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Part 39: Multiplayer Tournament

Sorry for the delay everyone! New matchups up tomorrow!

Tournament Round 1 - Brainamp vs Revenant Threshold

Battle 1

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Battle 2

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Battle 3

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Overall Winner - Revenant
Relegated to Losers Bracket - Brainamp

Two close matches and one spectacular finisher makes for a great set of replays. Brainamp had the superior cavalry management, but Revenant's army control and ability to maintain a battle line even under intense pressure gave him the edge he needed to take out the round. Revenant got a great ambush in the second map with his archers from the trees and repelling Brainamp's cavalry counter-attack and was able to grind out the win. No matter where Brainamp put the pressure on, Revenant had a little something extra to deal with it.

Abilities were used well in these fights, but with two battles being so close, small differences in the timing could have made all the difference. Certainly Brainamp's front line in the first battle could have used a timely rally or inspire without impacting his pursuit too much. The smallest of differences could have made a world of difference and I'm sure both players will watch the replays and kick themselves for the things they could have done differently, but that's the way the pressure works. Your opponent loses his focus and you keep yours. Revenant had, I feel, a slight edge in keeping his composure and plan in the face of Brainamp's pressure and turned the early pressure back on his opponent.

Earlier battles in this series have had opponents worried about committing forces to an attack, but if I had to pick out the flaw in Brainamp's game it was that he committed his forces too readily for the sake of pressuring his opponent without thinking how other forms of pressure could be applied or how manoeuvring would help his cause. Of course, in the final match he showed just how comprehensive a victory you can win when you break your opponent under pressure with pure ferocity! It certainly wowed me!