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by Blind Sally

Part 5: The Lands Above - Crystal City Gates

05. The Lands Above - Crystal City Gates

Well, Boogle, here we are! The gates of Crystal City! I wonder what we'll find within. Hopefully they'll be someone who can give us more information about Lycentia or how to get to the Lands Below. At the very least, I hope we can find some equipment to help us on our journey.
Oh, what's this? The gate's up! Surely there must be some mistake. Hmm... let's see... There's no way I could get across that moat. Maybe this will get someone's attention.

Halt! Who goes there?
Torin of the Farhman Valley.
The bridge is up!
Yes, I see, but I thought perhaps I would be able to convince you to--

--um, well, d'uh, I guess not. Hello?!?

Halt! Ah, you are halted.
Well, uh, would you mind moving a little?
What? Why?
You're throwing off my timing!
Well, okay. Uh, where'd he go?

Halt, who goes there!
Me. You know it's me, you just told me to start walking!
Well... okay.

But now I AM halted again! I halted when you first said "halt!"
What? I didn't say halt!
Did to!
Did not! Did I? Well, yeah, well. Nevermind, uh, go away!
Go away? I haven't asked for permission to enter yet?
Go away anyway!
But couldn't you--

--uh, i guess not.

Oh no, not again. Look, all I want to do is get inside!
You can't! The bridge is up!
Yes, I can see that. I though perhaps you could...

--hello? *sigh* Well I guess he can't.

*sigh* How may times are we going to do this?
How many times are you gonna toss those pebbles up here?
Look, I need information. About Lycentia. About the Lands Below. Can you help me?
Lands Below? You don't wanna know about that place. And as for Lycentia? I never heard of that place.
She's not a place, she's a sorceress. I must find her!
Well I guarantee you she is not here. Now go away. You are interrupting my nap time!
Oh brother, you're no help!
Nor shall I be! Now good night.

I cannot hear you. I'm asleep.
How could you be? You're talking!
No, I'm not! I'm alseep
You are not!
Are too!
Are not!
(I give up. Besides, if a sorceress is anywhere, she's not in Crystal City.)
You know what? On second thought, that moat doesn't look all that big after all. I'm betting I could swim across and find some sort of alternate entrance! Right, Boogle?

No, you know what? Forget this. Just forget it.