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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 26: See you guys on the other side.

-Determination of Fight (Evolution)-
This track isn't in the original version of the game; I hope nobody minds a little mixup. Some of the Evolution songs take an...odd turn, but I think this one's neat at least.

Anyway, you might have noticed that money is very tight in Trails in the Sky the 3rd, compared to the first two games. If you want to keep absolutely everybody's weapons, armor, and quartz up to date, you'll need to do some grinding for sepith. You might also want everyone to get a swig off the CP fountain before you tackle the Golden and Silver Roads.

Grancel Castle's got a decent place for it.

The Banshee on the south side of the basement near the stairways has a chance to spawn three Slime Lumps in combat.

The chance is very, very small, but it only takes a second to respawn that Banshee with a quick trip upstairs & back.

And if you can take them all out, especially with Josette on remote support, then it's payday.

There are better ways to grind later on, but Chapter 3 is probably the first place where you'll start finding yourself short.

also: holy shit Kloe

Well, that takes care of that!

-Golden Road, Silver Road-

You must be this tall to attempt the dungeon. This dungeon is not recommended for expectant or nursing mothers, or guests with a heart condition.

Father Kevin will take the Golden Road with Julia, Tita, and Josette.

Meanwhile, Sister Ries will take the Silver Road with Joshua, Kloe, and Mueller.

You can synthesize additional Eagle Eye and Information quartz at the monuments, and it's worth making sure both teams have them. Your Haze quartz should go to Ries's team.

It's reacting to us.

You ready to go, Ries?
...I am.
Erm... Kevin...?
Hmm? What's up?
Haha. Oh, I get it. Gonna feel all lonely without me to cuddle up against?
Not a chance.
It's nothing. Let's just get this over with.
Yes, ma'am.

All right! Time to make our way through this plane. See you guys on the other side. Till then, take care.
There's every chance we might find ourselves face to face with another devil, too.
So stay on guard, and proceed cautiously.
Everyone: Right!


This chapter is quite short: just a quick uninterrupted jaunt through a dungeon about the size of the Jade Corridor, only without all the breaks for tutorials, new party members, and Memory Doors.

Once you start, fast travel is completely disabled until you've finished.

You're given the choice of which half you want to do first. I'm sure Kevin would say 'Age before beauty' here.

-Fighting Right On-

We've got company!

I mentioned that the Silver Road is the toughest half of this plane, and there are two reasons.

This little bastard is reason number one.

At least we finally know what 'Meadow Task' was supposed to mean.

You need strong ranged attacks to safely deal with the Vargems, because they have a powerful self-destruct ability.

That's right! A death death! The instakill isn't guaranteed, but Davallia Song hurts pretty hard even without it.

-Golden Road, Silver Road-

Wh-What were those...? They made me think of the reapers you might find in a fairy tale...
I felt the same way.
The devils we've encountered shouldn't be able to exist, but in a different sense, neither should those fiends.
This definitely isn't going to be easy...

No! Get your own blood!

Thousand Sparrows gives Ries an all-round AoE.

Taste Ries's pieces, evildoers!

Scan dive!

The Monarch meditates upon the secrets of the universe, and after looking deep within itself, discerns that a brawl is no place for napping.

so terribly grim

Teehee! Nicely done!

miso fishy, me feed you long time

Mueller calls dibs on the booze cake.

The third trial is your first chance to see Kevin and Ries's remote abilities in action. That extra ADF comes in handy against the Vargems.

Chestblanc! I might have known.

But Joshua has no throwing attacks

SIEG! Take 'em down!

Unfortunately, you have to deal damage to trigger the Death turn bonus. Crafts like Kaempfer, Mirage Edge, or Plunder won't do it.

...the what? That's kinda weird, door.

But the English word 'Artery' comes from the Latin word 'Arteria!' AM I TRAPPED IN A TIME LOOP

Did You Know? Skull Pendants will protect you against the Death bonus. Could be handy.

...What?! (This seems...familiar, somehow.)
Is something wrong, Ries?
...Not at all. I thought I may have seen this weapon somewhere before, but it must have been my imagination.
It certainly seems like a capable one, though... So I think I'll use it all the same.

The third plane's weapon chests aren't fixed. They'll always have a weapon for one of the three available party members.

This offering lacks the cachet of 'Chest chest chest chest chest.'

The monoliths at the end of each road have new tier-3 quartz, including Action 3. Get some for everyone if you can.

It certainly seems to be.
I wonder if Kevin and his group are on the other side already.
Someone just said the secret woooooooords


(we would also have accepted, 'What could possibly go wrong?')

It looks like we're going to have to fight our way to it, though.

-Genuine Devil-


I keep saying there are two reasons why the Silver Road is rougher going than the Golden.

Say hello to reason number two.

Deff Sluggaz is the blastiest, but why's they ain't red?!

This attack used to be bugged to do four times as much damage. Be glad that was fixed!

The real problem, though, is ҠЄЏЇП here. He will always lead off with Grail Sphere, making himself and all of his Sluggers invincible for two attacks.

You do have ways to prepare for it. If you brought Mueller and gave him an Action 3 quartz, he has a chance to go first.

And if you've used the Tactics menu to make the major start in the back rows, he can use Ragna Bind to yank |<εγ!η out of position.

Once that's dealt with, all that's left is six fast enemies with twelve or sixteen thousand HP each. Easy peasy.

Oh, and Ⲕξμϯπ can heal in a fairly large area too. And he'll still have that double Max Guard, even if the Death Sluggers don't.

He'll also use Sacrifice Arrow. Does this actually do anything? Do the Sluggers need CP for their attacks?

O Aidios, Great Septian Overseer... Shine down Thy radiance, and smite those who oppose us!

Divine light! Grant me the strength to punish the wicked!


When you reduce this enemy to 0 HP, he...changes.

He retains his Sacrifice Arrow and Sacred Breath abilities.

Now if I'd been thinking, I'd have used Phantom Raid first since it hits everybody. Oh well.

And one more change.

That's that, then... Let's move out!

-Golden Road, Silver Road-


Although I certainly wasn't expecting it to be a fiend perfectly disguised as Kevin.
True. I wasn't...

A-Are you all right? You weren't hurt, were you?
I-I'm fine... I was just so relieved to find out that it wasn't really Kevin...
A-And now that the fight is seems clear to me that battle was a trap set by our foes. Those bizarre cannon fiends are further evidence.
Let's hurry through that door. I'm quite concerned about the other group.
Yeah, you're right.
(...She must have been really worried about Kevin to react like that.)