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Tomb Raider (2013)

by kalonZombie

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Original Thread: Lara Croft & the No Good, Awful, Terrible Day. Let's Play Tomb Raider [DF]

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Tomb Raider is a 2013 reboot of a 2006 reboot of a 1996 game. It draws a lot of inspiration from Naughty Dog's Uncharted series (which in turn drew inspiration from the original tomb raider games). There's a lot of very pretty, very crazy setpieces, some of which burn, fall apart, and crumble around you. It also has a lot of men that you murder with a variety of guns that you shoot from behind cover, but you don't want to stay behind the same piece of cover for too long because that'll get you killed. It's a really fun and beautiful game. It originally released in March of 2013, but I'll be playing the PS4 "definitive" edition, released January of 2014, which includes all the DLC plus what basically equates to playing on the PC at max graphics settings.

I really like this game, but I honestly have never played any of the other games in the series. Ever. Tomb Raider wasn't my kind of thing until the games started getting bad, and why would I want to play bad games? They're bad. Please don't look at my streaming history to prove otherwise. That being said, for your entertainment I'm also going to be playing through the original Tomb Raider in all its Playstation One glory. This playthrough I'll be playing the game blind and doing live commentary, but doing editing so that it's not TOO painful to watch.

The LP of the 2013 reboot will have me, Ape, and Heave talking over the story bits of the game, but there's also a fair bit of exploration in the areas. I'll be ignoring it at first, but when I get to a new area I'll explore as much of the previous area as I can, bringing in new guests, where we will basically talk about how we feel about the Tomb Raider games and pretty much anything else, since you can only watch so much item collection and stay on topic.

Episode 1 - Disease Status: All of 'em ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 2 - Murderstealth™ ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 3 - Die-er Wolf ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 4 - That is duct tape ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 5 - Breaking Heave ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 6 - Maybe it was part of the plane ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 7 - Lara's a cable car ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 8 - Yeah! You murdered all those people! ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 9 - Mathias Channing ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 10 - Damn this half hour ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 11 - Wilt Chamberlain's roid raging brother ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 12 - Truck Cults ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 13 - Getting stabbed hurts a lot ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy
Episode 14 - The End ... Cut ... Polsy ... Uncut ... Polsy

Exploration 1 - Exploring the Void ... Youtube ... Polsy
Exploration 2 - Granola Trail Mix ... Youtube ... Polsy
Exploration 3 - Lara's Dex is 18 ... Youtube ... Polsy
Exploration 4 - Mico over to Shantytown ... Youtube ... Uncut
Exploration 5 - Dark Id rather be at the beach ... Youtube ... Polsy

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