmas!
Mizuki: Très mignon! That outfit is cute!
Mizuki: It's almost as cute as Mizuki's!
Goonko: Thanks.
Goonko: (She praised my outfit!)

Goonko: The gift exchange is about to start.
Goonko: Whose present is going to make it to me? It could be...
Option 1: Kei
Option 2: Shiki
Option 3: Kazuma
Option 4: Icehouse 01

Wait wait wait wait wait, you get to choose instead of praying for RNG?!

Santa: Ho ho ho! You get this present, young lady!
Santa: Merry Christmas!
Goonko: (I wonder what I got? Let's open it up.)
Goonko: (It's a pedometer.)
Goonko: (Hmm, who's the kind of guy who'd get this present?)

Goonko: Suzuka-kun.
Kazuma: Fudou.
Kazuma: Huh? Hey, is that my present you're holding?
Goonko: Wait, really?
Goonko: Whoa! And you're carrying the present I brought.

A quick character design note: It bothers me way more than it should that Suzuka's letting the band on his bowtie show over his collar. That's rule #1, man, you don't even need a mirror for this!

Kazuma: Nice! I've wanted one of these.
Kazuma: I'm really glad your present made it to me!
Goonko: (Yay, he really liked it!)

Goonko: (And that's how Christmas 2002 came to a close.)

12/26: Messing around with new outfits

A quick note: it turns out that Girl's Side allows you to save outfits, which is amazingly convenient.

It also turns out that there are some REALLY bad outfit options available.

1/1: New Year's Day

Goonko: Today's the start of a new year!
Tsukushi: Sis, sis! Can I come in?
Goonko: Why bother asking that when you're already inside?
Goonko: What's up?
Tsukushi: The New Year's cards came in. Here.
Goonko: Thanks! I wonder who sent them?

Tsukushi: So? So? Did any boys send them to you?
Goonko: Shut up and get out of my room!
Goonko: Now, let's see...

Goonko: This is Sudou-san's. Hmm. Gorgeous.

Bonne Annee 2003

Goonko: Ahahahaha! This is definitely Suzuka-kun!

happy new year
Suzuka 1/1

It feels like the only thing Kazuma spent more than 2 seconds on was the basketball. Typical.

Goonko: This is Mihara-kun's. You can tell from miles away.

New year

(ring tone)
Goonko: Who could that be?

Goonko's ring tone is a chiptune version of the opening song. It's actually not bad.

Kazuma: Yo, Fudou. It's me, Suzuka.
Goonko: Hi, Suzuka-kun. What's up?
Kazuma: Hey, you wanna go hit up hatsumoude?
Goonko: Gladly!
Kazuma: Then I'll come pick you up at your house in an hour.
Goonko: Got it. I'll be waiting.
Goonko: (What should I do? What should I wear?)

This is when having a haregi would be awesome. It would also require all of the money.

Instead, I went with the denim jacket and jeans look. Kazuma will probably still like it.

Kazuma: Yo, Fudou. Happy new year.
Goonko: Hi. Happy new year!
Kazuma: We should get going.

Kazuma: Wow, it's like there are people on top of people on top of people here.
Goonko: Yeah, everyone seems excited to come here and ring in the new year.
Kazuma: Then that means we have to drive past all of 'em and get to the offering box.
Goonko: (I don't think that's the important part.)

Goonko: What should I pray for this year?

There is only ever one choice for this.

Goonko: I hope that my studies go well this year.
???: Your wish shall be granted!
Goonko: (What? It feels like my prayer was answered!)

Mechanically, praying for academics is worth +14 Academics, which is pretty damn good given that Goonko has barely been treading water this entire time.

Kazuma: Wanna go pull our fortunes?
Goonko: Absolutely!
Kazuma: Good call. It doesn't feel like the new year's really started until we get those.
Goonko: (Suzuka-kun seems excited. I'm so nervous!)

Goonko: Let's see, my luck this year is...
Goonko: Moderate fortune, chuukichi.
Goonko: Well, I guess that's as much as I could've hoped for.
Goonko: (I wonder what Suzuka-kun got?)
Goonko: Suzuka-kun, what'd yours say?

Kazuma: Wh, what do you care? Besides, these things don't work if you show them to someone else.
Kazuma: Hey, that's a good idea! I should just show you.
Kazuma: Here, you can have it if you want it.
Goonko: What?
Goonko: Hey, this is bad luck!
Kazuma: Don't worry about it! It's just a silly superstition anyway.
Goonko: (He really just believes what's convenient to him when it comes to these things, doesn't he?)

