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Part 21: Update 19 (Autumn 1184 - Winter 1184)

Minamoto Fury

Autumn of 1184

The completion of the new town watch in Tango demonstrated Munemori's dedication to protecting all of his people equally, each man, woman and child entitled to the protection of their lord. Enemies expecting the men and women of Tango to simply relent their lands would be in for a deadly surprise.

With the completion of the Town Watch in Tango, our northern provinces are finally approaching the level of our more valuable southern provinces. The additional garrison levy troops provided ensure that our forces will be even more well equipped to repel any invaders. The fact that Tango now contains a Town Watch and Stronghold does change the metrics, as we can no longer rely on a swift counter-attack to retake the province if it should fall. Instead, we must be careful to not lose it in the first place, as recapture will prove expensive.

The administrator of Wakasa supervised the turnout of the new men and wondered how his province could justify so many men under arms. The force protecting Wakasa was now one of the largest collections of men Japan had ever seen, let alone the Taira. While he knew such a force could never be all for defence, he slept safe knowing that his children were protected by a force almost unmatched.

We recruit additional forces in Mikawa in order to ensure peace in the province, as non-clan related unrest has outstripped the ability of the existing garrison to suppress it. With any luck, these additional forces will be enough to keep the province under control until more loyalty is instilled in the populace. Wakasa continues it's mobilisation of troops, bringing it close to a full stack of levy in the province.

"Report" barked Ietoyo to the scout. "I will not fail my family from your tardiness!"
"Apologies my Lord" stammered the scout.
"Never mind that" snapped Ietoyo. "Are the enemy approaching?"
"No, my Lord" responded the scout. "Our ever loyal vassals, the Kitabitake, placed their entire force between the Minamoto and ourselves. They were annihilated, but their lives bought us valuable time."
Ietoyo raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I had underestimated their loyalty to the Taira. What news of the damage to the Minamoto force?"
"We know little, my Lord. They were not badly damaged and number many Sword Attendants and Foot Samurai, but little else is known." reported the scout. "They are still a threat to lesser defended provinces."
Ietoyo nodded. "Owari"
"Yes, my Lord" agreed the scout. "Their forces would be sorely taxed by the Minamoto."

The Kiso Minamoto army in Mino declined to attack the province this turn, instead attacking the almost full stack of Kitabitake troops, annihilating our vassal's force and causing a full retreat. Casualties on the Minamoto force seem light, although our knowledge of their force deployment is patchy. We do know that they are primarily Sword Attendants and Foot Samurai, a heady combination built for taking fortifications. Without the ability to drive them off, we are forced to deal with the additional damage they are likely to cause. Unlike their southern cousins, the Kamakura Minamoto, the Foot Samurai are without upgrades, so our forces are much better placed to deal with them.

The attendant bowed. "Welcome back, my Lord. There are many financial matters for you to attend to."
"The scrolls can wait" responded Ietoyo. "Redouble the patrols and check the fortifications."
"You expect trouble, my Lord?" questioned the attendant.
"I always expect trouble" stated Ietoyo. "Dead men serve no purpose."

Our mishap from the last turn is undone, as Ietoyo is finally able to take command of the garrison at Mino. Expeditions outwards are going to have to wait until this threat is dealt with.

The levy captain stood before the cavalry lieutenant. "Ietoyo sent me with two companies of levy to bolster your defences."
The lieutenant looked surprised. "Why are you telling me this? Shouldn't you be reporting to the garrison commander?"
"I have additional orders from Ietoyo" stated the levy captain. "You are hereby promoted to command of the cavalry with the rank of captain. You are to take command of the defence personally. These orders are in listed on this scroll here."
The levy captain handed the startled captain the sealed scroll. "Congratulations."

Mino is not the only province under threat by the Minamoto force. The province of Owari is also within marching distance. Since garrison troops will not appear for any defenders past 20 units, we can move some additional forces from Mino to Owari without the loss of any defensive capacity in Mino. Some Levy are sent to reinforce and keep Owari secure.

The scout looked panicked. "My Lord, Adachi forces have crossed the border. Their numbers are less than ours, but they are all well trained and equipped men."
The administrator looked concerned. "My fears have been realised. We have become the threat I hoped to never be."
"My Lord?" the scout asked, puzzled.
"Never mind" responded the administrator. "We must ready ourselves to defend. To sally forth now would be folly."

