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Part 41: Multiplayer Tournament

Tournament Round 2 - Revenant Threshold vs ScotchDK

Battle 1

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Battle 2

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Battle 3

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Overall Winner - ScotchDK
Relegated to Losers Bracket - Revenant

What a comeback! Revenant looked all set to sweep up ScotchDK and continue his run in the Winners bracket, but ScotchDK found a little something extra when his back was against the wall and made each battle count. Both players were evenly matched, with Revenant having the superior battlefield control and strategic planning, but ScotchDK having the better sense of timing his unit abilities as well as cold reading his opponent. Neither player handled rapidly changing gameplans well and that's one of the most difficult skills to learn. You simply can't be everywhere at once and you only have so much attention to give, learning how and where to prioritise your focus is a critical skill and both players lacked the tightness of play that we saw in the match of Sydin and Yukitsu.

It's obvious, however, that both players have been watching the other players in the Tournament and learning at an incredible rate. We saw some spectacular hammer and anvil from Revenant in the first match, while ScotchDK pulled off a general ambush in the second that Yukitsu would have been proud of! The rapid response of Revenant when his Sword Attendants came under fire in the second game was masterful, but without backup from his main force and without using Banzai, it was in trouble from the start. Holding both Mounted Samurai in reserve was a mistake, in my opinion. Their exceptional bow skills make them ideal harassment forces and you just won't get the value from them you need if you keep them back, they should be up the front peppering the enemy forces with arrows, since they can't have archer cover everywhere. Mounted Samurai are just too expensive to only use in melee at the end, that's a role better suited to Mounted Naginata.

Revenant might be down, but he's certainly not out! I would rate him as one of the more dangerous players in the Losers bracket and he is a strong contender for the final. No matter how the next match turns out, we can look forward to some more exceptional battles from these two players in Round 3!