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Part 22: Asthenia - Liquid Hot Magma

22. Asthenia - Liquid Hot Magma

Welcome to Asthenia. There used to be Lava People here, but they're dead. As a result, Torin doesn't have anyone to talk to.

(What? Hey hey, I'm gettin' better at this.)

The exit is sealed, so we're currently stuck in this little chamber. We can examine that pedestal, though--

(Is that writing? It's so dirty I just can't tell.)

It's too dirty to read. Luckily, looking inside the pillar reveals some conveniently placed Ammonia Wipes.

Ew! Smells like ammonia!

(Welcome to Asthenia. Huh.)

There's also a button on the pedestal we can press. Or in Torin's case, slap with his entire hand.

There are a number of locations to visit here. Each one offers on part to a larger puzzle that will help get Torin and Boogle across the river of lava. We'll go to the left first.

(Well, it's nice to see a military industrial complex with a sense of humour! Of course, maybe that's why there's no one left around here.)

Pressing the button triggers the device and a cannonball will roll through the Rube Goldberg-esque monstrosity before surrendering a cannonball.

Of course, if Torin just stands there, the cannonball goes flying off into the lava river. So we need to hit the button then position ourselves in front of the ramp. Seems safe enough.

Ooof! Stone cannon balls? Man, these suckers are heavy!

You can continue you grab a number of these, up to five.

If you continue the other way, you'll arrive here:

(That spit of land over there must be the way outta here. Trouble is, ya can't get there from here.)

And on the opposite side of the island we find some abandoned Lava People dwellings. Also, a see-saw. Guess what we have to do? If you guessed balance it, then you guessed correctly. In order to complete this puzzle we have to put an amount of stone cannonballs equal to Torin's weight in one side, then drop Torin in the other.

No, Torin, merely sitting in it isn't going to work. The cannonballs, man, the cannonballs.

That's too many, take some out.

Beautiful. You'll hear a noise somewhere off in the distance. Return to that panel that had the picture of the see-saw.

Well this seems safe. Set the catapult, hop in, and cut the rope with Leenah's Knife.

Yup. Torin's too light, you need at an extra cannonball in the catapult with you. If you put in too many, you'll also undershoot your mark:

So get rid of any unneeded cannonballs.

And there you have it. We are now half-way through Asthenia. We'll be able to finish next update and move onto a more interesting level. However, next update also has a bunch of interest Easter Eggs, so stay tuned.