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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 32: Moon Door 3: Descended Wings - Part 1

-Primal Grounds-

This door wants Kloe, along with the Entrance Exam Results you picked up at the very end of the third plane.


Spring came.

But it took far more time doing so than the average year.

-Royal Capital of Grancel-

One by one, the magnolia flowers began to show their faces to the world as if reluctant to let their long slumber end.

And with the changing of the seasons, a brand-new student of the infamous Jenis Royal Academy set foot into its grounds...slightly later than her peers.

The sun rose hesitantly in the sky...almost as if it were a sheltered princess dreading her own ignorance and the burdens of her station.

get it

do you get it yet

and how is Jenis 'infamous' exactly, I want to know that

*deep breath*
Okay! I can do this!

send pie note is something something

So that's our famous transfer student, huh?

*SCREE flap flap flap*

A hawk?
...Nah. Seems more like a falcon.


I'd sworn to myself that I would stop relying on other people.

I'd had enough of being restricted in how to live. I'd had enough of following the rails laid out for me by other people.

I was going to put my own two feet on the ground and start living my own life, by myself.

That was my resolve, and I intended to abide by it.

But somewhere in my heart, I had already realized that 'resolve' of mine was nothing more than an excuse.

[Social Studies Classroom - First-Year Joint Class]

-Royal Capital of Grancel-

Ms. Wiola: This is our new transfer student, Kloe Rinz. She's going to be studies, apparently! You'll be with me, then. Well, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?
...Of course.

fair warning: this is long before Estelle and Joshua enter the picture, so we won't see much of 'Stares Down Imperial Tank Divisions' Kloe, 'Sword-Fights With Greasers' Kloe, or 'Frightfully Insightful' Kloe. Mostly we'll be seeing 'Gelatinous Dollop Of Self-Loathing' Kloe.

I've been looking forward to beginning my life at this wonderful academy for some time, so I'm truly delighted to be here. It's an honor to be able to count myself among your number.
I'm still an inexperienced child in many ways, so I fear I may cause you all trouble in the coming days and weeks...
...but I intend to work as hard as I can for the betterment of myself, my class, and my school, so I do hope we can all get along.

*stunningly awkward clapping*

(I wonder if she's from a rich family or something? She sure sounds stuffy, so it would fit...)

Freyja: Excuse me, but could I ask a question? Where do you live? You're from Liberl, right?
Yes. I'm from...Grancel.
Thelma: Do you have any hobbies?
Erm... Not especially.
Freyja: What? For reals? That's kind of boring...
Umm... matter how much I think about it, nothing comes to mind.
(I suppose I could say making sweets... but I don't feel like I do that enough for it to qualify as a hobby.)
Rhody: Isn't the entrance exam for transfer students supposed to be crazy hard? You must be really smart to be able to pass it!
Mickey: Harder than the one the rest of us took? No way! That was nuts as it was!
Logic: You must be quite smart...
Ms. Wiola: Okay, class! That's enough! I'm sure you must all have things you want to ask our new student, but they can wait until after class! Go and take a seat, Kloe.
...Oh. Yes, ma'am.

(Hmm... A mysterious transfer student...)
(Now there's a surefire recipe for catching my interest.)

Two weeks passed at the academy...

Despite the passing of time, the students' interest in the transfer student showed no sign of letting up, and she was soon the talk of the whole school.

All anyone wanted to talk about was her--how smart she was, how unusually polite she was, among other things.

Her peers thought the formalities were largely due to nerves and that she would naturally ease up over time, but the reality was somewhat different...

Monika: Coming!

Ms. Wiola: I haven't handed out all these printouts yet...
Oh, it's Ms. Wiola... (She looks like she needs help with something. Maybe I could volunteer...?)
(...No time like the present!)
U-Umm... Ms. Wiola, is there anything I can help you with? You seem rather troubled about something...
Ms. Wiola: Well, there is, but I'd feel a little bad asking you to help me with it... Hmm... Well, if you insist!
O-Of course.

Ms. Wiola handed a pile of printouts to Kloe.

Ms. Wiola: Could you go and hand these out to all of the social studies students, then? One each. They're rather important, too, so try and see that everyone gets one.
I'll get to work right away.
Ms. Wiola: Thank you so much! Okay, gotta run! There's a staff meeting starting soon!

Oh, this is a list of this year's credits.
No wonder she wanted these handed out right away.
(I might as well start with the students still here. After that, I can go and speak with the ones who have gone to their respective clubs, as well as those who have returned to their dormitories.)
Okay! To work, I go!


Roy: Well, the Republic is pretty huge in terms of land mass and all. Just traveling on foot isn't going to cut it. You need a more effective means of transportation.
E-Excuse me...
Roy: Oh, Kloe. Hello. Can we help you with something?
Well, you see...
Ms. Wiola has entrusted me with the task of giving printouts to all of the social studies students...

