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Part 35

Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Update X

(Marisa-B) Stage X, Boss: ???

Stage X Theme: Cold Lakeside Symphonia

Zorak posted:

Stage X theme.
Remixes of game music come in a few tiers; while metal/ hard rock mixes can be quite invigorating, I must say that when it comes to pure class, classical orchestra renditions, or jazz/ blues renditions as we have here in this outing by SWING HOLIC, are pretty much the peak.

This here is a nice variant on Beloved Tomboyish Daughter, obviously.

Boss Profiles posted:

Miserable Pile of Words
Ability: Manipulation of wordsearches
Spellcards: Word Search Sign: A Word Search, Word Search Sign: Another Word Search, Word Search Sign: Missed a Word, Throwback Sign: Why Zorak Why.

Word search stage boss. The embodiment of wordsearches.

She will wage brutal battle against any challenger, but only so long as pens and paper are involved. Instead of a battle of bullets, you're confronted with words. That's about it.

She has little to do with the ongoing conflict, other than using related words against challengers.

Why she's called Crossword when she has control over wordsearches is unknown. Perhaps it's because Zorak wrote the wrong word and ran with it? I guess that's what happens when you come up with an idea on the spot GIANT ANIME SWEATDROP

Stage X Theme #2: Shanghai Chinese Girl
Much of the same with the last comment. The song this one covers is, well, pretty much in the name, so yeah. SOUND HOLIC/ SWING HOLIC make some damn good songs.

your guess is as good as mine!!!