While we plotted to attack the Adachi and seize Echizen, the Adachi have been plotting to attack us and take Wakasa. The result is this stack, led by a 3 star general and bristling with Sword Attendants. Once again we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position, unable to sally forth and forced to defend the walls. Without a general, our levy would simply melt before a Sword Attendants charge...

As he passed the remnants of the Kitabitake forces, Hisakane was shocked to see the suffering of the wounded and the dull eyed stare of men who watched their friends slaughtered like animals. "Such pain and suffering is the price of ignoring heaven" he thought. "When will Japan see that the Taira are the true leaders and end this madness?"
Resolving to never let such suffering interrupt his mission of peace and righteous truth, he made a path to Owari to help calm the troubled souls that lived there.

Hisakane is moved further towards the east where he is needed. Since he can't reach anything else this turn, we put him into Owari to bring happiness to the people there (and net himself 3xp!). With happiness already high and no enemy agents around, this measure is purely for the additional experience.

"My Lord, the Minamoto bring an army numbering thousands, with many hundred of Samurai to attack us! I have never seen an army this size!" blurted the scout, still breathless from sprinting.
"If they think the Taira terrified of the Minamoto dogs, they are mistaken" responded Tomomori, face hardened. "The walls will run red with their blood."
"My Lord, shouldn't we withdraw?" questioned the scout.
Tomomori spun in a fury towards to hapless man. "You dare speak of cowardice? No enemy will take a single step on my brother's soil while we draw breath."
The scout cowered before Tomomori's fury. "Of course, my Lord. None will find fear in the heart of the Taira."
Tomomori looked disgusted. "Get out of my sight."
The scout fled.

In a terrifying show of force, the Kamakura Minamoto launch an unexpected counter-attack, the ferocity of which we have never seen. With over 30 units, 8 of which are their elite Foot Samurai, the only saving grace is that their levy have no upgrades. Nevertheless, Tomomori is indeed in the most dire of straights if such a force was to fall upon the fort at Totomi...

The army amazed even Nakamitsu, with it's bright banners and marching men that seemed to go forever. Nakamitsu was no rural dandy, easily taken in by sights and sounds. Instead, he focused on the mission in front of him. He had received no orders, but it was obvious this force was headed for Totomi to wreck terrible vengeance upon the Taira. Armies this size would require a substantial supply chain, one that a precise action could sever.
"The night will be moonless tonight" Nakamitsu thought. "Now would be the perfect time to strike."
Shadowing the army until it encamped, Nakamitsu was the very essence of stealth. Although he was mere metres away, he was unseen. Hours passed, cloaking the world in the deep, inky blackness of a moonless night. The time to strike was now.
"I must move with skill and speed" Nakamitsu vowed. "The Minamoto will learn to fear the Taira."
Working his way to the supply tent, Nakamitsu opened the flap and stepped in...

Luckily for us, we have access to the finest Monomi in Japan, Nakamitsu. In addition to assassination, Monomi can sabotage armies, causing them to lose men and be unable to move for the turn (This also prevents retreat). While the small force would be unlikely to attack without the large force, if we can sabotage the smaller stack, perhaps we can engage this army in two pieces. All our hope rests upon our finest agent...

Suddenly the tent burst with light as lanterns were uncovered, leaving Nakamitsu exposed.
"Thought we didn't notice you?" sneered a samurai, battle armour gleaming in the light. "You must think the Minamoto fools!"
He lunged, a strike designed to skewer Nakamitsu. The blow would have ended a lesser man, but Nakamitsu was far too seasoned a fighter to be taken by such a simple stroke. Rolling backwards under the strike, his hand was a blur as a dagger flew straight, taking the samurai in the throat.

As if time had unfrozen, men poured from all directions, weapons drawn. Nakamitsu knew that to fight against such odds was certain death. Summoning all his skill and agility, throwing knives close at hand, he ran, ducked, rolled and slashed his way into the night, the Minamoto forces in hot pursuit...

Such hope is misplaced however, with the failure of his most vital mission to date. Although he survives the ordeal, the burden of survival passes to Tomomori, who now must face the entire might of the Kamakura Minamoto alone.

