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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 19: Now look what you've done.

-The Hermit's Garden-

What do you mean, there's a giant name on my butt?

Falcom took a hard look at this chance to fix Josette's subpar stats...and gave her one of the best out-of-party support effects instead.

At least Stampede and Anchor Flail are still great--when they work.

And if it is, is it possible that defeating them might be all that's required for us to escape?
It would certainly make matters simple.
In theory, at least... Defeating them may prove to be quite difficult in itself.
Yeah, there's no way that Schwarzritter jerk has any less than three forms, and probably a unique unblockable status ailment or two.

The place we stand in now is a mystery, the state of the capital is a mystery, why there are fiends roaming about it is a mystery... To say nothing of how we've already come face to face with a genuine devil from the church's scriptures. Right now, I want nothing more than to break the seal blocking the castle's gates and find out if Her Majesty and Her Highness are safe...
And yet as frustrating as it is, all we can do is keep pressing on and pray the truth presents itself to us eventually.

We already know the ancient Zemurians had the ability to make spaces like this because of the shadow towers, so that's that.
But how people ended up sealed in stones and what happened to the capital is a lot less easy to explain away...
Umm... Hmm...
...Nope. I can't wrap my head around any of it. I wish we had a few more clues to go off of.

Everything here is just How's that fountain floating there? Why's there a library in the middle of nowhere?
And what'd happen to you if you fell off the edge here, anyway? It's not like there're any railings to catch us!
(Poor thing looks so worked up...and I can hardly blame her.)
Say, you said you were flying over Crossbell when you ended up here, right?
Does your company do international deliveries and stuff, then?
Oh... Yeah.
I-I mean, of course we do! We're originally from Erebonia, after all, why would we want to limit ourselves to just Liberl? We make deliveries aaaall over the continent!
When you think of it that way, Crossbell's like our own back yard. We've been as far as Leman State a few times, even.
That's pretty amazing.
Haha! Never underestimate what the Bobcat's capable of!
Just don't forget: you still have a debt to pay off.
I-I wouldn't dare! We're working very hard on that, thank you very much!
I hope Don and Kyle are okay...

-Parallel Universe-

Nightfall brings new and indescribable evil to the streets of Grancel:

The chest messages change.




oh hey maybe I could write chest messages after all

Maybe Kyle had to make an emergency landing or something...?
Well, what do you want to do? Do you want to have a look inside?
...Yeah. I would.

You finished up looking everywhere you wanted to?
Yeah... I've seen all I need to see. The engines won't respond no matter what I do, either...
All we can do for now is keep going.
I'm sure the Goddess will bless us if we do.
I guess so.
...Right! Let's get back to work! I'm gonna find them and make sure they never forget they owe me one!
Heh. That's the spirit.

Is...Is it over?

there's ghosts and shit too I guess

Banshees eat your stats.

Skull Heads blow up when you re-kill them.

They're also immune to knockback, so even Ries isn't always safe in melee.

Eat THIS! Anchor Flail!

Josette's new Plunder craft does no damage, but steals an item from the target. It's something else you can do on a Guard turn, at least.

A hundred percent positive this is the Grand Arena. It's used for all kinds of events in Liberl like martial arts tournaments and stuff.
Also pretty much anyone can just sneak in whenever they want to fight.
I still despair of the fact that Olivier actually entered.
If I'd known he was going to, I could have stopped him, but by the time I heard what was going on, they had already won.
Haha... Aren't you used to his surprises by now?
Oh, yeah. You and your brothers took part in that tournament, too, right, Josie? Estelle and Joshua mentioned it a while back.
...Yeah, we did. Can't say it was much fun. We were basically just dragged into the arena as criminals.
...Wait, where did that Josie thing come from? Why am I the only one who gets a weird nickname?
He has a nickname for Ries but he doesn't dare say it out loud.
Huh? Not a fan?
It just popped into my mind and I thought it sounded cute.
It fits you perfectly, too, but if it bothers you that much, I guess I could go with something else... Jo?
Just call me Josette like everyone else does!
...Regardless, it feels as though something is lying in wait for us in here. We should proceed with caution.

Your destination is the red team waiting room, but the hallway's locked. You have to cut through the stands.

Heh. This is where some enemies show up outta nowhere for us to fight, isn't it?


-Fighting Right On-

...Now look what you've done.
It's just a coincidence, I swear!
Me and my big mouth... I feel like I've just been set up or something!
Wh-Who cares why they're here?! We've gotta fight them!
Here they come!

Alright! What's next?

Keep in mind that you don't get to heal between these fights.

Take that! How's THAT?!

That was probably a mistake.

Ahaha! Pansies!
As far as I can tell, this portrait isn't actually used in the game. I call that a waste.


Bah... How many of these fights are we gonna have to do?!
Our next foe seems to be quite large, too.

-Genuine Devil-

Wh-What in...?
Th-The hell?!
Is that an armored horseman?
Seems to be just like the one Estelle's crew beat under Jenis.
And not to jinx us, but this is probably going to be the last one! So let's finish this!

The main thing Josette brings to the table: an un-nerfed S-Craft.

Told you I can handle this!

Storm Bringer was early 00s Finnish speed/thrash power metal; Dark Bringer is more of a 90s German post-technical death black venti almond fleetchcore.

My soul and sword are as one!
*stalwart yelling*


Dark Bringer's Energy Blast can be impeded, but it's just going to keep trying.

-Parallel Universe-

Your winner, and undefeated champion:


It left behind a stone.

Is this our prize for winning?
Haha. Only the best for the champions.
Whoever set this up sure put a lot of effort into making it feel like a proper tournament.
Hmph. How dedicated of them.
Well, congrats, gang. We've found our fifth sealing stone. Let's head back and see who's inside.
It's hard to believe there's seriously someone in that thing, though...

The next party member's intro is about three times longer than all the rest so far, so we'll hatch them next time.