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Part 25: Tenebrous - Get Sexy And Break The 4th Wall

25. Tenebrous - Get Sexy And Break The 4th Wall

Aw crud, we did so well with our last landing in Asthenia. I hope Torin's okay. That looks like it hurt.




[boogle-speak]Torin, get up![/boogle-speak]

I realize I forgot to point out the new Boogle ability we received in Pergola. In this particular scene--

--Boogle picks up the Nurse Ability. Which is strange, because it's not like Leenah has any medical knowledge or training. She's not a registered nurse. She's just some deformed princess from a strange land. She, what, cleans off Torin's scratch with a damp cloth. Oh, whoop-di-doo, why doesn't she--

--uh, nevermind.

Let's just go ahead and use the Boogle ability.

Whoa! Whoa, Boogle, whoa! Inappropriate! (Right, from the creator of Leisure Suit Larry). Boogle's hilariously inappropriate Nurse Ability tries slapping Torin and giving CPR but to no avail. Much like the person whom he learned the ability from, Boogle-Nurse has no real medical ability.

What!!? I'm just stating fact!

Anyways, now we--

Uh, Boogle?

What're you lookin' at, buddy? You can't see me through this screen, can you?

Hey, whoa now, this is going to far now! Wh, what are you doing in my inventory? Get out of there!

I mean it! Hey! Put those Ammonia Wipes down! What are you doing?

I feel like the "game-player/player-character" relationship has been violated in some way.

It's just absolutely inappropriate.

I don't think that-- Oh, hey, Torin. You're awake.

Ugh, thanks Boog. Hey, how did you do that?

Well, the only place of interest in the store room is that ventilation grate at the top of those boxes. Let's go check it out.

The bolts are screwed on tight, so use Leenah's knife to loosen them and open the grate.

Oww! Oops, uh, can you get that?

Wait, did you just bump your head on the Drop Down Menu?

You guys, I don't think I'm okay with all this "4th Wall" breaking that's going on. But, uh, here, I'll get rid of it.

Thank You!

Yeah, sure, no problem.

Uh oh...

Ahhh! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....ahh.......
Boogle! Save us!

"Save us!" I said "Save us," Boogle!

Alright you, you better come with me. You're under arrest.
But officer, what for?
Cruelty to plants! Just leave your friend here. If he's lucky, you'll be back--in a few years! Heh heh heh.

Goodness, the plot thickens!