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Part 21: Asthenia - Interlude 3

21. Asthenia - Interlude 3

[as-the-ni-a (əsˈθiːnɪə) noun, loss or lack of bodily strength; weakness; debility. New Latin, from Greek astheneia, from astehenes, weak: a-, without]

[as-the-no-sphere (əsˈθɛnəsfɪə) noun, a zone of the earth's mantle that lies beneath the lithosphere and consists of several hundred kilometres of deformable rock. Greek asthenes, weak. See asthenia + SPHERE]

4.1. Lycentia's Lair
Enter Lycentia and Pecand [via crystal screen]

I've always felt you were innocent. Kurtzwell needed a scapegoat. All these years away from your home, your family, your friends--you must be so bitter.
Perhaps. I've learned to use the darkness to get what I want.
I've heard you've become quite the powerful sorceress.

But not quite powerful enough to overcome the magic of that collar.

Not yet, but perhaps soon. And when I do, I promise revenge.

But what if you could return sooner?
What? Ha! The collar will not be denied.
I could release it for you.

Hahaha, oh Pecand. You know its spell can only be broken by royalty, and no matter how much you scheme you'll never be king as long as the boy lives.
Yes, but think, Lycentia, who sealed the collar?
Kurtzwell, that--wait. Are you suggesting you could become Arch-Authority?

Let's just say if you'll do a small favour for me, I'll do a large favour for you.
And just what would that small favour be?
Nothing much, just a little magic spell.

The plot deepens! I hope you enjoyed that, because that's all the dialogue we're going to get for this next world, aside from Torin talking to himself and some deep and meaningful conversations with Boogle.