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Part 1: I sure wish every job I had was this easy.

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-Luxury Airship Lusitania-

In case you missed it: we are on the Luxury Airship Lusitania.

The Luxury Airship Lusitania is where we are currently located.

Host: On behalf of the Conrad Company, I would like to take the time to thank you all for attending this party today. As I'm sure you're all aware, this is a most auspicious day...

Host: Yes, indeed! On this historic day ten years ago, this fine company...

Masked Woman: You ought to at least try and feign interest in what he's saying, hmm? Surely you must understand what kind of man he is if you're here?

He's a merchant of death who made a fortune during the Hundred Days War--and one of the Empire's most wealthy men, despite being a relative newcomer. Why, it was only a few years ago that he partnered up with the Reinford Group, and now he's serving on their board of directors!

...Although, I dare say he's less impressive in person than on paper.
He didn't even remember his party mask. What a boor.
Masked Woman: My, my! You'd best refrain from making such remarks. That mask of yours may disguise your identity, but it won't keep those naughty men in black away should you make an enemy of them.
Now, that's a terrifying prospect. I can't imagine I'd last very long if I did.

Masked Woman: Hmm... I must say, I find you rather intriguing. Are you a member of the press, perhaps? Or maybe even a government official?
I would answer, but where's the fun in spilling secrets? I'll leave the pondering to your fertile imagination, mademoiselle. Leaving my identity aside, however...this ship is an impressive work of art. It's hard to believe we're inside one at all, and yet here we are, thousands of arge in the air.
Masked Woman: Well, it is Reinford's latest model. One would expect nothing less than art. Last I heard, they were advertising it as the largest airship in the world.
It IS 120 arge across, so they're probably right.
...As far as most of the world knows.
Masked Woman: Heehee. You certainly know how to make a lady curious. But even with the mask, it's no secret that you're so young. Practically still a boy. I wonder, how often do you go around charming your way through these drab parties with that aura of mystique?
Well, well! Seems the mask can't hide ALL my secrets.
Perhaps I ought to make my daring escape before I give away anything more about myself.
Masked Woman: If you must, although it would be my pleasure to continue keeping you company. It's not every day that one gets to enjoy chatting the night away with a mysterious stranger like this, you know.

Masked Woman: We could even take our chat somewhere more...comfortable. Like your room?
Haha... I would be honored to, fair lady. But only if you can promise the Goddess has Her eyes turned away; She may blush if She's watching.
Meanwhile, I'll refrain from asking why your room would not be an acceptable location.
Masked Woman: And I'll thank you for not forcing me to bring up that oaf of a man.

(His private room's on the highest floor of the ship and on the other side of the deck.)
(Okay... Let's get to work.)

This is a high society gathering for the very elite of the Erebonian naturally, almost none of these people have anything interesting to say.

Masked Young Man: I... Uhh... I said that no mask can hope to disguise the beauty of your ivory-white skin...or the luster of those fine red lips.
Masked Woman: Teehee! Well, aren't you the flatterer?
Masked Young Man: *sigh* She was the one who initiated the conversation with me, if you're wondering...Still, I can't very well ignore her. I'll just try and keep the conversation going.
Tell her her eyes are like a flock of goats. I'm pretty sure that's famous poetry.

Masked Gentleman: *sigh* I keep telling her not to go wandering off without telling me, but she never listens...
(Hold on...)
(Heh. Could this be Madame Frisky's 'oaf of a man'?)

(Strange... Felt like someone was watching me for a minute.)
(...Ahhh, forget it. I've got work to do.)

Phase One: Loot Everything.

Don't mind me, folks. Tech support. Just need to update your treasure chests.


Staff Member: I hope you will enjoy your time relaxing here. You're welcome to take any of the books here out of the library so long as you don't take them outside of the ship itself. So if you would prefer to read in your room rather than here, by all means.
'And we regretfully can't allow you to throw them at the peasants on the earth below. We've had some complaints.'

Guest: Although, it's hard to be sure since the government issued a ban on talking about the whole thing after the fact. And without any official announcements on the matter, all we're left with is hearsay.
Other Guest: You're talking about when they couldn't use orbments all of a sudden along the southern edge of Erebonia? I heard that even the trains and international flights in that region had to be stopped on account of it. I haven't a clue what caused it all, though...I can't imagine it was anything THAT serious, at least.
Guest: A friend of mine says he saw that massive object I've heard mentioned a few times with his own eyes, but I have my doubts...He's the only person I know who claims to have seen it, so I can't help but wonder if his eyes were playing tricks on him.
Other Guest: Still, whatever happened, it has nothing to do with us. I'm sure if it was anything that serious, the army would step in and sort it all out. We needn't fret.

Receptionist: If you are, we would be happy to treat you as an official member of this club. So please do enjoy yourself and make use of the facilities on offer.
No time for gambling. The real jackpot is upstairs.

