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by Blind Sally

Part 26: Tenebrous - Torin, Alone

26. Tenebrous - Torin, Alone

We're back in an inhabited Strata-world, so things are going to get a lot chattier.

Welp, Torin's all alone in a strange land, Dreep's lurking around outside, and nobody seems to know who or where Lycentia is.

(Now what do I do? All this way just to be arrested. Where's mom and dad? Will I ever find them? And Boogle, I hope he's okay.)
*Boogle noises*

Boogle! Is that you?

Boogle! Noo! Aww... Boogle...

Come on boy, it's time.

Do you have anything to say, before I pass judgement young man?

Well, no sir, not really, it's just that, well, I'm really sorry that I landed in your plants. It was an accident. I only landed in that flower bed because I fell out of that air duct that I crawled through to escape from that storeroom that I materialized in from the phenocryst that I used to get here from Asthenia! I didn't... that is... I... oh...

Phenocryst, you say?
Um, yes sir.
I haven't heard of one of those being used in years. Where did you say you were from, son?

From the Lands Above, sir. See, see, this evil sorceress put my parents in a magic spell and kidnapped them and this old guy saw it all and he said her name was Lycentia and she's from down here and, and, and that's where my parents are, so I set out to find her and... you know, save them. But nobody has ever heard of her and well I don't even know if she's down here or if this has been some kind of, jeez, do you think you could help me sir?

Lycentia, eh? There's no one ON this planet by that name. But whether you're a visitor here or not, you need to learn three lessons about Tenebrous, and me. First: plants are very scare around here and we are not kind to those who damage them. Second: lawbreakers in my court are handled immediately and forcibly. And Third: one more mistake and I'll toss you right off this planet into the Null Void! Now take him back where you found him. And young man, I don't want to ever see you here again.

Let's talk to the giant flower.

Excuse me.
Yeeees? Oh, it's you.
Could you help me?
Help you? Ha, I doubt it. After what you and your safe-like buddy did to my friends over there? Ha!
But I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't know plants could hurt! In fact, I didn't know plants could talk.
Well, not all can, just exceptional plants you see.
Sure, I though you looked, uh, special.
Well yes-- *giggle* *ahem* --what is it you need, young man?
I've searched this entire planet looking for an evil sorceress named Lycentia. Have you heard of her?
Animal, vegetable, or mineral?
Huh? Oh, uh, animal, I suppose.
Doesn't matter, never heard of her. But that doesn't mean she doesn't live around here. I don't get out much. Roots, you know, haha.
Is there anyone here in Tenebrous that could help me?
Well, let's see. You know, there is that strange duck who's always recording audcrysts.
Oh, a duck? What's his name? Where could I find him?
No, he's not a real duck, I don't remember his name. Don't know that I ever heard it. But, he might be down by the amphitheatre. He hangs out there recording "talent."
Thank you so much! Now, which way is the amphitheatre?
Oh, you can't get there from here.
But, this theatre, which way is it?
It's over the slippery slope. You'll never make it. Not without a little help, that is.
Help? Oh, could you? I'd be eternally grateful.
No you won't, that's just a cliche! But if we could work out a deal...
Anything, just name it.
See my friends down there? Those pesky chameleon silk worms are wreaking havoc on their leaves.
Hmph, now who's the cliche?
What? Oh, anyway, if you can stop the silkworms, I'll convince the grass to help you cross the slippery slope.
So, it's silkworms I seek?
Yes! Mr. Short-term-memory-loss. Clear out those worms and I'll help you get where you're going.

Hey! Come back here!

Unlike Inchie, these Silkworms are a heckuva lot faster. There's no way we can grab them before they hide under the leaves at this point in time.

(Here's a dead long-stemmed flower on this dawburr plant. Surely no one would mind me pruning this.)

I guess it's not impossible, but I find it a bit surprising that Torin is familiar with plants all they way down in Tenebrous. I say it's "not impossible" because it's very likely travelers from The Lands Above either accidentally or purposely brought down seeds for plants from their Strata-world

Regardless, we can move onto the next screen--

Yeah, so, that slope is really slippery--