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Part 16: Escarpa - Tying Up Loose Ends

Okay, I'm back at it. Let's get out of Escarpa!

16. Escarpa - Tying Up Loose Ends

Torin's too heavy to go down the ladder, obviously, so let's see how Boogle handles it. We can use the Boogle Yo-Yo option here.

Boogle, why don't you go down there as a yo-yo? I'm sure they won't bother you.

Yeah, Boogle should be fine. What could possibly happen--


Uh. We'll come back in a bit.

That carpet we found can be used as a shield to make it through the Skunk Cave.

Hang on, Boogle, we're going in!

Now we can gain some wisdom from Escarpa's preeminent philosopher, Veder.

Greetings sir!(Funny, he looks awake.)

He seems busy, Torin. Maybe we should leave him alone.

Greetings sir! (I could've sworn he squirmed just a little then.)

Or keep harassing him. You know, cause that works too.

Greetings sir!

What? Who are you? And why are you here?
I'm Torin. Who are you?
That's what I'm trying to determine.
I mean, what's your name?
Name? Veder. Is this why you come here? To torment me with unimportant questions? Where are the real questions? The ones aching deep inside you. Who are you? What do you believe? What do you know?
Actually, I haven't really gotten to those questions yet. My question is more simple.
Huh? Whatever. I'm trying to find a sorceress named Lycentia. Could you help me?
Forget her. I know the girl you should me. Sweet girl. Good to her parents. Clever conversationalist. She has--uh, nice personality.
(Uh oh.) I think not--see, I'm only here for a short stay. I need to find Lycentia remember her? I asked you about her a few seconds ago?
Never heard of her.
Do you know how to get to the lands below?
Do you know how to help the area below?
What I don't understand.
You'd understand if it was you sitting on this stone tile all day and all night. The parts below--the bottom line? The rear guard?
Are you trying to say your seat is uncomfortable?
Uncomfortable don't cut it. My seat's boiling. My buns are burning. Oi! I need relief.
I see.
No, you don't see, and you won't! Cause I'm not showing it to anybody. Now just go away and I'll continue to suffer in silence.
(Somehow I doubt that.)

Well, let's give him that pillow we found.

Here's a thick soft cushion I think you'll like.
Let me feel--ah fine materials. Nice padding. Soft cover. Firm, yet breathable. I thank you very much, oh tall slender one. Oh and in return, why don't you take this instrument of my torture? Just drop it over a cliff someplace if you don't want it, okay?
Oh, I would never do that. Looks like the cushion is working.
Yes it is. Much better. Thank you again. Now get outta here!

Another tile. They're starting to get punnier names.

If we return to the seraglio, we can drop the stinky carpet outside their window and use the fan to waft the odour in. Thus, vacating the area.

(Aha! This oughta drive those women outta of there.) Yes! Now that the girls are gone, let's send you down there as a yo-yo, Boogle!

Boogle, grab that tile hanging there! Atta boy, Boog!

Boogle, see where that doorway goes.

After disappearing into the background, there's a prolonged scuffle, the sound of a marching band, some women screaming, and then Boogle pops out of the ceiling, right as rain.

We've done everything we can on this side of the cliff face. Now we return to the other side and tie up some loose ends before leaving. If we return to the wash woman and give her the "Don't Climb On This Ladder" sign that Torin so willfully ignored, she'll clean off the paint to reveal yet another tile.

If we return to *shudder* the Bitternuts, we can use the ticket King Rupert gave us to convince Mrs. Butternut to part with her tile.

We now return you to The Bitternuts, already in progress.
Just a minute! Coming! Do I have to do everything around here?

Mrs B, I just came from King Rupert and he asked me to give you this.
What is it?
An invitation to the royal ball!
*gasp, followed by clapping*
Yeehaw, Harley! We're going to the ball! Ain't you excited? Aw, he's never been excited in his life.

Torin, if there's anything we own that you need for your journey, why, just help yourself! It's yours!
Why thank you, Mrs B.
Of course, I love it if you'd take the Mr over there. Hahah!

Hey hey, what are you doin'? Put that down! That's my best trivet!
Aw mom, let him have it. You haven't cooked since I was born.
Hahaha, the kid's right. Go on, take it, hahaha!
But don't go taking anything else, ya hear? And good luck on your quest, young man. Hey, any chance you takin' Junior along with ya?
None whatsoever, I'm afraid, but thanks for the trivet Mrs B!

They re-use a tile pun here:

Back in the bag, buddy.
Be sure to join us next time when we hear Bobby Bitternut ask:
Mom'll never find out!
The Bitternuts is not filmed before a live audience!
*sings Bitternuts theme*

Lastly, we can stop by Rupert and Di's throneroom to explain the importance of the tiles.

Your majesty, I think this tile is part of something important.
You're right, it's part of my floor.
No, no, no, even more than that. You see, at the base of the opposite cliff I found an unusual room containing a large formation that would hold this tile perfectly. I feel certain that the formation is something important, perhaps that it even holds access to the Lands Below.
Why then of course you may take it.
Thank you, your highness!

Considering some of the nonsense Torin has had to go through, that was surprisingly easy. Give an NPC a logical reason for needing something? Okay, great.

We're good to continue on our way now. We can head to the phenocryst chamber. Interesting, now that we've exhausted the need for the washer woman, she will no longer appear:

Anyways, now that we have all the tiles, we can place them in the statue by the phenocryst.

Nothing happens as is. By rotating the tiles and placing them in specific patterns, we eventually create a face. A Phenoface:

Welcome, traveller. The sacred chamber that lies ahead contains an ancient phenocryst column. For centuries, travellers have journeyed throughout the planet of Strata by means of these columns. Connecting the worlds within worlds, phenocrysts are able to transmit far more than mere light. Through the use of erresdy powder, discovered by Tor I in the early Unity Period, people now have instant mobility. So step inside, and enjoy the latest in phenocryst travel.

That was a pretty interesting information dump. It sure is funny how similar Torin's name is to this Tor I, huh? Ah well, it's probably nothing. To Pergola!