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Part 99: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 9: I'll Make a Man Out of You

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 9: I'll make a man out of you

2/21: Hanging out with Mizuki

Alright, so Valentine's Day went about as well as it could have, all things considered. But we know really needs some lovefriendship.

Goonko: Hey, Sudou-san, want to swing by a cafe on the way home?
Mizuki: That sounds wonderful.
Mizuki: It must have the highest-quality tea if you are inviting Mizuki to it.
Goonko: Well, it's pretty good, at least.

Goonko: Hey, Sudou-san--
Mizuki: Oui?
Option 1: Ask her what TV shows she likes
Option 2: Ask her what food she likes
Option 3: Ask her what sports she likes

At this point I would like to repeat that this is Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side. We're supposed to be going on dates with guys.

Just a reminder.

Goonko: What kind of food do you like?
Mizuki: This might sound strange, but I love croissants and café au lait.
Mizuki: As long as I have them, I don't need anything else.
Goonko: Really? That's definitely not what I expected to hear.

Mizuki: Sigh... my chef went back to Paris, and I simply can't find a replacement!
Mizuki: The smell of freshly baked croissants every morning was such a simple pleasure for a humble girl like Mizuki.
Goonko: I... I see.

Gotta say, Mizuki. Love you as a character and a friend. Would probably despise having to date you.

Oh, who'm I kidding, she reminds me of Mei, and Mei was an awesome character in an awesome game. I'd date Mizuki if I could and whisper to her "don't worry about it, baby, just put on the wig and pretend you like computers".

3/3-3/7: Finals

As you might imagine, an entire year spent playing basketball and hanging out with a humble girl like Mizuki has been murder on Goonko's academics score. It currently sits at 34, and that includes a +14 bonus from praying at the shrine. So were it not for the literal intervention of the gods, Goonko's Academics would be spiraling slowly and surely into the toilet. There's only one person who can help us.

Shiho didn't help us as much as studying would have. That's a little unfortunate, since I was hoping that copying her notes would have some kind of positive effect.

12th: Arisawa Shiho
91st: Mihara Shiki
119th: Konno Tamami
124th: Sudou Mizuki
135th: Fudou Kimiko
154th: Hazuki Kei
231st: Suzuka Kazuma

Kei slept through two tests in a row, which still doesn't make him at all interesting or fun.

3/10: Goro's spring column

Ciao! Is everyone in love~?

La la, Spring is the season of new encounters.
Those of you who want to meet wonderful new people, just follow me!

The current craze is nylon skirts! If you wear that to a date, your man will melt in your hands~!

Next up, the fashionable color is grey! Work that into your wardrobe!

And on top of that, it might be nice to wear a shawl as an accent.

If you wear all of these at once, you'll be invincible, I tell you - unbeatable!
Throw your body at the problem, and you'll be able to shoot your man out of the skies!

★Goro's sexy calisthenics★

Transform yourself into a beauty!

Okay that makes even less sense than usual, Goro. We're trying to get a boyfriend here, not bait guys into jumping against Zangief so he can land Siberian Blizzard and protect Russian skies.

3/14: White Day

Tsukushi: Sis, you awake?
Goonko: Hey! How many times have I told you to knock?
Goonko: Huh? Why're you heading to school this early?
Tsukushi: Today's White Day. I've gotta hand out all these presents.
Goonko: And you need to be this early for it?
Tsukushi: Well, I got a lot of chocolate.

Tsukushi: Being too popular sure does cause me a lot of problems.
Tsukushi: Anyway, I'm heading out now. See ya!
Goonko: (What makes that kid so popular, anyway?)

Shiki: Hey, Fudou-kun. This is my thanks for Valentine's Day.
Goonko: Wow, thanks.
Shiki: You're welcome.
Shiki: Let's see, next on the list is...
Goonko: (Yeah, this was definitely just out of obligation.)

