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Part 11

Touhou 2, Update 5

(Reimu Type-C) Stage 5, Boss: Mima, Good Ending 3
(Reimu Type-B) Demonstration (Stage 4 + Marisa), Good Ending 2
(Reimu Type-A) Demonstration (Marisa), Good Ending 1
(Reimu Type-C) Extra Stage Attempt

Bosses, Touhou 2 posted:

Stage 1 (Flower Tank), Extra Stage (Flying Tank Evil Eye Sigma)

Stage 2

The Five Magical Stones
Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Music, Touhou 2 posted:

(Zorak Note: If you're wondering why there are different comments by ZUN, it's because there are different variations on the same theme depending on whether the music is in FM or if it's in MIDI (and you're using an adequate MIDI add-on)

Title screen theme
Record of the Sealing of an Oriental Demon ~ Pure Land Mandala
-FM version-
The title theme. It's a pretty long song for
a title theme, so the play demo will start if
you try to listen to the whole thing.
Hm, I wonder where the East is.
-MIDI version-
The MIDI version doesn't sound very eastern (*g*).
And when you listen to the second half,
you can't help but feel it sounds medieval ...

Stage 1 Theme
Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind
-FM version-
The first stage theme. (The atmosphere is) heavy.
A lot of shooting games have really energetic first
stage themes, and this song is, too, but it's so dark.
This game ... even though the story is a joke, the music
is so serious, and the enemies are so hard.
I like that kind of mismatch.
-MIDI version-
The main part comes in pretty flashy. Actually, the
stage 1, 2, and 3 themes all have pretty much the same
flow. (From quiet songs to flashy ones.) That's because
the author can only make that kind of song ... sniff sniff
Er, I mean, because he likes that sort of song.
The second half redoes the melody. What do you think of it?

Stage 1 Boss - Rika's Theme
She's in a temper!!

-FM version-
 The stage 1 boss theme. I tried to make it sound
weak. I think this song sounds a little Oriental.
-MIDI version-
 The intro ended up pretty short. That's because
the part after the main bit is written using the sort of
patterns I do best, and you won't hear past that in the
game. In other words, the stage 1 boss dies too quickly.

Stage 2 Theme
End of Daylight

-FM version-
The second stage theme, I actually wrote this quite
some time ago, so I think it feels different than the
other songs. Actually, I wrote this song envisioning
the dawn, but there weren't any scenes like that in the
game so I'm using it for a night scene. I wanted it to
contrast the first stage theme - day and night, light and
darkness - but the first stage theme was too heavy. Mmmm~
-MIDI version-
It's night, but birds are singing ... this really is a
dawn song. It really is a string song. I don't use guitars
much, even for energetic songs. I'd really like to make them
go gyeeeeen sometime, but I don't use them, so.

Stage 2 Boss - Meira's theme
Power of Darkness

-FM version-
 The stage 2 boss theme. I tried making something
cool, but it's really short, isn't it?
-MIDI version-
 I think up lots of really short phrases like this.
Well, it's a boss theme, so it's probably okay even
if it's short. Yes.
(The comments are short, too.)

Stage 3 theme
World of Empty Dreams

-FM version-
 I wonder just where the world of empty dreams
is? I don't think it's anywhere in the void of
space, but ...
-MIDI version-
 Compared to the FM version, it's pretty flashy.
Still, it suits the game better when it's more
phantasmal, but ...
I like having the hand claps in the drum pattern.

Stage 3 Boss - The 5 Magic Stone's Theme
Bet on Death

-FM version-
 The third stage boss theme. The boss suddenly gets
strong in this stage. However, the song has a long loop,
so about the time the main melody ends, the boss should
be dead.
-MIDI version-
 The main instrumentation is guitars, which is unusual for
me. To be sure, I'm only using them for the guitar timbre;
the melody isn't very guitar-ish.
 The melody is different from the FM version, too.
It was easier to make this way (^^;

Stage 4 Theme
Himorogi, Burn in Violet

-FM version-
 The "~ni moe" in the title means burning,
I think it's definitely different from moe~
The rhythm is unusual. In a word, strange.
 Ah, what's Oriental about this song, anyway~
-MIDI version-
 I did a few things I couldn't do in the
FM version. Yes. I redid the melody in the second
half. I really like the part before the main bit in
the MIDI version. Doesn't it feel like it's looking
forward to the main part?

