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Part 48: Episode 3, Mission 8

He's not even bothering to explain his slow, torturous interrogation to his granddaughter anymore. Where's the family love?!

Actually, flying through the Negaton Defence Screens kill you all the same, so basically this SKID sucks and a Stingray would actually be better than a V3 on an escort mission.

Since you have no way of getting ahead of the convoy, your only hope is to fly into the side streets and hope to attract enough attention that the Vulture SKIDs shoot you and leave the convoy alone. This mission took me a good 6 or 7 tries.

Then, they have to get back again. at least for this one you can get behind them and soak up hits. If even one of them dies, you fail the mission.

Maybe hyde was right about Sechian parents...

You mean he could've done that all along?!