Autumn of 1184 (Enemy Turn)

Standing on the battlements, Tomomori looked at the approaching Minamoto army, the horizon filled with a sea of blue banners.
"Each one of my samurai is worth a dozen of those lesser dogs" noted the Samurai captain, standing at his side. "We will fight with you until the end, my Lord."
"The Minamoto will find nothing but their destruction here" stated Tomomori. Turning to face the captain, he said "Friend, we have fought through many battles before, but I fear this may be our last."
"Then we will die upon a mound of Minamoto corpses" smiled the captain. "My pile will be bigger, of course."
Tomomori laughed. "Then we will have one last wager, it seems."
Turning to the assembled men, Tomomori boomed across the stronghold. "The Minamoto seek the destruction of all we hold dear. They believe us weak. We shall teach them to fear the name of Taira! We will never retreat, never surrender. For Kiyomori! For Munemori! For Taira!"

The Minamoto seek nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the Taira with the largest and most powerful army Japan has ever seen. Tomomori's force of 2 Foot Samurai, 1 Naginata Attendant, 11 Naginata Levy, 3 Bow Levy and 2 Bow Warrior Monks are dwarfed by the Minamoto force of 8 Foot Samurai, 1 Sword Attendants, 12 Naginata Levy, 4 Bow Attendants, 1 Bow Levy and 1 Fire Bomb Thrower. While the generals are equally skilled, the attacker benefits more from the improved general, as the defenders will fight to the death regardless. To give you an idea of how outclassed I am, look at the power bar! Notice that it is a full 2/3's red against us, indicated that we are severely outclassed. Tomomori will need every ounce of his warrior's skill and courage if he wishes to escape an almost certain death.

Click here to see the live battle!

The battle was grim, waves of men dashing themselves onto the walls, to be repulsed by the Taira, but each time fewer Taira stood left to defend against the endless sea of Minamoto.
"The north-eastern wall!" yelled the samurai captain. "Enemy samurai are breaking through!"
Tomomori's bow sang and a Minamoto samurai fell to his knees, gurgling as the arrow erupted from his throat. Drawing his sword, Tomomori charged, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the peasant levy, men bravely fighting enemies better armed and armoured, never flinching despite their terrible losses. Over the din, Tomomori heard a familiar cry.
"Taira! For Munemori! For Tomomori!"
The samurai he was facing stiffened, a blade erupting from his chest. Stepping over the fallen man was the Samurai captain. "That kill was mine" the captain yelled, his blood covered face in a manic grin.
"Taira!" yelled Tomomori, throwing himself back into the fray, his friend at his side. Together they were the whirlwind, as men fell around them, they endured.

The map is somewhat to our favour, with only 3 avenues of approach to cover and with our lack of archers, especially quality archers, we can barely cover 3 walls. We can expect to be heavily outshot and also outclassed in the melee fight, although luckily or us both can't happen at the same time. The somewhat staggered approach that the second reinforcement army will have means that they will either be tired or come as a second wave, either of which we need to take full advantage of. We need to focus down their Foot Samurai, as even once they have expended all their arrows we can expect brutal casualties in melee combat. Even if we do somehow manage a win, it's unlikely anything resembling an army will remain of Tomomori's force.

The battle was over, the attackers broken, the defenders shattered. Thousands of dead littered the stronghold, a gristly tapestry of bodies painted in blood, bone and steel. Tomomori stood, checking on the defenders. His iron will unbreakable, driving him beyond exhaustion, beyond all limits of human endurance. The Samurai captain beside him, whose left arm dangled uselessly at his side, an arrow bristling from his shoulder. For now, at least, they had survived.

Our very first heroic victory and an exceptionally well deserved one! With the loss of only one non-garrison unit and only losing half of our monks and samurai, this is about the best possible scenario for Tomomori. The Kamakura Minamoto have been blunted and a counter attack may even be an option, as they can't possibly have the reserves to maintain another army of size. Notice that the kill rate was about even, so we are still quite outnumbered, even ignoring that this army is shattered, at the very best. It seems Tomomori might be as unstoppable as they say...

The Samurai captain's boast had come true, with each samurai felled taking a dozen opponents with him. The Head Monk had fallen in combat, fighting to repel the enemy at the walls, but their heroism had not gone unnoticed, with hundreds of Minamoto dead sporting the distinctive white and red flecked arrows the monks favoured. No Levy officer survived, the Levy garrison commander last seen leading a counter attack on a breach in the southwestern wall. These brave peasants, most fighting miles from home, trapped in war not of their choosing, nevertheless gave their lives, unfaltering, unflinching against impossible odds. In each heart, the soul of the Taira.