Kloe gave Roy and Thelma a copy of the printout each.

Thelma: Hey! It's a list of all our credits. Thanks for going out of your way to deliver these, Kloe.
Not at all.
I apologize for intruding on your conversation, too.
I'll get out of your way now. Have a good day.
Roy: O-Oh, right...

Thelma: Crazy how polite she is, huh?
Roy: Yeah, I guess... She's a bit TOO polite, though, if you ask me. Makes it hard to feel comfortable talking to her.

Are you finally starting to get used to life here?
Sir... Umm...
I want to thank you again for permitting me to transfer here on such short notice.
I really...
...Kloe. You undertook our official transfer student exam, and you passed it.
You needn't feel at all indebted to me or feel as though you're being granted special treatment.
I... If you say so, sir. Thank you.
I don't believe you've been given a full tour of the academy facilities yet, come to think of it? If there is anything you need explained to you, be sure to ask the Student Council. I'm sure they will be only too happy to help.
Thank you, sir.
I will bear that in mind.

Kaden: I mean, it was from the Middle Ages, so it was pretty beat up. I can't blame them for getting rid of it... I just wish I'd drawn it before they did so. That's my biggest regret. I really liked it, too...
I'm guessing this fountain is now blocking the old schoolhouse's basement entrance. At least, I assume they didn't originally build a dragon statue in the middle of a classroom. So how much does Dean Collins know about what's down there?

Rigel: You're the new first-year transfer student, Kloe Rinz, correct?
Yes, I am...
Rigel: I'm Rigel, a third-year humanities student. I also serve as the captain of the Fencing Club. If you're at all interested in what we do, you'd be welcome to stay and watch us practice.
...I wish I could, but I'm afraid I'm a little too busy at the moment. Thank you for your offer, though.
(Heehee. Just the thought of joining reminds me of my training sessions with Julia.)
Rigel: It's about time for the other members of the club to come in and start practice. So if you're at all interested in fencing, by all means stay and watch.
'We train hard in sword dueling, securing the boundaries of land parcels, AND selling stolen goods.'

Clara: Finally! We've been waiting for you, you know!

Umm... I... I...
Sorry... I didn't mean to confuse you.
Clara: What? You didn't do anything wrong. I was the one who made a mistake.
Oh, I suppose you're right...
I-I'm sorry.
Clara: Like I said, I was the one who made a mistake!
Rhody: Oookay, stop right there. Don't mind her, Kloe. She's kind of...slow on the uptake at times like these. Did you need something from us, though? We're gonna start practice soon, so we can't hang around and talk long.
Oh, I see...
(Still, I'm relatively sure that Clara is a social studies student...)
(This doesn't really seem like the best time to be intruding on them... Maybe it would be best for me to excuse myself now and come back later?)
Clara: Umm... Oh, I know! You came to watch us practice because you're thinking of joining the club, right? AWESOME! We'd be stoked to have you as a member!
Rhody: You might want to let her speak before busting out the confetti and streamers... Seriously, just ignore her, Kloe. If you don't, we'll be here all day. We really do need to start soon, though, so can you make whatever you need quick?
Oh, sure. Sorry...
Umm... W-Well, I just came to deliver this, that's all...

Kloe handed Clara the printout.

Clara: Aww... This is all you were here for? A credits list? I got my hopes up for nothing! Booooo...
I-I'm sorry about that.
But yes, that was all I wanted, so I'll let you go ahead and start practice.
Clara: O-Oh, thanks...

Clara: She's kinda weird, right?
Rhody: She's the mysterious transfer student everyone is talking about. You can't expect her to be TOO normal.
Clara: Ohhh... That's her, huh? ...I wish she'd stayed and joined the club.

Alice: She's here as an exchange student from the Principality of Remiferia to the north. I wonder if all the girls there are as pretty? I sure wish I was... ❤

Logic: Kloe Rinz, wasn't it? Do you have some business with me?
Well, not personally, no...
I've been entrusted with the task of giving a printout to you by Ms. Wiola.

Kloe handed Logic a printout.

Logic: Oh, this is a list of this year's credits. Wh-What?! Joint classes seem to be worth an awful lot while we're first years... Wait. Physical education is worth FIVE WHOLE CREDITS?! Aidios, help me...
(Erm... I suppose I should probably leave him alone for a while...)
Well, if you'll excuse me...
Logic: W-Wait a moment!
Logic: Oh, no. It's just that according to this printout, our examinations will be taking place in six weeks' time. Make sure you study thoroughly for them! I don't want to hear any excuses if you don't strive for the top!
I'll devote myself fully to my studies.

-Peace Bestowed By Twilight-

Ricky: Oh, you're looking for social studies students? There's one standing right here: Anton. Personally, I think he made a major mistake picking that course in the first place, though. He's not built for all that work. Haha. I told him enrolling in a course where you have to do that much memorization was only going to end badly for him, but he didn't listen.