Guest: I spent what little money we have just to get you on this ship today. This is the life rich people in our country lead. Burn this sight into your memory and never forget it. I'm counting on you to make your way into this world when you're older and make life easy for me.
I can't even feel bad about robbing this guy.

Guest: I, uh, kinda found an invitation to that costume party that's going on right now...What should I do with it?
Other Guest: Y-You idiot! What'd you pick it up for?! Those are only for the super-rich people in the first-class rooms, not the likes of us!
Guest: B-But still...Hmm? U-Umm! H-Hello...
Excuse me, but is this the staircase that leads to the observation deck?
Other Guest: Oh... Y-Yes! Yes, it is! P-Please, go on ahead!
Haha. Thanks.

Nielsen: Can't say I'm familiar with the sound of its engines, anyway. I assume they must be a new model, too...
(Hmm? Could this man be blind?)

Man in Black A: If you're looking for the observation deck, you can reach it through those doors over there. If you're looking for the area where the party is being held, however, you will need to head down the stairs.

Aldan: I do wish your top speed was a little faster than 1,000 APH...but nothing can beat you when it comes to sheer size or capacity. Fitting a whole thousand people on board isn't something any other airships can boast! Affording the ticket to come on here today sure wasn't cheap...I had to sell photographs for ages to gather up enough...and now that money's all gone. So I've REALLY got to make the most of tonight...Let's make this a night to remember, Lusitania!

Man in Black B: This staircase leads to Sir Conrad's private room.
Man in Black C: I'm afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave.
I figured you'd say something like that.
Sorry, though. This isn't gonna be your lucky day.

Man in Black B: Wha...?
Man in Black C: Wh-What are you doing?!

They don't seem that well trained, either...This'll be cake.
Heh. I sure wish every job I had was this easy.

All right... Now, where's he hidden it?


Well, would you look at that? Who wants to bet that's not the only one?

*clack clack* All of the switches were reset!

That one must've been a fake. Bah... I should've known they wouldn't make it simple.

That's probably not the only switch I need to press.

Now, where's the next one...?

I doubt that's the last one...

Everything so far's been completely in line with what I expected, which means that...

There's a panel with buttons that have letters written on them. A password of some kind must apparently be entered.

Hmm... I wonder...

Looks like my target this time is one of the toys our friends decided to spread around for fun.

-Primal Grounds-

The Fool's Locket, huh? A forbidden artifact that lets the bearer pass all but the most obvious lies off as complete truth. *sigh* Really not the kind of thing a shady weapons dealer should have in his possession.





Man in Black E: What happened to the two who were on guard here?!
Man in Black F: They were both fast asleep. Seemed like whoever did it used a dart or spray of some kind.
Man in Black D: Hmph. You think we're dealing with someone in the same business as us? We'd better keep him locked inside here until the party's over. We can give our report to Master Conrad after.
Man in Black F: What do you think the odds are that he's not acting alone?
Man in Black D: Judging by the security camera footage, I don't think it's that high. That said, there's a definite chance he's got some form of backup that just hasn't acted yet.
Man in Black E: I'd say we're better off marking all invited guests for the time being. We wouldn't want to let anyone slip through our sights.
Man's Voice: Hahaha...
Man in Black F: Did he just laugh at us...?

Man's Voice: Oh, no... I just thought I should probably apologize for underestimating you. I'd written you all off as untrained jaeger dropouts, but maybe you've got more going for you than I was giving you credit for.
Man in Black F: You little...
Man in Black E: Hmph. You've got guts. I'll give you that. I've got no idea how you came to be here, but you should know that Master Conrad is not a merciful man. Don't think you're going to get out of this in one piece.
Man in Black D: Heheh...You're in for such a world of pain, you'll wish you'd killed yourself while you had the chance.
Man's Voice: Haha... Well, doesn't that sound like a fun time? Sadly for you, I've already got my next date lined up, so I won't be able to take you up on that.

Man in Black F: H-How...?
Man's Voice: Oh, yeah. Probably should've said this earlier. You REALLY might wanna step back from that door. Like, a lot.

Man in Black D: N-No way...That door was designed to withstand a direct hit from an orbal cannon!
Young Man's Voice: Boy, you guys have no idea how hard it is to hold back with that one. I'm nooot a huge fan of using it, but I didn't give me much choice.

Give it up for the star of the show.

Man in Black F: Th-This is a joke, right...?
Man in Black E: A...priest?

The male Gralsritter will warn off threats to his territory by puffing out his plumage and raising his spines.

So if you're interested in making any confessions, I'd be happy to listen to 'em. For extra cheap as a limited time offer! And you guys would have a LOT to confess.
Man in Black F: Ugh...
Man in Black D: Don't lend an ear to him! Let's do this!

Aww... I was hoping for more of a 'What, you CHARGE people?!' kinda reaction...
Oh, well. I guess I don't mind cutting to the chase this time.
Come get some.

