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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 18: Sun Door 1: Capua's Delivery Service

-Primal Grounds-

You need Josette for this door.

-Dancing With The Wind-

Western Calvard, bordering Liberl...

2,200 arge above ground level...

Which means we're almost at the border!

Reduce our speed to 60%, Kyle. Keep our course and altitude the same.

Course and altitude're both good to go.
All right! We're lookin' good. Now all we need to do is to stay this course and we'll be there in no time.
Whew... Time for us to kick back and relax. Finally.
Good job, guys. Haha. It's good to know we should be able to make this delivery on time, too!
You're tellin' me! The Capua Delivery Service is all about trust, reliability, and happy customers! Without those, we've got nothing!
I still can't believe this is actually our thing now, though.
Same here... None of this would've been possible if Queen Alicia hadn't pardoned us, either. I don't think I've ever been as shocked as I was when I found out we were off the hook for EVERYTHING.
I know, right? And how she paid off our debts with her own funds! She's the reason we can keep this baby here an' keep on flying. No one can take the Bobcat from us now. And there's nothing in this world big enough to pay off our debt to her.
Damn straight. Still, the least we can do is pay her back the money she used on our behalf.
Yeah. At the rate we're going, we should be squared away on that front in no time.


Oh! Sounds like we've got ourselves a new job to help with that!
Hello! You've reached Capua Delivery Service! Yes... I see... Tomorrow morning, then? Certainly.
Absolutely. All right, we'll see you then. *click*
So I was right, then? Where from?
From Calvard, actually. Someone wants a small parcel delivered to Grancel.
If it's Grancel, we can take care of that the day after tomorrow. Man! Who would've guessed business would be booming when we started the company up?
It makes sense, though. There aren't any other delivery companies out there who can offer the kinda flexibility we do.
Oh, yeah. Speaking of the capital, I've been meaning to ask...
What were you doing in the guild there this morning, Don? I only just remembered it, but it did have me wondering at the time.
Oh. Right. You've actually got a lil' something to do with that.
I do?
Y'see, someone sent a letter to us from over in the Empire. And here's the best part...
That someone was none other than Joshua!

I can't believe you took this long to mention this! I would've wanted to hear, like, RIGHT AWAY.
My bad! This morning was just so busy, it slipped my mind. Anyway, why don't you do the honors for us and read it out loud?
With pleasure!

Josette excitedly took the envelope from Don.

One second...

I forgot how Joshua was going around the Empire right now. I wonder what he's getting up to.
Yeah. Or where he is in the country. It's a damn big place, after all.
Well, wherever he's at, I hope he's doing all right for himself.
What's the hold up, Josette? You gonna read that letter or not?
07:00 - Antique Artwork...
Huh? What?
...That's not what it says, is it?
Yes, it is. Because this isn't a letter--this is the receipt from this morning's delivery!
No way...
It's also the one that should have been given to the person we delivered to for their records.
Y-You're kiddin' me...
*sigh* I've got a real bad feeling about this...
The letter from Joshua was in an envelope from the Empire... and so was the receipt from this morning.
Which means...
I'm so sorry, Josette... I must've gone and attached the letter to the parcel by mistake.
Ohhh, boy...
This is the part where everyone's heads get real big and they go through two or three looped frames of yelling animation and the voice actors have to go super fast to get all the words out before the scene changes.
A-Anyway, I'll get in touch with the client right away! They should still have it, so if I let them know it's ours, I should be able to get it back.
How could you go and screw something this important up?! HOW?!
Do you have any idea how happy I was when I heard Joshua had sent us that letter! And then
I really am sorry... This one's completely on me. You've got every right to be mad.
...Oh, it's ALWAYS on you. You've always been the sloppy one--the one who makes stupid mistakes and screws everything up.
And it's always the rest of us who suffer for it! You know that, don't you?!
Y-Yeah, I do...
Hold on a minute, Josette. We might still be able to get that letter back, you know. There's no need to be that hard on him...
YOU stay out of this!
Hell, we only became sky bandits in the first place because of you screwing things up! If you hadn't gotten duped into signing that contract, things would've been different!
Do you have any idea how mu--
I get that you're mad, but there's no need to drag THAT up. Don regrets what happened enough as it is.
Besides what?


...No, she's right. That was all my fault, just like this is. If I'd been smarter instead of getting suckered in, we would've never been driven from our home.
*sigh* Now look what you've done... Some things are best left undiscussed, and that's definitely one of them.

