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Part 12: Escarpa - Torins Always Land On Their Head

12. Escarpa - Torins Always Land On Their Head

(Note: there is no overworld music for Escarpa, just the sound of wind blowing through the canyon.)

And so, our heroes arrive in Escarpa--

(Phew--that was close--)

I'd make a crack about Torin's gracefulness, but really, you'd think the Escarpans would have some sort of receiving platform below the phenocryst. A tree? That's just not safe!

Whatever. We might as well take that tile. There's a strange pattern on the front; there's nothing on the back.

Let's grab that second tile while we're here.

*sigh* No holding back, now. Torin, you're about as graceful as a sack of bricks!

Mission accomplished. We have both the tiles.

This is Escarpa. It's the first inner world of Strata. It's a dry, desert-like place covered with massive cliff faces. The inhabitants are short, hairy, and rather depressing to be around. Speaking of which, there's a dwelling in the cliff face nearby. Let's go meet some now!

Oh no... not them...