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Torin's Passage

by Blind Sally

Part 19: Pergola - What is it with Pergolans and bondage?

19. Pergola - What is it with Pergolans and bondage?

Uh, hello, what is this?

Oh no, no!
It, it's okay. I wont hurt you.
No, NO!
It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you.
Ha, you're with them, aren't you? Get away from me.
But, but I wanna free you.
Get away, you'll only hurt me more.
Won't you let me help you?
Help me? Like THEY did? Ha, show some respect. Just leave me here. To die.
Oh, I could never do that. You're far too--uh, uh, too beautiful for me to leave you here!
Flattery won't help. Go away so help me if you do figure out a way to release me I'll scratch your eyes out.

Let's show her that locket Di gave us.

Hey, you're Leenah, aren't you? I just came from your homeland. I met your mother and father.
You did? Escarpa? My parents? Oh, how I wish I had listened to them, I wouldn't be in this mess.
They told me to give you this.
What is this? Some sort of cruel joke? Is this trinket supposed to fool me? What are the Pergolans trying to pull? And to think for a moment there I started to trust you.
What ? No! I mean, Queen Di said to give it to.
Ha, like I'm going to believe that. You could have found this bauble anywhere.

It isn't working! Why isn't it working!

Oh right, I guess it isn't open. View the locket in the holographic viewer. By clicking on it, we can open it up to reveal the pictures of Di and Rupert:

Oh look, that is my dear sweet father. And Di. Oh, how I miss them. Maybe you are from Escarpa. But, you're so tall. Who are you anyway?
My name is Torin, but not from Escarpa. I'm from the Lands Above.
Torin of the Lands Above. Do you promise not to harm me?
I swear. At present, I can think of nothing worse.
Alright then, quick, cut me loose.
Well, um, hmm--
Hurry before they stop you.
Yeah, um, I can't. I'll have to try to break each little thread I suppose.
Why, use your knife!
That's just it. I didn't bring a knife. Some hero I am. Well, hold still, here goes.

If only we still had our axe from the Lands Above. If you hadn't noticed, the game removed it from our inventory after travelling through the phenocryst to Escarpa.

Then, I'll tell you a little secret. All this time, I've had a knife hidden in a boot. But they tied me up before I regained consciousness.

Oh, well that works too. Thanks, Leenah.

Now hold still, I wouldn't want to cut you.

Well, thank you Torin. That was horrible.

Here. Here's your locket.

Aw Boogle!

Here, let me help you up.

Nice block, Boogle.

Oh wait, look at your arms, you're bleeding.

What? Oh, uh, I'm okay. I dropped a long way through the trees before I landed on this soft loam. I must've, you know, caught some branches on the way down. It's nothing.

"Soft loam?" Really, Torin?

Nonsense, come over here. I'm sure I heard a stream this way.

Wait, where are those two going? What are they up to? Leenah? Torin? Why am I suddenly acutely aware of the fact that this game was made by the same guy who's responsible for Leisure Suit Larry?