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by Cmndstab

Part 55: Episode 3, Mission 15

They're getting sloppy with those subtitles...

Way to backtalk the deranged psychopathic cyborg Jekar.

That's a bit of an overreaction, Vel...

Yah, that damn shapeshifting pacifist!

Don't worry, Vel, every child has a phase where they hate their parents.

So, yes.

Wow, no backchat from Vel...


Why? Another clone? I like the way he assumes we'll raid the VCI to see him there again.

Let's put the theory to the test, eh, Kreel?

Apparently vaping Kreel wasn't enough so I decided to take out 21 other Vultures as well.

"Get a grip"? He's probably right, killing Kreel probably does mean one of the other Generals is going to take over and vape the shit out of this side of the city...