Kazuma: Yo, Fudou. Glad I caught you.
Kazuma: Here you go.
Kazuma: As thanks for Valentine's Day.
Goonko: Oh, thanks, Suzuka-kun.
Goonko: (This is out of obligation... I think.)

Kei: Fudou. Here.
Goonko: Hey, Hazuki-kun. Thanks!
Goonko: (This is out of ob...ligation?)

3/16: A new cheering section

Kazuma: Fudou.
Goonko: Oh, hi Suzuka-kun.
Kazuma: Make sure you do all your pre-game stretching.
Goonko: (Alright! Time to kick ass!)

At least, I think he's cheering. Hard to tell with that.

Goonko: (You see that? That's our team's full potential!)

Kazuma: Hey, Fudou. Your team isn't bad at all!
Goonko: Thanks!
Goonko: (We worked so hard for that!)

3/20: Flowers for Kazuma

Kazuma: Yo, Fudou!
Goonko: Hi, Suzuka-kun. What brings you here?
Kazuma: I was just passing by.
Kazuma: It gets pretty strong when there are this many flowers around, huh?

At this point I would like to point out that Kazuma's hoodie has a backboard printed on it. I think he would just skin a basketball and wear it on his chest if he could.

What a romantic.

3/27: Shiho's nicknames

Pretty pedestrian set of nicknames there, most of those would actually be things that people call their friends. We're not very good friends with Shiho yet, though, since all we have is a day of copying her notes and some time spent at work.

Goonko: Arisawa-san!
Shiho: Are you heading home, Fudou-san?
Goonko: Yeah, want to walk home together?
Shiho: That's not a bad idea.

Goonko: Arisawa-san, do you have any plans over spring break?
Goonko: Other than going to the library and your prep school, I mean.
Shiho: Hmm, I don't really have anything planned.
Shiho: I might go to the botanical gardens.
Goonko: Yeah? Do you go there a lot, Arisawa-san?

Shiho: N, no! Not a lot.
Shiho: I mean, you know, I work at a flower shop, so...
Goonko: Reeeeeeally.
Goonko: (I wonder what I should do over spring break myself?)

Goonko, you are not allowed to take Shiho to task over a botanical hobby. You work at the same damn flower shop.

By the way, the answer to Goonko's question was sleep and study. Stress is building up slowly but surely, while Goonko's academics continue to slip even with Shiho's assistance.

4/4: The beginning of year 2

Goonko: (The new school year starts today! I wonder who my new homeroom teacher is?)

Reiichi: My name is Himuro Reiichi. I've been charged with this class.
Reiichi: Starting today, you're second-year students. To the incoming first-years, you are their seniors.
Reiichi: For the sake of providing them with a proper example, I expect all of you to be diligent and practice moderation.
Reiichi: That is all.
Goonko: (So I'm in Himuro-sensei's class again)

Goonko: (Huh? I feel like someone's watching me.)
Goonko: Who's there?
Goonko: Don't sneak around, come out and face me!

???: You've got the wrong idea, dude! I swear!
???: I'm not a stalker, man!
???: Me, I'm Hibiya Wataru! Class 1-F!
Goonko: Hibiya-kun? What do you want from me?

This kid ends all of his sentences in "-ssu", which is a slurred contraction of "desu" and is a vocal tic he shares with the Prinnies of Disgaea. NISA translates it as "dood", and while it fits for the Prinnies, I might explode if I have to write "dood" that many times. I'll switch between "man" and "dude" instead.

Also, I'd recognize that gurgle anywhere. Hibiya Wataru is voiced by none other than...

Yamaguchi Kappei!

Yamaguchi Kappei's signature robot roles:
1) Sai Saici (G Gundam)

2) Tasuku Shinguuji (Super Robot Wars OG)

Yamaguchi Kappei's most, uh, "special" role: Kuma (Persona 4)

What I hear every time he opens his mouth: 25 minutes of robot puns. And bear puns.

"Light truck! Heavy sword! ANPONTAN!"

Back to the LP.

