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Part 21

Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story Update 7

(Marisa Type-A) Stage 5, Boss: Yuka (tired). Stage 6, Boss: Yuka (awake). Good Ending 3.

Bad Ending 3

Rather than do the Extra Stage here, I think I'm going to just link a video of someone else doing it, since it's really fucking hard and I've not got the will to spend the time learning it just to get to the bosses.


(I've gotten like 3:00 in myself, with practice I could get to the bosses I suppose, but I doubt I'd be able to beat them~)

Music, Touhou 4 posted:

Title screen
Gensokyo ~ Lotus Land Story

It's the usual. Though we've just about
had enough (^^;;
I wonder what makes this a Japanese-style song.
Hm, well, I do like the song itself quite a bit,
but ...
Not much else, aside from the fact that it doesn't
really match the title screen (^^;;;
Well, I suppose even that (not matching the title
picture) is a trademark of this series (^^;
    (Not really)

Reimu's Stage 1 theme
Witching Dream

Ye~s. This song turned out kind of cool.
But, it might be a little too dark.
There's that drum pattern in the second half
that's almost out of desperation. Just a little.

Yep. Ah, well.

Marisa's Stage 1 theme
Serene Night

This is a pretty cute song, isn't it?
I guess the kind of cute that you'd say fits
a witch girl?
 (No way, it's definitely not.)
I always write my songs pretty haphazardly, so
I never really have any idea how they'll turn
 I do seriously put some thought into the theme, but ...
 (By the way, this is a pretty cute song (^^

Stage 1 Boss - Orange's theme
Decoration Battle

The first boss song is pretty hard.
It's popular for boss music nowadays to be dignified,
but as you can see, most of the bosses in this series
are cute girls, so I try to make their songs cool.
So, why are the first boss songs hard, well, it's actually
pretty easy for me to make a cool (sounding) song most
of the time (I think).
But, if the first stage boss theme is really cool, I don't
have anything left over for the rest of the songs, and end
up making something really weird - that's my pattern.
So, it's a pretty serious problem.
Well, what do you think of this song? (^^;;

Stage 2 theme
Break the Sabbath

The patterns in this song are similar to
those from last time.
It starts bit-by-bit and goes pah-pa pah-pa
It was actually pretty easy to make, so it
didn't leave a strong impression (^^;

Stage 2 Boss - Kurumi's theme
Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme

My boss songs are basically short.
If they're long, you might not be able to hear
the whole thing
I was going for a song that would evoke the image
of a westernized demon, but ... ?
Well, it has a nice feel (^^

Stage 3 theme
BAD Apple!!

This song feels like my older songs.
Well, since it started turning out weird, I did
try to make it at least sound like something
I might have written long ago ...
It's nice to have something this rhythmical(?).
And, it's very 3rd-stage-ish(??) ...

Stage 3 Boss - Elly's theme
Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis

I kind of like this song.
The stage 3 boss is kind of strong. The song
has the same feel to it.
She may look strong, but the song gives you the
feeling you'll definitely win(?)

Stage 4 theme
Alice Maestra

I imagined a cool-looking Western-style mansion while
making this song, and it ended up turning into something I
really don't understand (^^;
But, I think it has an altogether different atmosphere from
the the other songs ...
    (Or maybe it's the same (^^;;

Stage 4 Boss A - Reimu's theme
Maiden's Capriccio

Yeah. I really like this song.
The biggest problem, is no matter who listens, it's
just not a shrine maiden song at all (^^;
But, I think this song best expresses the
atmosphere of this game.

It's a little cute, too.

Stage 4 Boss B - Marisa's theme
Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star

It's hard to make weirder songs than this.
The intro has a kind of boss-ish feel to it.

It has a bit of a somber feel to it.
   (Hm, I wonder, yeah)

Stage 5 theme
Lotus Love

I had no idea what this was when I made it,
but it's grown on me now.
Once you get used to it, you can see how it's
quite cool, and how it has quite a nice feel. Quite.

The stage is short, too, so in-game the song
only loops once. Poor thing.

Stage 5 Boss - Yuka's theme 1
Sleeping Terror

I'm usually pretty haphazard in my song writing,
but this time I pretty much had the thing all planned
out (in my head) before I got started.
I don't think I use this type of bass pattern very
often, though.
But, I didn't have many voices in the 26 version, so
it didn't come out all that well (;_;

Final Stage theme
Dream Land

This is a very short song (^^;
I think it came out very lonely-sounding,
too (^^;;;
Well, in any case, is it, I wonder?
Kind of. Uja~

Final Boss - Yuka's theme 2
Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream

The last boss theme. It has a very final
feel to it.
I think it came out pretty cool somehow~
Nobody really knows if Yuka herself is cool.
Personally, I think I rather like her.

Extra Stage theme
The Inevitably Forbidden Game

I made this one fairly rhythmical (not)
The main part is pretty simple, so it feels nice.

I get the feeling listening to it that this is how
my songs are most of the time.

I like songs like this, but sometimes I want to
write something with a different atmosphere.

Extra Stage boss #1 - Mugetsu's theme
Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic

The younger sister, Mugetsu's, theme. For some
reason it feels like a maid song.
This is a pretty cool song, isn't it? Even though
it's short. (Because it's short?)

Well, in any case, it turned out to be a maid
song like this.

Extra Stage boss #2 - Gengetsu's theme
Cute Devil ~ Innocence

The theme for the older sister Gengetsu, the most terrible, most fearful boss.
I wanted for it to have a real Western feel
to it, but ... ?
I was aiming for a song that was pretty similar to
Mugetu's theme.

Rather, I was really hoping to come up with a Mr. Dracula
sort of song ... (;_;

Bad ending

Hmm. It's a song that feels like there's no reason for hopes
or dreams. At least when I know I can't make bright songs, the
bad end song will come out well.
Except the good end feels like a bad end, too.

Good ending

Huh, it feels kind of peaceful.
Maybe ... a little bright?

Staff roll
Arcadian Dream

  Well, the staff roll is kind of cool, after all.
(Is that all you can say? (^^; )
It seems like a very simple song, but it might
actually be a very simple song.
Well, there's very little staff, so I don't really
need a long staff roll song (^^)

For some reason, it's a lot like a boss song (^^;;;

Name registration
Those Who Live in Illusions

Seems like there should be a game over song, too.

Yeah. Maybe a little too energetic.

Unused (From Mystic Square's Music Room)
Lotus Road

I was going to use this as the stage 1 theme.
But, I thought it was a little too light, so
I didn't use it ...

Unused (From Mystic Square's Music Room)
Dreamy pilot

I was going to use this as the stage 4 theme.
I thought it was kind of air-headed, though, so
I threw it out.
But, maybe it's not that bad?

Unused (From Mystic Square's Music Room)
Incomplete Plot

I was going to use this as the stage 5 theme.
But for some reason I threw it out. *g*
It's pretty nice, too ...

Unused (From Mystic Square's Music Room)
Border Land

I was going to use this as the stage 6 theme.
I thought the last stage theme should be a bit more
mellow, though, so I threw it out.

Unused (From Mystic Square's Music Room)
Magic Shop of Raspberry

I was going to use this as the extra stage theme.
But I thought the extra stage song should be a little
lighter, so I cried and cried and threw it out.

Unused (From Mystic Square's Music Room)
Crescent Dream

I was going to use this for the staff roll.
It's not STG-esque, though, so I threw it out.