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Torin's Passage

by Blind Sally

Part 3: The Lands Above - Thanks, Emperor Palpatine!

03. The Lands Above - Thanks, Emperor Palpatine!

(We are technically into the first chapter now, however, the game hasn't really begun. The prologue is going to bleed over a little bit. After this update we will be given control of the protagonist and I will explain the game mechanics and show off the inventory system.)

No! They never hurt anyone, what happened!?

Enter Hooded Stranger

I saw it. I saw everything!
Who are you? What are you doing here?

I was just passing by when it all started. I was so scared, I hid behind your barn.

Gosh, that's awfully convenient. Kind of suspicious, too, but--never mind that! Who could have done this?

It must have been one powerful sorcerer. Or sorceress!

Why? And who around here has such power?
No one I know. But... once there was such a person... but no, Lycentia's been gone for years.

Lycentia? Who's Lycentia?

Oh, I don't think it could possibly be her. She was banished to The Lands Below years ago!
The Lands Below! She must have been evil to be sent there!
Yes. And there's no way you could ever find her down there!

Thanks for all this information! I don't know how I would have obtained it otherwise. It sure was fortunate I met you Mr.--uh, what did you say your name was again?
Oh! Uh, I, er--I'm just a, uh, poor beggar passing through the valley!
Oh. Well, then.
I know what I'll do. I'll find this Lycentia and force her to release my parents.

Exuent Torin

I'm sure you will.

Exuent Hooded Stranger

And so, Torin and Boogle set out from the Fahrman Valley to journey to the Lands Below to confront the wicked Lycentia and free Torin's parents.

Alright, Boogle! Here we are, finally on an adventure. We're about to leave our sheltered lives and go out into the world. Er, many worlds!
*eager agreement*
Safety and comfort? Who needs it. We're brave heroes now! We're going to live by our own strength and wits!
*more agreement*
After all, what's the worst that could happen? Aside from getting shot, or stabbed, or crushed--uh, horribly mutilated. Kidnapped. Tortured. Murdered. Oh, and not to mention all the horrible ways we could die from magic. Hmm... that's right, Lycentia IS a sorceress...

Nope. You know what? Forget this. I just inherited a house. Close the thread, I'm going home.

I don't know what I was thinking.