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Part 56: Episode 3, Mission 16

So Kreel's really dead then? Awesome

How about a better name?

I guess the whole paying him back for saying that a woman's place is next to the throne thing never eventuated.

General Jack-ass, not to be confused with Commander Jerk-Off. I love the way Vel, with her army of like 5 SKID pilots, tells Talon he can't win the war with her.

Hahahahahahaha, Vulturnan blood, the ultimate insult.

ime to destroy more trucks... another boring mission...

Or not...?

The energy field slows you down dramatically. Of course, it slows everyone else down completely, so I am actually out to give this V1 the ultiamte in degredation:

Destroying it with missiles instead of ion fire. It still takes like 4 missiles to take this thing out, what a bloody useless weapon.

"Vel is able to destroy immobile SKIDs with missiles!"