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Torin's Passage

by Blind Sally

Part 7: The Lands Above - Land's End

07. The Lands Above - Land's End

Aside from allowing us to swan-dive to our deaths, there's nothing to be done in the peat bog at the moment. Instead, we're going to continue through the Lands Above forest.

At the edge of the forest, we find a peculiar root.

If I want a square meal, that's the root!

Ugh. Thanks, Torin.

Bad puns aside, we're going to take the root with us. After all, you never know when an item might come in handy during a Sierra point-and-click adventure game.

At the very edge of the forest, we can make out a distant building. One of the (few) things I dislike about Torin's Passage is that the game will animate him casually walking long distances to areas in the background.


Thankfully, this can be mitigated by utilizing the VCR Buttons to skip to the next screen or by maxing out the Walking Speed slider. Also, there are two screens of us approaching the dilapidated building, which is a tad perplexing. I suppose it adds gravitas to the approach? A sense of foreboding?

We can check out the plaque next to the door:

(In case of emergency, break glass. What could that mean?)

I don't know, Torin, why don't you try knocking on the door?

What!? No! Don't attempt to break into the place!

Hello? Anybody home? Huh, guess not.

You could have at least tried knocking first. Well, it appears as if no one's home. The obvious next step is to engage in some pointless vandalism.

(There's just no way I could break this off.)

We still have our axe!

Nice blue colour, eh Boogle?

Yeah! That'll show them! Wait, what was that? Uh oh--