-Within the Heart-

Don: If it wasn't for me, we'd still be back in our ancestral home living a life of luxury... Drinking high-class tea, playing music, getting called to fancy parties from time to time... But nah. I had to go and ruin it all for us.
Kyle: Hey, now... We've got no attachment to our old lives, you know. It's all in the past.
Josette: ...

Don: I had to get greedy and fall for the obvious trap right in front of me. Because of that, we lost everything we had and ended up with nothing but a mountain of debt in return. I lost everything our ancestors had built up just like that. So if there's a bigger idiot out there than me, I've sure never met him.
Kyle: It's not like you deserve all the blame, Don. You might've been partly responsible, but so were we for being such naive kids.

Come on! Back me up here, Josette.


-Don't Let Him Go!-

Wh-What's going on?!
Crewman's Voice: We've got trouble, boss! ...Er, sir!
What is it?!
Crewman's Voice: We've got one of those r-red ships on our tail! They were the society's, weren't they?
No way!

I got it. We can't afford to focus too much on 'em.
Our number one priority is protecting our cargo! We need to focus on shaking them off!
Yes, sir!
You hear me, lads?! We've got ourselves an emergency! Get ready for battle! You've all got jobs to do--do 'em!

Enhanced Jaeger Ishmael: The Bobcat, huh? You familiar with it?
Blue-Haired Jaeger: You could say that. I'm surprised by what I'm seeing here, though. Last I saw them, they were sky bandits, but it looks like they're running a delivery service now. Heh. Really, now? Talk about simpletons.
Enhanced Jaeger Queequeg: Anyway, looks like they have no interest in fighting us. Let's just leave 'em be.
Blue-Haired Jaeger: ...Not so fast. Have you forgotten our mission? I'd say they're the perfect target for carrying it out, wouldn't you?
Enhanced Jaeger Queequeg: ...Wait. You're pulling my leg, right? Attacking THEM?
Enhanced Jaeger Ishmael: We only need to test whether they operate properly today. There's no reason to actually use them in combat.
Blue-Haired Jaeger: Puh-lease, my comrade. You're never going to move up the ranks with that attitude. If our target was a Royal Army ship, I'd agree with you... but it's just an isolated ship full of ex-bandits. There's no risk to be had here.
Enhanced Jaeger Queequeg: W-Well, I suppose that's true...
Blue-Haired Jaeger: Besides, the Thirteen Factories want accurate combat data. There's no way we're going to get punished for doing this! We might even earn ourselves a nice reward.
Enhanced Jaeger Queequeg: ...All right. You talk a good game.
Enhanced Jaeger Ishmael: But if this thing backfires, you're taking responsibility for whatever happens.

Y-Yeah. I saw it...but...
But what?
It's not alone... There're a bunch of weapons I've never seen before with it, and they're coming this way!
Heh. They really want a fight, huh?
Focus on firing at them from the rear to fight them off, Josette!
Got it!
All right! Machine gun mode enabled. Is everything in order?
Yep! I'll get right to work!

-Bobcat's Counteroffensive Operation-

Video - Josette vs. Like A Hundred Dozen Archaisms

Turret section.

The enemy pattern is the same every time. You start with waves of Broken Pieces. The first groups don't attack, but they do fly in an extremely rude and aggressive manner.

Guard Minions will float in one at a time, mostly from above & below to start with, and pop off a spitball before retreating.

Photon Judges fire rockets that have to be shot down.

After the Judges first show up, Broken Pieces will start shooting as well.

Leors will launch an improbably large torpedo. You won't have enough turret juice to shoot down both unless there's nothing else on the screen.

Then you've got a pair of Dooms with lasers.

Anyway what I typically recommend to folks here, is to shoot everything with your guns before any of it can shoot you.

-Don't Let Him Go!-

I don't know... We can't let our guard down just yet.
Josette! Heat signal coming at 4 o'clock! Can you see what it is?!
I-I'll get right on it! What IS that? It looks like it's got a person in it...
Wh-Whatever it is, though, it's comin' this way!

Blue-Haired Jaeger: Hmph... Not bad for a bunch of silly ex-bandits. But their luck is now about to run out--after all, no one stands a chance against the almighty Gilbert!

Onward, G-Apache!
It's time to shoot down the Bobcat!

