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Part 10: The Lands Above - Peat Moss And Phenocrysts

10. The Lands Above - Peat Moss And Phenocrysts

So, yeah--if we jump off without securing the rope to both Torin and the tree, our solution doesn't work.

Just as a quick aside, here's what happens when you secure the rope to the tree but not Torin:

He climbs down, but it unable to reach the bog. Anyways, once the rope is secured to Torin and the tree, we can bungee down to the peat bog.

(Hope this works.)

Uhn! (Got it! Oh...)

We've grabbed some peat moss, but lost our bag. Unfortunately, untying ourselves at this point in time is a lost cause.

There's a stump off to the right, but Torin is unable to reach it. We're able to click the open space between the stump, though, and start Torin swinging. This puzzle can be a bit frustrating to get the timing down, but basically you just have to click whenever Torin reaches the apex of his back swing. Once he gets enough momentum, he'll start pausing with his arms out:

That's when you want to click on the stump.

Now how am I going to get my bag?

Boogle, stop!

Boogle! You mean this whole time you could've walked right out onto that bog?

'Only when it's funny,' huh? I'll only when it's funny you!

Uh, Torin? That, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Anyways, Boogle's a bit of an asshole, but that's okay because Torin will get his revenge later.

(Lot's of funny perspectives at the peat bog). The important thing is we now have the slugs and peat moss. We can go back to the guard house and give Herman the good news.

Here's your order, sir: sluggetti and peat moss, just as you requested. But boy did I have to go through a lot just to bring these to you.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. you probably just walked 'round that cliff to the deli.
What!? You mean--
Haha, just a little guardhouse humour, boy. Ain't no food within days of this place. Now get in that there kitchen and rattle them pots and pans!
Alright, but this is my first attempt at cooking such a, delicacy.

Well at least it's quick to prepare. Here you are, monsieur. Bon appetit!

Now, can we get on with it?
Now the perfect conclusion to a near perfect meal. Dessert and an iced latte.
Dessert!? Latte? Oh no.
Oh, stop yer gripin'. You can skip the latte. Just bring me some dessert.
*sigh* Alright, what'll you have for dessert?
Why, there's only one thing that'd top sluggetti and peat balls...
I'm afraid to ask.
Yeah, lets' make sure of something. If I prepare you, uh, a root, then will I be done?
Bingo, bright boy. Yup. Good old root'd be just fine.
All you want is a root?
Well, some sort of dessert'd be good. Say, did I ever tell you about the last person I sent down?
Uh, you know what? Don't bother.
Oh, no bother! She was a sweet young thing too. Don't know why she did to deserve that. Oh you should've seen her eyes when they clamped that collar around her neck. poor thing couldn't hardly take a breath.
Okay! Thanks for the war stories! Root it is!

Thankfully, we've already got a root.

Here you go, one large root. Wanna help me fix it?
No, I'll just wait right here.
Somehow I guessed as much.
Nice square shape too. Them's the best kind.
Okay, how about if I make it into a pie?


Great! While that's in the oven baking, why don't you and I head back to the phenocryst chamber? Ahh, just smell that aroma. You know, there's nothing like coming home to find the square root pie.
Phew... say, we goin' out on that joke?
No, we're going out through the secret passage. Wait here while I get something.

Pick a shard! Any shard! He he he! I've been waitin' fifteen years to use that line!

It doesn't matter what shard we pick. Click on any one of them to continue.

We've finally made it to the phenocryst chamber! Somehow, this giant crystal acts as a portal to the lower worlds. Hopefully Herman will be able to tell us about it.

There you go, boy. The joint's all yours. I'm gonna grab my pie and hit the road. Gotta get on home, you know... that is, if I can remember where home is...
But wait, what about me? Aren't you supposed to train me in how this thing works?
Works? Cain't! Don't remember. Heck, it don't matter no way, boy, nobody's come through here in years.
But, is this the way to the Lands Below?
Could be, but you don't care. All you gotta do is make sure nobody from down there gets up here.

EDIT: Thanks to Nidoking for pointing this one out:

If you step back into the guard house and click on the empty room Torin will make a very "punny" comment:

(Looks like the ol'boy took the square root pie and split. Hope he doesn't get a "divide by zero" error!)

Ugh, such a bad pun--and we haven't even made it to the Official Torin's Passage Pun-pocalypse event yet. Anyways, back in the phenocryst chamber:

(That podium must be important to this huge crystal, or it wouldn't be protected by those giant stones.)

We come to our first real puzzle in the game. I say that because up until now all we've done is combine items and talk to people/animals. Anyways, that crystal we picked up from Herman now comes into play.

When we put the crystal into the slots, it raises or lowers the stones blocking the phenocryst depending on their current status (i.e., raised or lowered). Each colour toggles a different set of stones, except for the white slot which shifts the pattern to the left, altering which stones they toggle.

Pattern A
Red toggles stone 1 and 2
Green toggles stone 1, 3, and 4
Blue toggles stone 2 and 3
White shifts to Pattern B

Pattern B
Green toggle stone 2, 3, and 4
Blue toggles stone 1 and 2
White shifts to Pattern C
Red toggles stone 1 and 4

Pattern C
Blue toggles stone 1 and 4
White shifts to Pattern D
Red toggles stone 3 and 4
Green toggle stone 1, 2, and 3

Pattern D
White shifts to Pattern A
Red toggles stone 2 and 3
Green toggles stone 1, 2, and 4
Blue toggles stone 3 and 4

Once you successfully lower all the stones, a small podium full of powder emerges from the ground.

(This powder must be important, but what if there isn't any in the Lands Below? I better find something to hold enough so that I can get home again!)

Good thing we grabbed Mr. Farhman's tobacco pouch before we left home.

(Better get enough of this powder to last. If it does take me to the lands below, I'll need enough to get home again.)

Hit it, Boog! Hang on, Boogle. I hope I'm right about this.

That concludes the Lands Above! Next up, we explore Escarpa.