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Part 31: Null Void - A Sudden Exposition Dump

31. Null Void - A Sudden Exposition Dump

What the? Boogle! Mom? Dad!

I swear I'll stop her.

Okay, so we've got a number of cultural references in this room. Alongside Boogle and the Fahrman's, there's a whole row of Lycentia's victims off to the side. From the left to the right, we have another Sailor Moon reference (Sailor Saturn or Sailor Mars, I think...), Darth Vader, Yoda, Planet Of The Ape's Charleton Heston, and Al Lowe. Torin's not here for them, though, so they get to remain encased in green crystal.

There's some artwork of Dreep off to Torin's right (our left) when he enters this room. I think it's pretty funny that Lycentia keeps framed art of her dopey minion.

Anyways, now that we've got the drop on Lycentia, we can strike. We don't have many items left, so it's pretty obvious what we need to use in order to combat the sorceress--

Congratulations, you did it! It's nice to see someone else has an Al Lowe sense of humour. That's why you get to hear this, my very own personal easter egg instead of the boring plain ol'death message you see before you there on the screen. Anybody who comes all the way through this game asking everybody you meet about this evil sorceress named Lycentia then finally finds her and then tricks Dreep into falling due to a recording of her voice and then DOESN'T use the book of magic on her, but instead plays the bagpipes, deserves much more than just another boring death message. So here's my personal thank you for playing the game. And now, enjoy the ending! But now, whatever you do, don't tell anyone how you got this message. Just taunt them with, "why, I got a personal message from Al Lowe at the end--didn't you?"

Uh, okay then. Thanks, Al Lowe.

But seriously, use the Book Of Magic on Lycentia:

What? You dare enter into my home and use your little magic spells on me?

*cough cough* *collapses*

Huh. Well, then. Thank goodness she can't breath properly with that collar on; life in the Null Void really hasn't been kind on Lycentia. At this point, all we're given is the chance to examine the collar.

Foolish boy, I have more power in my little finger than you'll ever possess.

Holy crap, she just sent Torin flying!

And... Pecand just appeared on the crystscreen. Interesting.

*gasp* The collar.

Torin! Of course, who else could remove the collar?

How do you know my name?
I was your nanny.

And Pecand just disappeared. Okay.

I saved your life. The night your parents were murdered.

Murdered? What? No! How could you? I thought you had them in a magic spell!!

No, Torin! The Fahrman's are safe, but they're not your real parents. Your real parents were the King and Queen of the Lands Above.

What?! But then I'm--
That's right, you're the next king.

No, that's wrong. I'm the next king.

Oh, hey, Pecand.

You should have died in your cradle that night, little nephew.


After searching for you all those years you wont escape me now.

I killed your parents. And now I'll kill you.

One step closer, boy, and I'll finish her.
No! Don't!

Way to go, Torin! Now he has a hostage!

Control is now given back to the player. There's only one thing we can do, though, and that's stand near this lava pit:

There's also only one thing we can do here, and that's use the Book Of Magic to switch places with Pecand:

Lycentia! Lycentia! Are you okay? That was close. I thought he had you there for a second.

Hey! Lycentia!?

But, the lava!
Hahaha, oh Torin, that's not lava, that's Dreep's supper dish!
What about my parents? And Boogle?
Of course. Torin, I think it's time for all of us to go back home, to The Lands Above.

Torin, where's my tools? From town, remember?
Son, who's this lady? And is she gonna stay for dinner?

Mom! Dad! Aw, it's great to be home again!