Heroic damage dealt to the enemy, although our losses were also crippling. Still, every cloud has a silver lining, with our Foot Samurai hitting Rank 7 and Tomomori hitting combat rank 6. Veterans of some of the hardest fought battles of the entire Gempei War, these men are heroes, each a living testament to the unstoppable will and ferocity of Tomomori and the Taira.

Winter of 1184

Despite the terrible toll war had inflicted on Japan, not all the news was as bleak. With the newly constructed fortifications erupting the Taira empire, so too had the merchants, bolstered on by the safety and security the Taira offered. In turn, this led to more taxes and in a way, more security.

Despite the many military pressures on the Taira empire, we can't afford to neglect our economic situation, especially as it is slowly turning around for us. In keeping our balance healthy, we use the newly upgraded province slots to build two Barter Exchanges and a Clan Estate in Mikawa to rapidly bring the clan support issue under control (and make some additional koku!). Additional core troops are expensive, so we will need all the help we can get.

The administrator of Wakasa shook his head. "Where am I going to house all these troops?" he pondered. "Although with the Adachi so close, it is preferable to the problem of insufficient troops."

With the army outside Wakasa, we will need an even more powerful force to push through and ensure the capture of Echizen. At 18 units, 2 shy of a full stack, soon troops will be raised in other areas of the empire and the Taira counter-attack will begin in earnest.

"My Lord" the attendant announced. "A most auspicious vistor, the head Monk of the Enryaku-ji"
Munemori rose. "Send him in at once"
The monk smiled as he entered. "The Mii-dera have chosen to side with the Minamoto" he stated. "Yet the way of the gods is clear. The Taira are the destined rulers of Japan. My monks are yours to command, should you wish it."
Munemori bowed. "You do me much honour" he replied. "We would welcome the chance to fight alongside the Enryaku-ji"

Spearheading that attack will be our newly researched Naginata Warrior Monks, with the discovery of Confucianism bringing additional happiness to all our provinces (which will help when dealing with discontent from poor clan support) and allows the construction of the Buddhist Temple, the second building in the Temple chain. The third and fourth buildings have no art requirement, so we can proceed all the way up the tree limited only by construction time and koku. The Buddhist Temple allows the recruitment of Naginata Warrior Monks (with a Koryu School) and also gives a bonus combat rank to all produced warrior monks in the province. It also adds additional happiness to the province.

Unfortunately, we won't have time to get Mounted Samurai or Mounted Samurai Heroes this game even if I went for them now, so I'm switching to economic arts to allow us to field more of what we do have (Amazing Monks, seriously. We are going to get Shogun 1 on these guys) and to ensure Taira supremacy.

Ingame Encyclopaedia - Confucianism posted:

The power of belief
Resides not in words or thoughts:
Happiness blossoms.

If a ruler acts properly, then people are given an exemplar to emulate and admire. The whole community grows and prospers if all have respect and justice at the hands of their masters and fellows.

Tomomori summoned his attendant. "Get me the combat status report of Mikawa" he ordered.
"I would, my Lord" replied the attendant. "But we have received no word from the garrison commander there this season."

Realm Divide is not only enemy armies from all sides, but also an almost never-ending stream of enemy agents sent to disrupt your plans. The forces in Mikawa have been distracted and are unable to move. Although I can't pull them out as they are keeping unrest in check, it's entirely possible for this force to be locked down for an extended period of time. Our counter agents such as Nakamitsu are perfect for keeping these undesirables out.

The Wakasa administrator inspected the corpse of the enemy agent. She was young, her inexperience arousing suspicion, her ineptness proving beyond doubt she worked for a hostile clan. Whatever her mission had been, she would not achieve it. The Taira were not fools. He sighed. In a few short years, the quiet province of Wakasa had become a hotbed of conflict, hostile forces marching on her soil, mighty armies manning her fortifications, subterfuge erupting from the shadows. He wished for nothing more than the quiet life of peasant squabbling and watching his children grow, but fate held little kindness for those swept up in the games of power.

Not all enemy agents are so lucky however, as a Shirabyoshi trying to distract our troops in Wakasa meets an untimely end at the hands of our most loyal and dedicated troops. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing an enemy agent just... disappear.

The days were cold, yet Tomomori was warmed from within as the rage inside his breast had hardened, a core of ice and fire. His impulsiveness and fury tempered into a weapon, his rage like a steel blade, deadly, swift and cleaving all before him.

