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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 12: Just how long does this place go on for?


-Jade Corridor-

It's so strange, too... The shadow towers were weird enough, but even they made a lot more sense than this does.
Is something wrong, Ries?
What'd you go all quiet for?
Well...I was just wondering what that is.
What what is?

Wh-Wh-Wha...? What's the Arseille doing here?!

You recognize this ship?
Uh-huh... It belongs to the royal family of Liberl. We used it to get on top of that floating city.
Do you have any idea how something like that could've possibly ended up here?
Maybe it was sent here the same way we were?
I don't think we'll get anywhere speculating. Could've come in our way. Could've come in some other way. We just don't know.
The best thing for us to do now is to see what the guys inside have to say.

This is like that monument in the area we started in. Though it's not glowing like that one is...
The one in that garden had no glow in the beginning, either.
Kevin, do you want to give it a try?
I was just thinking the same thing.

I suspected as much.
When we activated the first monument, it said, 'Release my brethren...'
I guess now we know what it meant.
Then... Then do you think this monument might have the same power as the other one?
Most likely. It should come in handy, at least.

Just like the monument at the center of the Hermit's Garden, these mini-ments let you heal up and buy stuff. Check out all our convenient locations.

Most of them have new items for sale, and activating them will update the Garden shops. You can also teleport to them with the cube.

We've got another sealing stone to find.

The head bone's connected to the...head...bone?

This upgrade adds AT-Delay and longer attack range.

Instead of hidden book series, this time we have Trails in the Chest. I'll have to compile these somewhere; I hope I can get them all.

pff nope

That's the end of this path. Let's take the other.

I imagine it's a picnic compared to having your insides rummaged through.

confirmed: Trails and Popeye take place in the same universe

These little guys are like Slime Lumps, except they like to get in at least one nasty hit before they flee.

Heehee. It's not just pretty, either. It's got really high specs, too!
Last I heard, its top speed was raised to 3,600 SPH.
3,600 SPH? That's even faster than a Merkabah.
What's a Merkabah?
Oh, it's a kind of airship the church uses.
You know, for assassinating enemies of the faith and such.
Anyway, never mind that now. Something's up here.
It doesn't look like there's anyone inside at all.
Y-Yeah. You're right... And the orbal engines don't seem to be on.
We ought to be on guard inside.


-Primal Grounds-

There are no signs of life in here at all...
This ship must have been abandoned for at least a few days, if not more.
The orbal power seems to be completely down, too. Makes me wonder if there was some kind of problem with the engines.
Hmm... Well, we're not gonna figure anything out standing here. Let's take a look around.
There might be some kind of clue around that'll help us discover what happened.

Learned the recipe for Easy Paella.

Yep. It's the area where the maintenance crew does all of their work. But...
...there sure isn't anybody here right now.
This is bizarre... Just where did everyone go?

That's right. The eight state-of-the-art XG-02 engines that serve as its main engines are stored in here.
I'm going to go take a look at them!

I'm not even sure why they won't work, either...
Hmm... I see.
Well, we already know that this place more or less has its own laws. It wouldn't be unusual if one of those caused machinery of all kinds to become nonfunctional.
I wish I could help you out more...
Still, I was at least able to secure a backup orbal power line.
So that computer over there should be good to go.
Really? That's plenty of help, Tita.
Let's check it out and see what it can let us do.

And love is eternal, I'm told.

Wow... It's so pretty... What is it, though?
It's called a sealing stone.
This is just like that stone you were imprisoned in, as it so happens.
It was this pretty?
It's still weird to think about, but at the same time, it's kinda nice, too...
If that idea we had about not being able to proceed without freeing whoever's in these is true, there's only one thing to do.
Ready to head back to the base and unlock this little guy?
Of course.

-The Hermit's Garden-

Oooh! Is this the part where someone comes out of it?
Given past precedent, most likely so.
Whether it's someone completely different or a second Tita remains to be seen.
A-A second me?!
If you've jinxed us and we really do get a second Tita, I hope you're ready to be her new mom.
Naturally. I'll love her like my own.

...A military uniform?
OMG is it Cassius?!
W-Wait. Isn't that...?
I knew it.
The stone being inside the Arseille did make me wonder if it'd be someone related to it, and I was right on the mark.


...What? How the...?
You're probably feeling kind of confused right now, but it's good to see you again, Julia.
Father? Tita?

Before greeting all of you, I would simply like to ask... this a dream or illusion? Or reality?

To be honest, all of this is a little hard to swallow, but it's clear I have no choice but to do so.
Thanks for being quick on the uptake.
Do you happen to remember what happened to you before you found yourself here? Were you also surrounded by a white light last night?
It feels closer to mere moments ago rather than last night, but I'd assume so.
I was on my way back to Leiston Fortress after finishing an airborne training exercise when it happened. I was sitting in my usual chair on the bridge when the white light you speak of appeared, and then...well...
I have no memories between that and finding myself here.
That about matches up with us, then.
All of us were drawn in here in roughly the same circumstances and at roughly the same time...
Might you have any idea what happened to the rest of the ship's crew?
I'm afraid not... I would be somewhat relieved if I were the only one drawn into this, but I have my doubts.
Seeing as the Arseille itself is here, could the rest of the crew have ended up here, too? Or is it possible it was just you?
We really don't have enough to go on to be sure either way at this point.
All we know is that there was no one else in the Arseille when we found it. The only sealing stone there was the one Julia was inside of, too.
Father Graham.
The two of you have started to investigate this peculiar place, have you not?
That's right.
We haven't been doing it for very long, so we haven't made much progress yet.
Then please allow me to assist you. I'm concerned about the safety of my subordinates, and I want to know why the Arseille became non-functional. And I think cooperating with the three of you will be the fastest way for me to answer both of those questions.
I'd LOVE that!
Believe me, you won't see us complaining. We'd have to be nuts to turn down the help of the Royal Army's finest up-and-coming swordsman.
Haha...I fear you are overestimating my swordsmanship, but I appreciate you allowing me to accompany you all the same.
Well, in that case, we should get started as soon as possible. It's my pleasure to fight alongside all of you.
We're happy to have you!