Ugh... He's small, but he's persistent!
Whatever you do, don't drop our speed, Kyle!
I know!
Can you try and make us an opening to escape, Josette?
I'll try.
No. I'll DO it!

-Bobcat's Counteroffensive Operation-

Video - Josette vs. Gilbert

It's Gilbert.

He's got machine guns, which you can interrupt by shooting him.

He'll launch volleys of four or eight rockets, which can also be shot.

He can drop homing mines(try shooting).

And last but not least, his Breaker Cannon.

Shooting actually doesn't have any noticeable effect there...a possible glitch?

It still seems to be more effective than not shooting, so keep at it.


Th-This can't be happening... How could my G-Apache be defeated?!
Where's the p-parachute?! Is this it?!
...NO! This is the button to deploy the big 'victory is mine!' flag!

Enhanced Jaeger Ishmael: What should we do? Should we go down and recover him?
Enhanced Jaeger Queequeg: What? Oh... Forget it. I say we just leave him.
Enhanced Jaeger Ishmael: Lord Campanella seems to have taken quite a liking to him, though... You sure?
Enhanced Jaeger Queequeg: I think that's all the more reason we should leave him. You know what Lord Campanella's personality is like. He'll probably find the whole thing much more entertaining this way.
Enhanced Jaeger Ishmael: ... I guess you're right.

-Dancing With The Wind-

I'll say!
Best of all, it looks like he fell into Valleria Lake, so he'll be fine.
The society guys beat it, too.
Damn fine job you did, there, Josette! If not for you, we'd probably be the ones swimmin' in the lake now.
Yeah. You did great.
Heehee. Oh, there's no need to make that big a deal out of it! You probably could've thrown them off our tail even without my help if you'd had a bit more time, Kyle. And besides, it was all possible because of Don's leadership...
Wh-What's wrong, Josette?!
Oh, yeah.
Huh? Are you two still stuck on that?
*sigh* There's really something to be said about being honest with one another...
Hop to it, Josette. If you've got somethin' you want to say, spit it out.
R-Right... ...
I'm sorry, Don.
B-But'll forgive me? After how badly I messed up?
Wh-Why else would I be saying sorry to you?
You don't need to make me repeat myself!
Wh-What's up with YOU?
I really am the luckiest bastard alive! Who else can say they have a younger sister as great as you? No one, that's who!
S-Stop that... Everyone can hear you!
Oh, and sorry for of that, too, Kyle...
...And thanks.
Aww, forget it. That was all you.
Male Voice: Is Your Ladyship in here?

I am, but what is it?
Rosco: Well, when I was securing the cargo earlier after we got attacked... I found this envelope on the floor of the storeroom. Was just wondering if you had any idea what it could be.

Looks like our client didn't get a receipt OR our letter this time.
*sigh* Man, every time I think I can't get any stupider...
Rosco: A-Anyway, it's this thing here.

Rosco handed over the envelope.

It's from the Empire... This has to be it!
Rosco: Th-There a problem?
There was, but it's all fine now. Thanks for giving this to me.
Rosco: Aww. Anything for you, Your Ladyship! Well, I'll get back to work.

So, what's written in it?

...Huh. Apparently, he's going to be leaving the Empire soon. He says he's in the middle of looking for someone.
Yeah? I wonder where he's going next. That it, though? I figured there'd be a personal message for you in there or something.
Well, there is, but it's not much. It just says not to forget to take it easy once in a while and look after yourself.
Haha. At least that shows he cares about you in his own way.
There's one more thing under it, too...
What's that?
Ugh... This bit's from Miss Staff-for-Brains. 'There's no harm in acting tough, but it's all for nothing if you go and get yourself hurt.'
Hmph. SHE can just mind her own business!
Sounds like something she'd write, though.
Bwahaha! Sure is nice of them to take the time to send us a letter, huh?
Anyway, I'd say break time's over for us.
Yeah... We're gonna need to get a move on if we want to make our next delivery on time.
Should I speed her up, then, Don?
Yeah. We're gonna need to make up for lost time. Raise her up to 90% thrust, 2,000 SPH.
Yes, sir!

Side Story [Capua's Delivery Service] finished!
Received Detection.
Josette learned the S-Craft [Bobcat].
Received 3,000 mira.

Detection is very useful--with the caveats that not every area has a minimap, and that it doesn't distinguish between filled & emptied chests.