Kazuma: Well, we made it out of there in one piece.
Goonko: Yeah. I hope this year's a good one.
Kazuma: Me too. But we can't just sit around, we have to make it a good year ourselves.
Kazuma: Anyway, we should head home.

1/2: Oh god, my eyes

There are three new e-mails waiting in Goonko's inbox. One is a job posting for a clerk position at the flower shop. One is from Tamami with the subject line "Happy new year". The third one... the third one fills me with dread, since it's in English.

Dear Dad, Mom, and Mari,

How is the everything over there?
Is there any changes since
I've left? I have been doing OK somehow.

Today was the first day of the class.
As dad told me, all classmates were
wearing "GAKURAN" and
they just looks like troops,
so I've got little nervus.
They all wondered about me,
looking the Japanese face and listening to my
terrible Japanese.
However they must be very kind to me... I guess.

Dad, I am appreciated to your understanding of
my decision, living in Japan by myself.
Thank you.
Mom, please don't worry about me.
I will be OK as well.
Mari, please recognize yourself as an adult,
Do your things like your age
and try not to bother dad and mom.

I'll be writing to you soon.



What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 15:

Seriously, after reading this e-mail, I had to take a brief break from playing the game in order to sob brokenly and clear the bile from my mouth. I have an English degree, and this goes beyond mere pain and into the realm of torture.

Goonko: What? Is this English?
Goonko: I wonder if this was sent to the wrong address. What should I do?
Option 1: Reply and let the sender know
Option 2: Ignore it

This is pretty obviously a missive from a secret character, so I might as well reply. It will also let me imagine that I'm taking option 3. I'll explain what that is in a second.

Goonko: Yeah, I should definitely reply! This might be a really important mail.
Goonko: Let's see, where's my English dictionary.
Goonko: There it is. "My name is Fudou Kimiko. Your mail..."
Goonko: ...was barely comprehensible in English and will need to be fixed before you send it to anyone.
Goonko: I've taken the liberty of fixing it so your parents will actually understand what the hell you're trying to say.
Goonko: You should send them this corrected version instead.

Yes, this is out of character for Goonko because her English is probably awful unless it relates to art or basketball. No, I don't care, there are some things that just need to be done.

Dear Dad, Mom, and Mari,

How is everything over there?
Has anything changed since I left?
I've been doing alright over here.

Today was my first day of class.
As Dad told me, my classmates were wearing gakuran,
which made me nervous because they looked like soldiers.
They were all confused by me, since I look Japanese but
my Japanese is awful.
They're being really nice to me,
but I'm not sure if they're just being polite.

Dad, I really appreciate that you supported my decision to
live in Japan on my own.
Thank you.
Mom, please don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
Mari, please behave.
Act your age, and don't cause trouble for Mom and Dad.

I'll be writing again soon.



All jokes aside, Chiharu is clearly a kikokushijo, an ethnically Japanese kid raised and educated overseas who's come back to Japan. The rest of his family is still overseas, and the poor kid's trying to make it alone in what is effectively a foreign country to him. It must be rough to be awful at both languages you speak, though.

Sorry. That was mean.

Happy new year!
Let's be good friends this year too m(_ _)m

Our family did our traditional "two-year visit" to Habataki Shrine this year, going there late on New Year's Eve to pay our respects, then staying around until midnight for hatsumoude to ring in the new year.
So I'm going straight to bed after this.

(Don't eat too much mochi!)
Good night

1/5: Skiing with Kazuma

It's winter, so we're going with jeans and a hoodie for this one.

Kazuma: It's not good for girls to let their legs to freeze like that.
Goonko: Wh, what're you talking about?
Kazuma: You should pay more attention to your health.
Kazuma: You're gonna catch a cold dressed like that.
Goonko: (He must think I'm weird. I should think about the season when I choose my outfit.)

Regional fashion confession: here in the San Francisco area, jeans and a hoodie are an acceptable outfit year-round. I didn't think this would be a problem, since hoodies and pants are plenty warm for most occasions.

Now, there are two options: one is to reload and find a warmer outfit to wear -- which is harder than it looks, since the jacket is mutually exclusive with the hoodie. The other is to see just how stupid we can get.

That's not even an option, come to think of it.

This outfit is worse than the previous outfit on several practical levels. The miniskirt is an awful awful choice for a ski trip. I suppose it would make sense with some sensible leggings, but sensible and "USA! USA! USA!" don't go together very well. The denim jacket is also a pretty questionable choice, since anyone who's ever been on a mountain can tell you just how well a denim jacket/t-shirt combo works in snowy conditions.

