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Part 28: Tenebrous - There's No Business Like Show Business

28. Tenebrous - There's No Business Like Show Business

Inside the backstage of the amphitheatre--

That's it! I'm outta here. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my trailer.

Oh dear! Well, if he's just going to leave his things lying there--

Yes, Torin, take his stuff.

Hold still! It's tough enough aiming between the two of ya. Oops...

Ooooh noooo! That's it! That's it! I've had it! I quit!
Quit? Who said that?
I can't take this anymore, you know? There's gotta be a better gig than this. I'm outta here.

Why you ungrate- *hic*, you can't quit, you're fired! And I quit... ahhh, I should've never fired his fifteen sisters.

Sweet! More free stuff!

Hi there!
What a fool I've been.
You seem unhappy.
He almost killed me. I, I, I, I'm never gonna work for him again!
I'm looking for an evil sorceress named Lycentia. Have you seen her?
He nearly killed me!
Does she live around here?
Not to mention twice yesterday.
So is that no?
He was wucky to have somebody like me.
You're not really paying attention to me, are you?
Somebody with qwuick wefwexes.
Should I leave?
His body count would even have been higher.
Well, nice talking at you...
Boy, he's a jerk.
Boy, you seem distraught. I thought you could use someone to talk with.
Not wewy. What I need is a job.
I don't think I can help you there.
No one can. I'm outta luck! Iou know, it's not like my family can wun around and eat weaves or something... Oh, maybe I should try to be a messenger! I'm fast! And oh, but the stress... Oooh, parcel delivery? Oh no, that' s too hard on the back. Pro athelete? Nah, it's not enough money. And besides, I'd hate to give up showbiz. Well, thanks for the chat fella.
Uh, yeah. Nice talking... to you.

Ugh, Bags Bunny. Let's check out the left of the screen.

Excuse me!
I'm looking for a sorceress.
I ain't her.
I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know Lycentia?
No you didn't.
You didn't send me, the Union Hall sent me.
No, no, no, Lycentia. She's a sorceress from around here, I think.
I never heard of her. Who're you? You that new musical saw player everyone's been ravin' about?
Musical saw? You can use a saw to make music?
Well sometimes I make this one here sing a little.
Have you seen this saw player?
Naw, the only saw I saw was this saw I saw with.
(I think we all saw that one coming...)

Well, you kinda set yourself up for that one, Torin.

This area is one big loop. If we keep going one direction we'll eventually get back to the amphitheatre's back door. If we continue to the left, we'll get closer to the stage. We'll also bump into the Stage Director. She seems like she'd know what's going on.

Excuse me.
Just waitcher turn. I'll call you when I'm ready for you. You can warm up anywhere but just do it quietly. I've got people on stage already.
Warm up? Did you say warm up? It's not really that cold in here.
Ha. Ha. I'm laughin'. What's your name?
Torin, but I don't have an act.
Neither do the rest of these clowns.
I'm looking for Lycentia the Sorceress. Have you heard of her?
Nah, but she might be scheduled later. I've got Zippy the Blind Magician coming up soon. Would he do?
Pardon me, ma'am.
Look, I don't care about your problems. I don't care if you got stage fright, I don't care if you need make up, I'm real busy! I gotcher name right here on my list: "Torin - Special Sawist. I'll summon you when it's time to go on.
(Special sauce?)
You don't understand
Actually, you don't understand. I'm in charge here. I call you when I want you. You don't speak to me unless you're spoken to. Ya got it? Ya got it. Now, get away.
Look, I know you don't want to be bothered--
--But you're gonna bother me anyway, right? Why don't you just go off in a corner someplace and practice your saw. I'll call you when I'm good and ready.
You mean, you want me to go on stage here?
You weren't exactly the pick of the litter, were ya? YES! YOU! and yer saw, on the stage, rub bow, back and forth. Jeez.

Hmm, something tells me this doesn't bode well for Torin. We're not getting any where with her, though. Just off to the other side is the stage itself. We can't do anything here, but if we stand behind the curtains we can hear what the current act is playing. Much of these acts are references.

One act plays The Girl In The Tower song from King's Quest VI, another plays the Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist title theme, another begins to play the Leisure Suit Larry theme but is cut off with a sputtering Al Lowe saying "b-b-but? Aww..." before walking off-stage, another plays Cellblock Love from Leisure Suit Larry 6, another plays Consumite Furore from Phantasmagoria, and lastly, there's an act that plays an Escarpan classic:

And working next to the stage is this fellow. He's important because he's finally able to give Torin some information the meaningfully propels the plot forward. But you'll have to wait and see that next update.