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Part 16: Episode 1, Mission 16

Maybe Satair would understand better if they used Wolstencroft's last name instead of his first name for like the first time ever.

Way to piss off your captors Satair.

I like Kreel already.

In the future, the electric chair will send visible lightning bolts up and down your arm to kill you.

Good think Velasquez was watching TV right at that moment.

Remember, kiddies, more question marks means your question is more important!

Going by her track records, she's probably right...

Oh God, a STINGRAY?! Don't say things you can't take back, Vel!!

I think we all know what the Dispatcher is interested in

Crap, I accidently blasted Cartel -again-! What are the odds?

Hahaha, I love this one.