The desperate defence of Totomi has given Tomomori enough experience to reach general rank 4. He is now the most experienced general out of all the Taira and provides not only large morale bonuses but also gets the superior general skills.

"Combat drill is to be doubled. For too long have I favoured the bow over the sword." ordered Tomomori. "The men are weapons, but weapons are no use to me blunt."
"My Lord, the men are already worked almost to exhaustion" pleaded the attendant. "Surely we can change drill instead of adding new ones?"
Tomomori shook his head. "I expect no more of the men than I expect of myself. We will all strive to be the perfect warrior."
"This will cause unrest, my Lord" warned the attendant.
"Then tell the men that I will be first to drill and last to leave. They may best my endurance if they wish" replied Tomomori. "If I falter, the men may have the next day free from drill."

With the choice of Master Horseman for additional charge to cavalry or Master Swordsman for additional attack to all units, the choice is clear for a true warrior like Tomomori. His bodyguard now are even more powerful, but the real benefit is the additional attack bonus to all our troops, making our Levy troops able to punch well above their weight as well as rendering our Samurai even more unstoppable.

Tomomori looked up from his scrolls and the Samurai Captain entered.
"You sent for me, my Lord?" questioned the captain.
"Your skills with the sword are unsurpassed, your loyalty unquestionable and your skill with the bow second only to my own" replied Tomomori. "In recognition of your superb dedication and ability, I am promoting you to my second hand and personal bodyguard."
The bodyguard saluted. "You honour me beyond words, my Lord. I will protect you to my death."
Tomomori smiled. "I know, old friend. Now, come, I can think of few better reasons for sake!"

With Tomomori so powerful, we need to ensure that he doesn't meet an untimely end as he operates far from friendly forces. To this end we give him the Exceptional Bodyguard retainer, making him more potent in ambushes as well as significantly reducing his chance of meeting an untimely end. To just give you an idea of the power of Tomomori and his elite troops, let's compare them with both each other and the Onna Bushi Heroines.

From the battlements, Ietoyo could only watch helplessly as the outer farmsteads were put to the torch by the Minamoto forces, thick black smoke spilling into the sky. He could do nothing to protect the people of Mino outside the city walls, yet to sally forth would be to doom the city to fall to the Minamoto. He knew that he must wait and watch, but the pain of helplessness tore into his chest as surely as any dagger.

While the Kamakura Minamoto were launching full scale invasions in the southern provinces, the Kiso Minamoto were taking a different approach, burning down our farms in Mino. Although the damage was fairly minor, costing 300 koku to repair plus another ~100 koku in lost income, the Taira remain undisturbed. The deadly winter would cost many lives of the Minamoto, forcing them to assault the strongholds to gain the safety within, or face the bitter cold in hostile territory.

The administrator of Wakasa sat in his room, deep in thought. "Why had the Adachi not attacked?" he wondered. "The first snows are arriving and the land here is harsh. Surely they must make a move soon."

The Adachi forces elect to wait and receive reinforcements, although like the Kiso Minamoto, the bitter winter will force them to either engage or withdraw if they wish to avoid the inevitable deaths that would occur if they remain encamped in Taira lands.

Having lost his pursuit over many weeks, Nakamitsu made his way towards Totomi. "Maybe I can get there before it is too late" he thought to himself. As he encountered the remnants of the Minamoto force, his heart was filled with sadness and relief. Totomi was still held by the Taira, his failure had destroyed all Taira hopes, but he had still failed in his mission. Yet even now he could be of use. If he could force the army to stay out in the bitter winter, Japan herself would more damage than a hundred blades...

I can't afford to let the entire Kamakura Minamoto force escape back to their territory to be reinforced and attack us again. I also lack the forces to destroy the larger stack this turn. Instead, Nakamitsu prepares to sabotage the smaller force, ensuring that they must face a bitter winter in hostile territory and giving the larger force a deadly conundrum, do they withdraw to safety and doom their smaller stack or do they hang around to protect it but also suffer winter losses?

The Minamoto army was in disarray. With no general to give clear commands, it was left to captains to best organise supplies and duty rosters. Such confusion made simple work for Nakamitsu, slipping through the encampment to the supplies like a ghost, poisoning them all and rendering the army helpless.

Unwilling to let us down again, Nakamitsu ensures that Tomomori will be able to launch a counter-attack to wipe the Minamoto forces off the face of Japan. Their winter losses assured combined with our replenishment and additional troops will ensure that when we take the field, the advantage will be ours.

