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Part 38: Episode 2, Mission 18

Poor Koth

Apparently typical TD suggestions are always precluded by dire predictions of how unlikely they are to succeed.

Haha, I love that reply.

Curse Aunt, her and her trying to force me to have responsibility for the care of my child!

Yeh, because that worked out so well for you last time.

The first Vulture III.

And the second. I was almost expecting Ian to message me going "MOMMY NO"

And the final VIII.

I wonder if Ian is one of those 17 kills?

Oh well, looks like my son is de... SOMEBODY SNITCHED?! THIS IS TERRIBLE

EXCUSE me, this is a private conversation!

So he wasn't in the the V3's?

I love the way Vel just keeps insulting and taunting Glasya over and over again and she just sits there getting more and more pissed