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Part 24: Tenebrous - Interlude 4

24. Tenebrous - Interlude 4

[ten-e-brous (tɛnɪbrəs) adjective, dark and gloomy. Middle English, from Old French tenebreus, from Latin tenebrosus, from tenebrae, darkness.]

5.1. Lycentia's Lair
Enter Lycentia and Pecand [via crystal screen]

He's about to reach Tenebrous, I'm sure there's no way he'll ever find you, but I just thought you'd want to know.

You old fool! No complications, you said... *gasp* simple, you said! *cough* I should have known! *gasp*

Alright, I'll take care of it. He wont find me or his parents. Now. What about the rest of our bargain?

In time, my dear, all in due time.

Dreep! I have someone I'd like you to find.

Enter Dreep.

Hey, we finally get to see Dreep do something!

*affirmative growl*

Oh, never mind, that's it.