Throughout Japan, men told stories of the Taira, blessed by the heavens with ghosts and oni at their side. A Taira man was undefeatable, they said. Powers from beyond guided their weapons, killing blows were turned aside by their armour and their leaders were divinely touched. The powerful men of other clans ignored such barracks rumour, but deep inside the heart of all on the field of battle, the cold touch of fear gripped their hearts.

With the successful sabotage of an enemy army, we have completed our mission "Subversive Strategies", resulting in all our troops causing fear (-2 morale to targets engaged in melee with them) for 6 seasons. Suddenly, a massive counter-attack seems not only a possibility, but a responsible move!

Hisakane could not sit by and watch the countryside burn. He would teach the Minamoto that such barbarity towards their fellow man was condemned by the heavens.
"The gods do not take kindly to destruction" he preached. "There is no honour in destruction, no favour in murder. Such acts shame heaven and anger it, cease your actions lest you bring the wrath of heaven down upon you!"

With our troops causing fear, if we can combine it with a demoralised enemy stack, Ietoyo should be able to obliterate the Kiso Minamoto forces and put us back on an aggressive footing. To this end we dispatch Hisakane to demoralise the enemy troops with a 50% chance.

The Minamoto troops laughed. "We fear nothing!" they taunted.
"Be off with you, old man!" jeered another. "Go peddle your nonsense to a halfwit."

Unluckily for us, the coin flip falls against us and the enemy army laughs at Hisakane's pathetic attempts to demoralise them. Without the overwhelming advantage of stacking morale penalties, I can't risk taking the field with Ietoyo. The Kiso Minamoto will be able to flaunt Taira supremacy for another turn.

Dejected, but not defeated, Hisakane walked slowly down the path, pondering his mistakes and successes. He would need time to meditate on what the world was teaching him, to learn and understand all put before him. His path was the journey and he would not tire.

The experience is a valuable one however, with Hisakane gaining a rank. The additional rank will help prevent him from meeting untimely ends, as well as ensuring more consistent success in his mission to break the will of our foes.

His meditation had been long and deep, but Hisakane had realised that he must bring peace and truth to all people, no matter how far. Each step moved him closer to enlightenment, yet he knew that he would never reach it. His determination and will, seeking perfection yet knowing the impossibility of it lent him an aura of action, of inspiration.

This is the skill tree for the Sou agent type. The left side represents the peaceful side of the tree, giving bonuses to things like army movement, army morale and bonuses to art research, while the right side of the tree is for more aggressive abilities like inciting revolts, demoralising troops and indoctrinating enemy agents. The tree is sparse enough that you can open both sides up very easily and path to whatever level 6 ability is most useful at the time. This makes them very different to most other agent types, which need to be built with a final goal in mind almost from the very first level. Our skills let an army we are heartening move further in a turn and also to allow us to bring more happiness to towns we preach to. These are chosen more for the fact they open all our options, rather than for a specific use.

As he walked along the road, Hisakane found his attention gripped by a small black volcanic stone. It drew his focus to it, taunting him of his imperfect understanding of the world. He picked it up and examined it, feeling the weight in his hand. Suddenly, a thought rose unbidden from the back of his mind "As the mighty mountain is made of small stones, so each city is made of people". What deeper meaning it might have eluded him, but he now had something else to ponder on his travels.

There may be a time where we need to move an army out of freshly conquered territory and still maintain order despite there being no support for our clan. As such, I pick the retainer that improves the happiness added when inspiring towns as it can be a critical stopgap at times. Each skill star in inspiring towns adds 0.5 happiness, rounded up, so currently Hisakane has the pacifying effect of three full regiments of levy.

Shigehira looked at the financial scrolls and smiled. Luck was favouring the Taira, it seemed. Soon their mark on Japan would be undeniable.

Since we last looked at our financial situation, we are earning an additional 750 koku a turn, although our military expenses have increased by 1300 koku, so we are earning 550 koku a turn less than before. However, the additional 3/4 stack that we are maintaining means that we can not only hold what we have with confidence, but that we can expand into an exceptionally rich province, Echizen. In a mere half dozen turns, almost all that expense will have been wiped out. Our economic prospects are starting to turn around, as we not only have income, but we have the military force to take additional riches and push towards winning the game, the finest use of koku. It's always a delicate balance between investing enough to keep your economy healthy, while still being able to have the troops to actually win the game. Things are looking up!

Sneak Peak:Taira Vengeance