On the other hand, this outfit has a jacket on. Let's see what's important here.

Kazuma: I think that looks nice.
Goonko: Huh? What does?
Kazuma: Uh, I, I was talking about your outfit.
Goonko: (Yay! It looks like Suzuka-kun likes these clothes.)

Being a girl is hard.

Kazuma: Awesome! Everything's covered in snow!
Kazuma: I can't wait to start skiing!

Kazuma, are you sure you're skiing? Or are you planning on getting into a fight? You look more like a kung fu movie stuntman than a skiier.

Kazuma: How good are you at skiing?
Option 1: I'm okay, I guess.
Option 2: I can take care of myself!
Option 3: Sorry, I'm absolutely awful at it.

Sports guy. Only one choice.

Goonko: I can take care of myself!
Kazuma: Yeah? Then let's race to the bottom of the course!
Goonko: (Yay! I made a perfect impression!)

1/6: Check the news and Goro's column

Ciao! Is everyone in love?
Now, if you see me in the street, please stop pointing at me!
It's very rude. Hmph and double hmph!
Please just content yourselves with looking.

The current craze is knit sweaters! If you wear that to a date, your man will melt in your hands~!

Next up, the fashionable color is black! Work that into your wardrobe!

And on top of that, it might be nice to wear a ring as an accent.

Try becoming a new you every once in a while! Good things will happen, I promise~

★Goro's sexy calisthenics★

Transform yourself into a beauty!

1/12: Quit Alucard

As I mentioned previously, the cafe is a prime spot for bumping into Kei and slowly raising his affection. I have zero interest in that, so it's time to pick a new spot. I might as well try the flower shop!

Manager: Hello, this is Cafe Alucard.
Goonko: Hi, this is Fudou Kimiko. Sorry, but I'd like to quit working at your store...
Manager: I see. It's a shame, but I'm sure you have your reasons.
Manager: If you have another chance, please, by all means call us again.

1/14-1/15: Shiki's birthday

Goonko: What should I buy for Mihara-kun's birthday?
Option 1: A book of Cézanne paintings
Option 2: Victorian-style hand mirror
Option 3: A photo book full of pretty girls

I went for the most neutral-seeming gift, the book of Cézanne paintings. Maybe he can learn something from post-Impressionism!

Goonko: Mihara-kun!
Shiki: Fudou-kun. What's going on?
Goonko: Here! I got you a birthday present!
Shiki: Oh my. I don't need any more gifts than I already have.
Goonko: Don't say that, just open your present!

Shiki: I see. Hmm, it's very pedestrian.
Shiki: It's just what I would expect from you.
Goonko: (Well, he seemed to like it, at least.)

1/26-1/30: Start work at the flower shop

The main reason I chose the flower shop was because it seemed like a better option than working at the fast food joint or the general store. The calendar's proximity to Valentine's Day probably influenced my decision a little bit too.

Goonko: My name's Fudou Kimiko. I just started today, and it's nice to meet you.
Manager: I'm counting on you every Tuesday and Thursday.
Goonko: Got it!

Goonko: The weather's nice, I think I'll take this planter outside.
???: Stop right there!
???: If you put this in direct sunlight, the leaves will change color.
Goonko: I'm really sorry.
Goonko: Umm, I just started here today--
???: Fudou-san, right?
Goonko: What?

Shiho: Arisawa Shiho.
Shiho: I go to Habataki Academy just like you. We're in the same grade.
Goonko: Oh, I see!
Goonko: I'm really glad to see someone from the same school here, it really helps me relax.
Shiho: You should learn a little more before you relax too much.
Shiho: If there's something you don't know, just ask me.
Goonko: Umm, okay.
Goonko: (Arisawa-san seems pretty stern, but really nice too.)

Somewhere in there, Shiho smiled. She's pretty soft-spoken, so even though her words are stern, she's not as sharp as Mizuki -- she just has a resting bitch face.

See, she's not even angry when Goonko accidentally makes poison.

By the way, Shiho's voice is something I couldn't miss if I tried - she's pretty well known these days for her high-pitched freakouts, but even when talking at a soft and measured pace like Shiho does, it's hard not to recognize...


Yukana's signature robot roles:
1) Four Murasame (Zeta Gundam, 2005 movies onward)

2) Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic!)

3) CC (Code Geass)

Yukana's most, uh, "special" role: Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu)

What I think every time she opens her mouth: Pizza!

2/3: Mail from Shiho

Hello, Fudou-san.
It's Arisawa Shiho.