Wataru: I heard that you're friends with Hazuki-senpai, senpai!
Goonko: Huh? If you wanna talk to Hazuki-kun, why don't you go talk to him directly?

Wataru: I--I did, but it was no good, man.
Wataru: I asked him to teach me his ways, but he just said
Wataru: "Cut it out."
Wataru: And he cut me off just like that, man.
Goonko: You... you asked him to teach you his ways?

Wataru: Yeah! I'm training to be a real man!
Wataru: That's why I respect Hazuki-senpai so much!
Wataru: He's so cool, he's a genius, and his fashion is impeccable!
Wataru: To me, he's the perfect man, man!
Goonko: I, I see.
Wataru: Anyway, from now on, I'll start following you fair and square, senpai.
Wataru: Nice to meet you!
Goonko: What?! W, wait a second...
Wataru: Alright! I've taken another big step forward today!

4/6: New e-mail

Apparently, in Girl's Side, your class is always set as having Hazuki in it, and the other girls/guys are never in the same class. That kind of sucks, but it takes a lot of reloading out of the picture, at least.

From: tamami
Subject: That's sad


We're in different classes again this year (;_;
I thought this would be the year we'd be able to hang out in the same class.
But at least we're neighbors, so we'll able to have lunch together, right?

I'll head to your class to hang out soon.

Good night

From: sudou
Subject: We're second-year students now

Ça va?

Today, the new semester starts.
You must be so disappointed that you're not in Mizuki's class that I had to send this e-mail.
Mizuki will almost definitely make many new friends, but don't worry, she'll still remember you.

Don't be too depressed, okay?


4/6: Date with Kazuma

New year. Old outfit. USA! USA! USA!

Oh. Not only is his hoodie decorated with a backboard, but it actually is a basketball pattern. What a guy.

Kazuma: The cherry blossoms are in bloom. Wanna go check 'em out?

Kazuma: There are cherry blossoms everywhere.
Option 1: It's a view we can only enjoy for a brief time.
Option 2: They'll just turn into litter soon.
Option 3: It's like we're in a dream world.

I don't know how romantic Kazuma expects to be, so I chose option 1 over option 3.

Goonko: It's a view we can only enjoy for a brief time.
Kazuma: Yeah! You can only enjoy delicious food under these cherry blossoms for a little while, and it's so awesome.
Goonko: (Yay! Perfect impression!)

4/13: Tsukushi check-in

Hibiya Wataru

Birthday: September 4, 1987
Sign: Virgo
Blood type: O
Height: 163cm
Weight: 53kg
Job: None
Club: Baseball
Habataki Academy freshman.
My first disciple.

Okay, okay. I'll get to work on the whole "dating boys" thing soon. As soon as I'm done making sure that Mizuki and Goonko are BFFs.

5/11: Bowling with Kazuma

Kazuma: Which do you want to do today?
Option 1: Bowling, of course!
Option 2: Billiards, I guess

Goonko: Bowling, of course!
Kazuma: Alright! Let's do this, you and me one on one!

Kazuma: Man, I can't wait to get started!
Option 1: Hey, could you teach me how to do this? That'd be nice.
Option 2: I bet I can beat you!
Option 3: It's just a game, let's have fun.

Goonko: I bet I can beat you!
Kazuma: Yes! That's the spirit!
Kazuma: I'm not gonna hold back!
Goonko: (Yay! Perfect impression!)

5/18: The meaning of teamwork

Goonko: (Oh yeah, the boys team is playing today.)
Kazuma: Fine, I get it!
Kazuma: I don't care anymore!

Goonko: ...

Kazuma: Oh. How long've you been here?
Goonko: Isn't your game still going?
Kazuma: Coach's orders.
Kazuma: He told me to go cool off.
Goonko: What happened?
Kazuma: He told me "If you want to play by yourself, get off the court!"
Kazuma: Can you believe that guy?
Kazuma: What a fucking joke, does he even know how many points I've scored?
Kazuma: What the hell does he want me to do?
Goonko: I'm pretty sure the coach wants you to understand that basketball is a team sport.