Stage 4 Boss - Marisa Kirisame's theme
Love-coloured Magic

-FM version-
 Marisa's theme. She's the strongest magical
girl. I tried to make the song feel like something
from an anime, but try as I might, I just couldn't
make something that had that heroine feel to it
(I'm still practicing), so I tried to make something
strong and witchy.
 I think it feels a little Oriental.
-MIDI version-
 I tried my hardest to pack this song full of girl-ness.
The intro feels fleeting and ephemeral, but the the song
feels very upbeat, the main melody feels strong, but somehow
it feels Oriental, doesn't it? It doesn't match a shrine
maiden that much, though.
 (None of the songs do, actually (^^; )

Final Stage theme
Record of the Sealing of an Oriental Demon ~ A Phantom's Boisterous Dance

-FM version-
 This was going to be the title song. Now, it's
an uninteresting stage 5 theme. To tell you the truth,
this is the first song I made in PMD, so it didn't go
that well, but it's the only song that changes rhythm.
(The only one?) Still, it's the song I'm most familiar
-MIDI version-
 A difficult birth. Yes. In any case, I made the FM
version eight months before. Since I'd decided on the
song's image then, it was hard to rewrite the bass and
other parts. As a result, I had to redo it three times.
 The melody in the second half is new, but isn't it nice?
Isn't it? *sweatdrop* Come to think of it, this doesn't
have many "real" instruments in it, so it's very good for
game music.

Final Boss - Mima's theme
Complete Darkness

-FM version-
 Mima's theme. There are a few points that I think
are promised to last boss themes. Needless to say, it
can't be too light, it can't be too simple, and it has to
be mysterious, among other things. Of course, that's
my opinion, so others may not agree.
-MIDI version-
 The tempo seems out of hand. It speeds up and slows
down. But, doesn't it feel very, well, last? This
feeling of chaos, the murderous bass, the string, piano,
and drums only main melody ...
 Still, it feels like the tempo is off ...

Extra Stage theme
Extra Love

-FM version-
 This is the Extra Stage song.
This song and the next are all, are you sure you
want to keep going? Let's do our best to beat the
next person with a no continue clear.
(Easy is fine, too.) So, that's what the song is
like. Yep. Uja uja ...
-MIDI version-
 Compared to the FM version, it feels like it's
leveled up. The electric piano gives it a sort of
radio feel that's nice.
 The main melody in the MIDI version is pretty
nice. This stage has so many bullets that maybe it's
not the right place for it, though ...

Extra Boss - Rika's 2nd theme
The Tank Girl's Dream
-FM version-
 The theme for a certain girl genius. The intro is
meant to be particularly cute. The song uses
the same progression as Extra Love. Still, conversely,
this song is ... ... too strong (^^;
-MIDI version-
 Somehow, compared to the FM version, it sounds more
tragic; I wonder why? It repeats the same phrases over
and over, but it takes a long time to loop.

Ending theme
Forest of Tohno
-FM version-
 The ending song. It's a little dark, but the
ending isn't really dark at all.
-MIDI version-
 This might be the one song in the game that is the most
out of place for its stage. It's not really that sad, but
the ending isn't dark at all, so.

Staff Roll theme
Legendary Wonderland

-FM version-
 The staff roll song. I thought the staff roll
song should be an upbeat song with strong rhythm,
but ...
It's energetic, but isn't it a little too dark?
-MIDI version-
 This is the only song that uses twice as many parts as
usual. So, the sounds are very thick. This is the sort
of pattern I'm absolutely best at. Unlike the FM version,
it doesn't repeat the main part, but goes right back to
the beginning.

Unused #1
Hakurei Shrine Grounds

 I made this, intending for it to be the first stage
theme, but ... ... ... since the early songs in HRtP were
so dark, so I thought I'd make this one brighter, and it ended up like this.
 But, I threw it out (^^;;;;

Unused #2

I was going to use this for stage 2.
It's not bad, but ...
 It felt half-hearted, so I threw it out.

Unused #3
Sealed Demon's Finale

 I had planned on using this for the staff roll,
but ... The rhythm is so light it's almost
unthinkable now (^^;;;
 It has a rather fine pedigree, but it didn't balance well
with the other songs in the game, so I threw it out.

Big thanks to leather fedora and Hokuto for helping out with the ending translations