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Part 30: Null Void - Flight Via Bagpipe

I missed it last update, but we also got a Book Of Magic from Zippy. This is the screen shot (which I edited back into last update as well):

30. Null Void - Flight Via Bagpipe

This officer takes far too much pride in his job.

Here we are boy, now you stand over there.

Good riddance, plant crusher!

(How can I just float in mid air like this?)
(Oh, I get it, in the very center of the planet gravity pulls equally from all directions. But how can i move? There's nothing to grab onto.)

Sure, why not. That seems like sound and logical reasoning.

Anyways, when the officer slammed Torin against the wall a lot of our possessions were lost or broken. All we have left on us are the bagpipes, the Book of Magic, and the crystcorder.

The audcryst is broken.

Still, we're fortunate the bagpipes stayed in Torin's satchel, as we can use them to navigate the Null Void.

"Wait, really!?" you ask.

Yes, really.

This is a simple puzzle. Hold down on the specific arrows to charge up a burst of air and send Torin flying at a specific velocity. For example, here's us blasting to the right. If we reach the walls of this rather small area, Torin will bounce back against it in pain:

You'll also notice we can move into the background and foreground. There isn't much challenge to this puzzle. We just need to move to the background and off to the right to find THE ONLY POINT OF INTEREST in the Null Void. I think this area could have been a little more fleshed out as it's rather cool, but then I feel that way about Pergola and Asthenia as well. Regardless, heading down to the bottom right finds ourselves at a door. I suppose we better knock?


Uh oh...

We can also ring the door bell and hide, but playing 'Nicky Nicky Nine Doors' really isn't going to get Torin anywhere.

What we want to do is fool Dreep. Though he's had limited screen time, it's at least been made obvious that he's a loyal follow of Lycentia. He'll follow where ever her voice leads--literally. We have the audcryst, we just need to alter it in such a way that we can lure him away from the lair.

How convenient that our audcryst has broken in such a way that we can do that.

This puzzle is all about rearranging the pieces to form a new sentence. There are a couple of variations that will work, but as long as it says something along the lines of "Dreep, come here" or "Come here, Dreep," you'll be able to complete the puzzle. Once that's finished, leave the crystcorder playing on repeat and toss it into the Null Voice:

Now when we ring the door bell, Dreep will take a dive out into the void. Go us!

Next update we confront Lycentia, discover the secret truth about Torin and Pecand, and save Boogle and the Fahrmans!