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Traffic Department 2192

by Cmndstab

Part 43: Episode 3, Mission 3

Trigger happy much?

To be fair this dude could do to stop speaking in general terms and actually spit out what he means.

Selat looks like an older version of Jekar.

Threats don't rile Selat up so Vel goes back to her roots.

Umm.. can I answer that?

More clumps up of convoy trucks, I love these missions

Vel talking to herself? This isn't a good sign...

Ric velasquez?! This isn't a good sign either...

Ric would look totally sweet with a monocle

Vel's mum must not have enjoyed peave very much if she chose Ric over Satair...

Vel hallucinates about all the most important people in her life; her father, her old commander, and... the android waiter? What?