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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 25: All we can do is keep looking for answers.

-The Hermit's Garden-

Kloe got an attack S-Craft at the end of SC, but because of her puny STR it was all but useless. The 3rd makes it work like an art, with damage based on Kloe's ATS...which is sky-high. So now the choice between her two S-Crafts is an actual dilemma.

...but it does feel like every time we arrive at a new plane, we're moving farther and farther downward.
It makes me wonder what's at the bottom of Phantasma.
We seem to be getting more familiar over time with the rules for this place.
Not that we have any real clue just what this place IS... or what the Lord of Phantasma's trying to do here.
I'm simply glad that Her Highness is safe and well.
Still, there seems to be every chance that plenty of others have been captured in the same way.
We should hurry on and aid them. I'm still shocked that the Grancel we explored was a replica of the real thing given its scale...
But one thing is certain now: That Lord of Phantasma we encountered is the one responsible for this. I'm sure of it.
It's clear the Lord of Phantasma is not a foe to be underestimated. Unfortunately, we just don't have enough information to try and work out who they really are.
If only we had more clues to go on... I'm curious as to who that ghost that appeared in Grancel Castle is, too. And sadly, we're left with no more clues towards solving that mystery than any other.
Maybe it's just me, but it's kinda sorta maybe a bad idea to lock the next queen of Liberl in one of those sealing stones, right?
Now, I'm not in much of a position to be judging people here...
...but the Lord of Phantasma should get the death penalty when we catch him, if you ask me!

When I did, I saw a bright light...
...and next, all I could see was white.
Oh, right... You can see the port from your window in the castle, can't you?
So judging by all I've heard, it sounds as though the first light I saw was the cube activating, and then I was drawn in here with everyone else.
If only I had known what was going to happen, perhaps I would have been able to do something after seeing the first light...
That's... Well...
...Let's look at the positives! We're never gonna run out of food or water or anything while we're here, right? I'll pitch in with the cooking, too, so...don't worry so much, okay?
In that case...perhaps we could cook together later?
I'm not a bad chef, if I do say so myself. Heehee. Besides, I think it'd be easier to calm down if I could take my mind off things.
Oh... Sure thing...
...You know what? Yeah! I'd be totally up for that!
So you think that Estelle might have...?
She was right next to me when I was drawn in here, so I'd say the odds of her being here too are pretty high.
I see...

Chapter 3 puts another set of books underneath the cookout tree.

These are all the FC Liberl News issues.

-Parallel Universe-

Funny how this warp ended up being in the exact same spot that device to seal the Aureole was in the real world.
Are you referring to the first barrier mentioned in that report?
Yeah. The one designed to temporally freeze it in another dimensional space.
Although unfortunately for the guys who pulled it off, it looks like even that wasn't enough to stop the Gospels being able to influence it.
I see...
We still don't know what happened to the Aureole, either. There seem to be many who think that the Liber Ark collapsing means that the Aureole itself is no more, too... Which is possible, I suppose.
All we really know is that judging by how shaken Weissmann was, something unexpected happened. Beyond that, nothing.
...I fear Professor Weissmann may be the only one who knows the truth about exactly what happened.
Although I don't have the faintest idea where he could be now or what he's doing there...
B-But the report said quite clearly...
ZZZT! Ix-nay on the urch sanctioned killing-chay!
No one in the church is sure what happened to him, either. It's still being looked into.
Still, I think it's fairly safe to say that Weissmann isn't involved in what's happening right here. If he were, I'm sure he'd be openly reveling every second of this. You all know what kinda guy he is.
That's true.
He doesn't really have anything to gain by wearing a mask like that, I suppose...
We've got way too many unanswered questions at this point. All we can do is keep looking for answers.
The less we know, the more we have to be on guard, though. So we'd best be careful.
Right, Ries?
...I suppose so.


Something similar to the Jade Corridor by the look of it.
Kevin. Over there.

-Golden Road, Silver Road-

Well, this is foreboding.
But luxurious!



The ghost we saw in Grancel!

...Visitors from afar...

Bearers of the grail emblem...

Can you...hear me...?

Y-Yeah! We can!

Before you stand the entrances to the twin corridors...

Proceed through them both in sync...or never shall you reach the dark depths beyond...

I entrust their the monument before you...

Step forth into the corridors, the power of the grail with you, and move onward...

...But beware...

Once you have stepped through the doors...the trial must be completed...


That voice we've been hearing all this time was hers.
...Although now the next question is: 'Who is she, anyway?'
Whoever she is, she gave us some valuable advice on how to proceed.
'Step forth into the corridors, the power of the grail with you, and move onward...'
And I say we take her up on that advice. Moving 'in sync' means we're gonna have to split up, though.
Or more like Ries and I have to each take a door at the same time while you guys tag along with whoever.
That's how I took it, too.
If we don't do it the way she said, I doubt we'll be able to advance.
Heh. They sure aren't making it easy for us, huh?
That means we're going to need to split up so that you guys don't go in alone. It's still not the most ideal situation when there are only four of us and things are so dangerous, but it's what we have to do...
Why not ask the rest back in the garden to help us? That way we could form two groups of four, and that should hopefully be good enough for any challenges up ahead.
But that voice said that Kevin and I needed to be the ones who stepped through the gates...
Sure, but that's all she specified--that you and me needed to go through different ones.
She didn't say anything about what these guys have to do. Plus, there's no telling what's waiting for us on the other side. We could use their help.
All right, then. Thank you.
Not a problem.
So, what should we do? Should we call everyone here right away?
Even if we did, I wouldn't blame them if they wanted some time to prep before heading out.
Especially since I've got a hunch that once we go in those gates, there's no going back out. So instead of calling them here, let's go back to them. Then we'll all come here once we feel up to the challenge.

This monument's got another new tier of weapons, armor, and quartz. Stock up while you can.

You should consider getting four Skull Pendants for the Silver Road team, too.

Like pretty much everyone has said, once you're ready to proceed, you have to start the trial at the monolith and sort the whole party into two teams: one to take the Golden Road with Kevin, and one to take the Silver Road with Ries.

That's how the saying goes, isn't it? Always split the party?

The Silver Road is by far the hairier of the two, for a couple of reasons. I think I'd recommend Kloe, Joshua, and Mueller for that team. So, any suggestions?