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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 13: We have enemies in this place...and it's not just the fiends.

Use the Schwarz.

-The Hermit's Garden-

Julia is a balanced all-rounder, most notable for two things. The first is her new Attack Orders craft, a 20% STR/10% SPD buff for all allies across the whole screen--but not Julia herself. You can't give yourself orders, that'd be silly.

The second thing isn't reflected in any of Julia's crafts or stats. It's a seeeecret. A few party members in The 3rd get weird semi-hidden stuff like that.

Sparkling water. Who could even imagine such a thing?

-Jade Corridor-

The second half of the Jade Corridor is just a big spiral ramp.

This recipe does not actually use water, somehow.

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Justice must always prevail.

You don't get any credit for vanished enemies.

Noticed it, too, huh?
Noticed what?
Do you sense monsters? I can't feel anything of the sort...
That's normal. I doubt anyone who isn't part of the church would recognize what's going on.
It's a peculiar kind of rotting smell... The scent of the underworld. It's faint, but it's there, and it's coming from the area up ahead.
The oppressive reek of...END BOSS.
Whatever is lying in wait for us, it's going to be unlike any of the other fiends we have fought up till this point.
We're going to need to be exceptionally careful.
That's unfortunate...
Still, if we intend to proceed with our investigation, we have no choice but to advance, whatever may stand in our way.

There's always a monument just before a boss.

Make sure everyone's got their best weapons, and a Black Bangle to protect against Sleep. Then get juiced up back at the Garden before you continue.


Here it comes!
Right on cue!

-Genuine Devil-

I've never seen anything like that before!
Wh-What in Aidios' name is that?!
One of the seventy-seven devils that appear in the Testaments. The spiritual coffin that guides the souls of the dead and serves as Hades' ferryman...
Bennu, the Casket of Sorrow!
Who'd have thought the day would come when I'd end up coming face to face with a genuine devil?
Bring it on! Let me show you what a servant of the Goddess can do!

Bennu and the jets.

Bennu has only one attack, and it's no threat. Focus on the Sudorudos first.

Each one will probably take three Aqua Bleeds/Soul Blurs to eliminate.

Don't blow any S-Crafts on Bennu yet.

Once Bennu loses its handsy, tonguey cocoon, it starts attacking with Earth Lance.

And it hurts like hell if you let it.

One last form. NOW you can start thinking about S-Crafts. If you used them all on the previous forms, then you're about to die.

When Julia takes part in a Chain Craft, she can attack twice. Always let her go last.

Chains are riskier in The 3rd, though: they have a higher delay, which means surviving enemies can get two or three turns in a row.

Abyssal Wave is the only move Bennu will use in its true form. It's fast, it hurts everybody, and it inflicts Sleep. This form also can't be impeded or AT-Delayed.

Definitely save a double Grail Sphere for this part.

Go for it!

For the sake of my master...
Get ready!
*valiant yelling*

I've gotta give it my ALL!
Hmm~hmhmhmm~hmmm... ♪ *tappitytappityBOOP*

 thanks to Thee.


Ries learned the S-Craft [Heavenly Strike].
Great timing.

Ugh... *pant*...
That...was a real devil...
I-It was terrifying...
The thought that such fiends exist is... I don't know what to say... Just what is this place?
Man's Voice: Haha... If that's the best you can do, your future looks grim indeed.

-The Lord of Phantasma-

It's that man!

Who are you?! Speak your name!
Heh... I believe common decency dictates that one states their own name before asking for another's, does it not? Or perhaps you were aware that I already know yours, Captain Julia Schwarz?
Whoever you are, you've done your research.
What do you want with us? Was that devil we just fought your doing?
Is ALL of this your doing?!
Heh. Calm yourself, Kevin Graham. Your suffering is only just beginning. It's far too early for you to be losing yourself to despair.
What are you talking about...?

Now's not the time to be reckless, Ries!

A templar sword of the Septian Church, I see. Your skills aren't bad, but they're still a far cry from your sister's.
You know her?!
All will be revealed in time. The banquet of despair in this fair land of Phantasma is only just starting. My lord wishes to see you suffer--to writhe with agony, to cry out fruitlessly for your suffering to end... Do deliver now, won't you?

You intend to flee from us?!
...I shall tell you one thing before I depart. My name is Schwarzritter.
We already have a Schwarz-Ritter. You need to change.
I am a guardian of Phantasma and loyal servant of its great lord. And with that, I bid you farewell.

He disappeared...
We might not have learned much about him through this encounter, but one thing seems plain as day.
We have enemies in this place...and it's not just the fiends.
And what's more, it sounds like they're going to be hell to deal with.