Kazuma: Shut up! You think you're so smart?!
Kazuma: All that matters is how good I am!
Goonko: Is that really all you love about basketball?
Kazuma: ...
Goonko: You're a basketball player, aren't you, Suzuka-kun?
Goonko: You're part of the team even when you're on the bench.

Kazuma: Even when I'm not on the court, I'm part of the team...?
Goonko: Yeah.
Goonko: And that's why the game isn't over for you as long as the rest of the team is still fighting.

Kazuma: I'm the one who's dumb, huh.
Kazuma: I'm gonna go back inside.
Kazuma: I'll keep on playing the game...
Kazuma: Even if I have to do it from off the court.
Goonko: I bet everyone's waiting for you to come back.

Kazuma: I'm really sorry for taking things out on you.
Goonko: (Fight hard, Suzuka-kun.)

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 18:

5/19: All according to plan

Goonko: What?!
Goonko: Suzuka-kun got hurt?
Tamami: Yeah, that's why he didn't come to school today.
Goonko: (Should I go visit him?)
Goonko: (Yes, I should swing by and see him on the way home.)

Kazuma: Fudou? What're you doing here?
Goonko: Well, I heard you got hurt, so--

Kazuma: Wha? It's not a big deal!
Kazuma: There's no reason for you to come all the way out here.
Kazuma: I was playing with some kids in the park, and one of the little brats was about to collide with the fence.
Kazuma: I tried to run after him and catch him, and then I twisted my ankle.
Kazuma: Just a little, though.
Goonko: So that's what happened.
Goonko: Is your leg alright?
Kazuma: It's just a mild sprain!
Kazuma: I only took today off as a precaution.
Goonko: I'm glad it wasn't anything big.
Kazuma: ...
Goonko: Something wrong? You're just staring at me.
Kazuma: N, no! No. I'm not!
Kazuma: I'm, I'm not staring.

Kazuma: Ow!
Goonko: Are you okay?
Kazuma: I'm... I'm fine.
Goonko: Suzuka-kun?
Kazuma: I'm fine, okay? But I was worried.
Kazuma: I was really worried that I seriously hurt my leg bad.
Kazuma: And maybe they'd take me off the starting squad, you know?

Kazuma: But when I saw your face, I stopped worrying for some reason.
Goonko: Did I look like an angel in white?
Kazuma: Hahaha, no way! It's because you looked so stupidly upbeat!
Kazuma: Thanks.
Kazuma: It's hard to put it in words, but I'm really grateful.

Translator's note: "An angel in white" is also what you call a nurse, so there's a bit of a double meaning there.

What I think Goonko looks like right now, part 19:

5/25: All according to plan, part 2

Goonko: Huh? Who could be calling?
Goonko: Hello?
Mizuki: Allô!
Mizuki: I knew that you wouldn't be busy!
Goonko: Oh, hi Sudou-san. This is a surprise, what's going on?
Mizuki: The weather is wonderful today, so I thought that you might want to accompany Mizuki on a shopping trip!
Goonko: Sure, I can go.
Mizuki: Then I will wait for you at the entrance of the mall.
Goonko: Got it.
Mizuki: Oh, and in case you forgot, Mizuki absolutely despises when people are late!
Mizuki: See you soon!

Mizuki: Garrison, have them wrap this one up too!
Garrison: Understood, young mistress.
Goonko: Hey Sudou-san, are you still gonna keep on shopping?

Mizuki: Of course! I won't go home until I buy every single thing that I want!
Goonko: I, I see.
Garrison: Sorry it took so long, young mistress.
Mizuki: Then it's time to move on to the next stop.
Mizuki: Follow me, you two!

