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Part 27: Tenebrous - THE PUN-POCALYPSE

27. Tenebrous - THE PUN-POCALYPSE

Oh god, it's here. There have been rumblings pointing towards this event since the earliest updates of this game. Puns. The dreaded puns. That last death screen:

That's only the beginning. We've made it. We've made it to PUN-POCALYPSE. Also known as PUN-MADGEDDON. It's pun-tastic. Very punny. Ha, I kid, it's actually an extremely pun-ishing ordeal. So o-pun your minds and let in the end of the world as we know it. The end of Torin's Pun-ssage.

(This tree's trunk is covered with some very sticky stuff.)

Hey! Stop poking me!
Hey! You can speak! Although, I don't know why I'm surprised.

Yeah, no kidding, Torin. You just got finished speaking with a giant flower.

Of course I can! But what good does it do me? No one listens!
You sound discouraged!
Not so much discouraged, but sometimes I do get a little sentimental
Oh, I think all of us do sometimes.
Yes, but when you're as well rooted as I, somehow old memories just stick to you.

I see, well, uh, not to go out on a limb--

--but why not branch out into new activities?

Well you know, I can't just leaf, bud!!

I'm stuck here with a TRUNKload of memories.

*sniff* What brings you here? Just looking for someone to BARK at?

I'm searching for my parents. I think they were captured by Lycentia, a sorceress I was told came from around here. Could you help me? Have you heard of her?
You lost your parents? Awww, me too! I was transplanted at birth! You know my dad was cut down in his prime of life by a guy chasing a wolf. And mom, she fell in the forest and nobody heard it!

Gee! I'm sorry!
Oh, oh, that's alright, I told you, I'm just a little sentimental sap. Look at me! I'm a mess.

Well, you are rather drippy.

I hope you're feeling better.
Yes I am, but just don't get me started again, okay? Good luck finding your p-p-par---awwwww!
Excuse me, do you mind if I borrow a little of this sap?
No, not at all. Go ahead. USE me! Everyone does. I just hope someday, somehow, someone somewhere will find some way to make something out of us trees, and then they can cut us all down. What if someone invents telephone books? Awwwwww!!!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Let's leaf this place. Augh, damnit! I've been infected!

Anyways, we can now use the Sappy Dawburr to cover the leaves that the silkworms are eating, as such:

Now we can collect them at our leisure.

I did it! The silk worms are no longer a problem. But aren't they kinda funny coloured?
Oh, those little buggers produce silk of any hue. Just place them on a colour and they'll make a copy of it for you. And in silk yet. But don't waste them. And please, don't drop them around here, okay?

Now that I've rescued your friends, will you help me cross?

Okay. This next part is kind of awkward. Hover the mouse over different parts of the hill and the grass will shout out whether or not it's an okay place to climb on in squeaky, high-pitched tones. It's pretty counter-intuitive at first, in that you have to click kind of down and away to even get on the slope. Once you get over to the right a bit, it's easier to find the correct areas to mouse-over.

Thank you, thank you very much!

Oops... sorry.

Run, Torin, run!

Here we are at the back entrance of the amphitheatre. Next update we'll check around inside. Thankfully, we won't be subjected to any more painful plant puns.