-Fighting Right On-

As you can see, this is strictly a one-sided affair.

-This Is Our Real Power!-

Still a ways to go!


Man in Black D: H-He's a Grail Knight?! I'd heard rumors about them, but damn...
And curious as I am, I'm probably better off not asking about what kinda rumors you've heard.
Don't worry, though. I'm only here for your client. So you go ahead and have a niiice, long nap on the floor, mm'kay? You'll still live to see tomorrow.
Man in Black D: Ugh... What kind of a monster...?

...Okay, I've got what I came for. Now to get back to the party and wrap this job up.
Sucks I have to go without taking that lady up on her offer, though...She was lookin' pretty darn fine, and it was obvious her husband wasn't givin' her enough squeeze...
Then again, I shouldn't go playing with fire too much, huh?

The promotion to full-time protagonist comes with some fringe benefits. Kevin's new Mortal Punishment craft is a mid-range area attack that doubles as a handy door opener, and his Sacred Breath heal can now cure ailments as well.

The kitty cats are tougher than their handlers, but still a pushover in the end.

Take this! Eat hot arrow!

Aldan: We're not gonna crash, are we?! You wouldn't fall outta the air on me, would you, Lusitania?!
Should we tell him? I don't think I want to be the one to tell him.
(Poor guy missed his chance to run away.)
(There's something familiar about him...but, well, I'd best leave him alone.)
Aldan: Aaaaaah! Someone, help!

These thugs are no match for Kevin's bow-ey knife.

How many are there gonna be?! They could at least raise the stakes and attack all at once.

Man in Black Q: On the name of the Northern Jaegers, we won't let you go any farther!
*sigh* So you really are an active jaeger corps. And a pretty famous one, to boot.
Still, I get stuff's rough going for your country and all, but I couldn't ask you to just...I don't know. Step aside?
Man in Black P: How dare you? What do you know about the hardships endured by our people?!
Man in Black Q: We won't allow ourselves to be shamed with defeat here. Not as long as we suffer!
...Bah. Should've known.
Okay, then! Then I'll come at you with all I've got!

-Fighting Right On-

The 3rd has a handful of new arts, like this entry-level Mirage attack.


Man in Black R: We believe there to be an intruder, s-sir...
Man in Black S: And a competent one, at that.
Conrad: An intruder?! And just what do you think I paid good mira to hire you for?! I don't care if he's alive or full of holes! Get rid of him!
Kevin's Voice: Oh, getting me dead OR alive is too much to ask of those guys.
Crowd: *gasp*

Conrad: Wait... A priest?! No!
Haha. Yeah, I figured with something like this in your possession, you'd at least have heard of us.

Conrad: H-How dare you? Give that BACK! That's MINE!
Uh-uh! Wrong answer. This belongs to the Goddess, and it needs to be rightfully returned to Her. It's not something mere mortals like you should be keeping for themselves.
Conrad: K-Kill him...Kill him and get me back my locket! NOW!

Conrad: G...ah...

In accordance with the laws of the church, and in the name of Aidios, I am placing you under arrest. You stand charged with the unauthorized possession of, and illegal use of, an artifact.
Conrad: D-Don't you think you can get away with this! You might be with the church, but I'm a Reinford director! If you lay a hand on me...
Oh, don't you worry. We cleared this with the big guys already.
I'm sure you've got a preeetty good idea of just how recklessly you've been acting with this thing, right? You've been causing a whole lotta trouble for a whole lotta people, you know?
Conrad: ...!
Guys like you have a habit of making themselves no shortage of enemies, and you've done a stellar job of that.
So just accept that your luck's run out and come quietly, 'kay?
Conrad: No...

So much for this being a piece of cake. Catching guys like this alive is more like trying to sneak off with the whole damn thing.
Man's Voice: Stop right there!

Aww. You pulled out all the stops just for lil' old me? Now I get why you guys are so popular. That's some quick work getting all dolled up and ready to take me down.
Jaeger Able: Silence! You might've had your way before, but that's not how it's gonna go this time!
Jaeger Baker: And just so you know, there's an entire company of us on this ship! Even if you have a hostage you can use against us, you've got nowhere to run!
Heh...We're all lucky boys and girls today, huh?
Jaeger Baker: What?!
Jaeger Able: Wh-What are you talking about?
If this idiot here had been branded a heretic...
...I would've had to hunt each and every one of you down to the last member.
Jaeger Able: Wha...?
Jaeger Baker: Wh-What's up with this guy?
Well, don't let it get to you. Keep up the good work for your homeland or whatever. Just don't go giving us any reason to slaughter you in the process.

And the results are in: 9.7, 9.5, 9.8...and 2.2 from the North Ambrian judge.

Jaeger Baker: Those Gralsritter are monsters...
Crowd: *gasp*


Mysterious Person: But our tale is only just beginning, Kevin Graham...

Kevin Graham Will Return



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