Goonko: Is it always like this, Itou-san?
Garrison: That is partially true, but she is far more energetic than usual today.
Goonko: I wonder why she's so cheerful?
Garrison: It may be difficult to understand, but when Mizuki-sama is with you, she is always this cheerful.
Goonko: Really?
Garrison: She is a very honest and kind girl at heart.
Garrison: Mizuki-sama has been living between here and Paris since she was a very young child.
Garrison: With that on top of her very forceful personality, she doesn't know how to make friends very well.
Garrison: She may cause you a great deal of trouble, but please keep being her friend.
Goonko: Okay...

Mizuki: What are the two you doing?
Mizuki: Mizuki absolutely despises being kept waiting!
Garrison: We're coming.
Goonko: (I didn't know Sudou-san had all of that going on...)

Mizuki: I want you to have this, Fudou-san.
Goonko: What? Didn't you say "Tres mignon" and buy this at the last place?
Mizuki: Yes, but it's too childish for Mizuki, so she doesn't need it!
Option 1: Accept the fancy lip mirror
Option 2: Don't accept the fancy lip mirror

I'm told that a lip mirror is one of those little lipstick cases that comes with a tiny mirror that is just large enough to let you see your mouth when you're putting on lipstick.

Being a girl is hard.

Accept the fancy lip mirror
Garrison: This is a token of the young mistress' affection.
Goonko: (I got a fancy lip mirror!)
Goonko: (It's so pretty.)
Mizuki: Whew. Today was so much fun!
Goonko: Yeah, I had fun too.
Mizuki: You're welcome.
Mizuki: Garrison, we're going home! Bring the limo around.
Garrison: Understood.
Mizuki: A bientôt!
Goonko: See you later, Mizuki-san, Garrison-san.


Anyway, this item, like several others in the game, gives a small but significant boost to Goonko's stats. It's pretty much worth a week of hanging out with Mizuki - +5 Art, +5 Charm.

5/29: More friendship points

Shiho: Fudou-san, you learn quickly.
Shiho: You picked up all the breeds and how to care for them immediately.
Shiho: I've had some serious competition here since you started working.

6/1: A door opens, a door closes, and fashion shifts.

This is an ad for being a game tester at "Salamander". As a former game tester for Konami myself, I have to say: don't do it. Just don't do it, Goonko! It's bad. It's real bad.

Ciao! Is everyone in love~?
It's summer. And my body is so ready for summer.
Mmmm, I can't just sit here any longer. I'm off to the beach!
Have a hot, hot summer, everyone!

The current craze is bondage jackets! If you wear that to a date, your man will melt in your hands~!

Next up, the fashionable color is yellow! Work that into your wardrobe!

And on top of that, it might be nice to wear earrings as an accent.

With this, you'll be a perfect 10! His eyes will be nailed to you. See you again!

★Goro's sexy calisthenics★

Transform yourself into a beauty!

6/3: The Heavy Condaller returns

Goonko: (Huh? Someone's still training at this hour? Is he with the baseball team?)

Wataru: Fudou-senpai, good work today, dude!
Wataru: You heading home?
Goonko: Hibiya-kun? Wow, it must be rough to have to keep training this late.
Wataru: Nah, this training is something I gotta do.
Goonko: I see... I think.
Wataru: I wanna get back to it, so I gotta go.
Goonko: Huh? When you said training, did you mean that field roller?
Wataru: That's right, dude! RRRRRAAAAAHHHHH!

Wataru: I--I'll work... twice as hard... as anyone else!
Wataru: Hnnnnngh!
Goonko: B, but if you go too hard, you'll hurt yourself.
Wataru: Hrrrgh!
Wataru: Thanks for worrying about me, dude!
Wataru: But I'm good!
Wataru: If I wanna make it in the pros, I can't let a little thing like this stop me!
Goonko: Oh, you wanna go pro, Hibiya-kun?
Wataru: Yes ma'am! Hibiya Wataru will make the roster as an undrafted free agent, and then win Rookie of the Year!
Wataru: And then... and then, in three years, I'll get married to a news announcer!
Wataru: That's my dream!
Goonko: ...Uh. Good luck.

That's... the most specific dream of making it to the pros that I've ever heard.

Next time: Dating boys. I swear.