Since you gave me your e-mail address, I thought I would be polite.
I don't usually do this, but if there's anything you need to know in class,
please feel free to ask me.
Let's make sure nothing gets in the way of your studies, okay?

2/13: The most frightening day of the year

Goonko: That brings another day to a successful close!
Goonko: Uh oh! It's Valentine's Day tomorrow!
Goonko: I should go and buy some chocolate!

Goonko: Now, what should I get?
Option 1: I'll buy some fancy chocolate (10 Rich)
Option 2: I'll buy some giri chocolate (1 Rich)
Option 3: I'll just go home.

You can buy both chocolates here, so why not? It's only 11 Rich, and the flower shop pays well enough.

2/14: The worst Tokimemo mini-game of all time

Goonko: (It's 5 in the morning, and it feels like I forgot something...)
Goonko: (I know! I should make some chocolate!)
Option 1: Start making it now
Option 2: Give up on it

Gotta try everything once!

Goonko: (Homemade chocolate is definitely the way to go if you're serious about someone!)

The minigame seems innocuous enough. Goonko has melted a block of chocolate and poured it into a bowl, and rotating the analog sticks will stir the bowl.

For each step, Tsukushi will hold up a sign that determines if you need to rotate the left stick or the right stick, and if you need to rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise.

The major things that the instructions make sure to tell you:

1) Rotate the stick the entire time Tsukushi is holding up the sign.
2) Rotate the analog stick deliberately and carefully.
3) If the letter L or R is backwards, make sure to rotate the opposite direction from the instructions (what the hell, game)

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 16:

The problem is, slowly spinning the stick while Tsukushi holds up the sign is apparently not what the game wants. Neither is furiously rotating the stick like a novice fighting game player trying to pull off a Spinning Piledriver. Neither does doing exactly one clean rotation, like the sign suggests. Changing the starting point of the circle similarly had no effect, and over about a half hour I had a success rate of zero trying to pull off this mini-game.

Nothing worked. Seriously nothing.

In despair, I called up the woman who lent me this game, a very good friend named Miho. Later that weekend, she came down to visit me and shook off the rust of years to read through the instructions and try her hand at the mini-game herself. She met the same results as I did: complete and utter failure. She turned to me, ripped off the headphones, and said "Seriously, fuck this game!" I'll try and post the recorded version of that attempt later this week, it's pretty amazing.

Let's try harder next time!

The game gives you something like 6 or 8 chances at the mini-game to get it right, but trust me. If you don't get it the first time, you're not going to get it the 8th time.

Goonko: Why is it turning out like this?
Goonko: But hey, the most important thing is the sentiment!
Goonko: Ah, it's so late already!
Goonko: There's barely any time to nap before school.

Tsukushi: Sis, you awake?
Goonko: Tsukushi, how many times have I told you to knock before coming in?
Goonko: I was having such a nice dream.
Tsukushi: A nice dream, huh? Well, if you're okay being late for school, I don't care.
Tsukushi: Well, I'm off to school. Later!
Goonko: (I've gotta hurry and get to school!)

Goonko: (Let's see, I'll give my giri chocolate to...)
Goonko: (Mihara-kun)

Goonko: Mihara-kun!
Shiki: Hey, Fudou-kun. What's this?
Goonko: Here, it's your Valentine's chocolate.

Shiki: ...
Shiki: This can't be for me, can it?
Goonko: It, it is, actually.
Shiki: You're doing it wrong.
Shiki: This is not the kind of chocolate that people are supposed to give me.
Shiki: Keep that in mind next time.
Goonko: (Mihara-kun seemed kind of angry...)

Well, at least one good thing came out of this!

Goonko: (Who should I give my fancy chocolate to?)
Goonko: (Suzuka-kun

Goonko: Suzuka-kun!
Kazuma: Huh? You need something, Fudou?
Goonko: Here, it's your Valentine's chocolate.

Kazuma: You sure I can have this?
Kazuma: I feel kinda guilty taking this.
Kazuma: I'll make sure I enjoy every bit of it.
Goonko: (Yay, at least he liked it)

Goonko: (And now for the chocolate I made myself! If I'm going to give it to someone, I'll give it to...)
Goonko: (Hazuki-kun)

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 17:

Goonko: Hazuki-kun!
Kei: What?
Goonko: Here, it's your Valentine's chocolate.
Kei: What is this?
Goonko: Ummm, it's supposed to be chocolate.
Kei: I wonder if the cats will eat it.
Goonko: (Ugh, I don't think that expressed my feelings very well.)

No, I think it worked exactly as planned, Goonko.

Next time: The big dreams of a tiny dude.