Anton: Why are we here? Spring has come, and yet in my heart, it's still the middle of winter. *sigh* Why does everything in my life have to go wrong?
Umm... Excuse me...
Anton: Oh, I know you... You're the transfer student, right? *sigh* I wish I was smart like you...
Ms. Wiola told me to deliver this to you.

Kloe handed Anton a printout.

Anton: ... *sigh* I shouldn't even need this. I should have graduated...but here I am redoing the year again.
Anton: I can't believe I have to do my third year all over again... This is the worst... I was so full of hope when I first enrolled here, and look at me now...
(I-I'm not sure what to say in this situation...)
Anton: I feel like I'm being toyed with at this point. Fate just has it in for me... *sigh* I should've known being able to come here was too good to be true... *sigh* All I was being set up for was a fall. I almost wish I hadn't passed the exam to come here after all...

-Royal Capital of Grancel-

Aidios, help us. Where IS that loser?!

Lucyyy! I'm not sure I can stand much more of this!
Stop your whining, you!
I bet you've been secretly slacking off with your search the whole time, haven't you?
I have not! I just don't get it! We're swimming in eyewitness reports of him, but US running into him? It's not happening. Why?!

What should we do?

The two of us can handle the majority of the Student Council's work. But we ARE going to need his approval in the end, so you two need to keep up your search. Find him as soon as possible.
I'll see you two later.
Right-o. ❤

*sigh* If we must...

What brings you here with a pile of printouts in hand?
Umm... Well...
I'm just helping Ms. Wiola with some of her work, you see...
By going around after classes giving out printouts?
You're one model student. I'd have turned her down if I was in your position.
Umm... Well, how about this?
Why don't we give you a hand with it? The two of us are gonna be walking around the school for a while because of some other work, anyway, so it'd be no skin off our backs.
Oh, I don't want to trouble you. I was the one who accepted this task, so it's my duty to see it through to the end.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I should probably be getting back to it. Good luck with your own work.

...guess who's sharing a room with her? Me.
Huh... Really?
She's supposed to be a real genius from all I've heard about her.
Sounds like one convenient room arrangement if you ever find yourself stuck on homework.
Well, I guess you could see it that way... But it's like, I dunno... She's really pleasant and polite and all, but it's sorta...
It's like she doesn't want to be super close to anybody.
Yeah. I get what you mean.
But if you're sharing a room with her, you can't be TOTAL strangers, right? Don't you talk sometimes?
Not really... 'Hi' and 'Good night' is about the most we do, to be honest.
(I wish I could talk to her normally...)

Are you the new transfer student?
Y-Yes, that's right. Umm... I...
I take it this is your first time coming to this room? There's no need to be so nervous.
You're asking fish not to swim.
I'm the Student Council's vice president, Lucy Seiland. He's our secretary and accountant, Leo.
It's a pleasure to meet you. You're very welcome to come here whenever you like.
(She's so pretty...)
Umm... My name is Kloe Rinz.
It's nice to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
Your academic life here probably isn't going to be all smooth sailing, but I'm sure you'll be fine. Just try and enjoy yourself. I believe in you.
Th-Thank you.
I can't solve all the problems you'll encounter during your time here as a student... but if the Student Council's president causes you any trouble, that's another story. Come and let me know right away.
I' with him.
Th-Thank you...

That fool is highly dangerous. If you sight him, don't attempt to approach him. Inform us at once.

Monika: Oh, there it is! Phew...
Umm... Excuse me...
Monika: Hey! You're the transfer student, right? Kloe? Do you need something from me?
Yes, actually.
You see, Ms. Wiola asked me to deliver these...

Kloe handed Monika a printout.

Monika: Oh, it's our credit list. Ugh... There's so many classes here... Being a second year seems like it's gonna be rough. I'm surprised you went out of your way to deliver these. Not like there was any rush.
Umm... You really think so?
Monika: Yeah. She forgot to hand them out last year, too. We got them eventually, but it was, like, foreeever after we should have. She might be pretty, but she's kind of...not all there, if you know what I mean. You might want to watch your back, okay? Like, you're obviously a nice girl, so if you don't, she might end up taking advantage of that.

Clara: You do realize we can't start without you, right?
Monika: Whoops! Sorry! I'm coming now! Well, see you later, Kloe. Thanks for delivering that printout to me!
Oh... Not at all.

But I need to keep doing what I can!


Maybe I was desperate to cling on to something to keep from losing sight of myself.

The world made it seem like you could only broaden your horizons by interacting with others, but there I was, stubbornly refusing to come out of my shell.

Or was it really stubbornness? In some weird way I can't explain, it was more like obsessing over the idea that I could grow as long as I pushed myself.

It's not like I wanted to be left behind... It's not like I wanted to be alone...

As long as I tried hard enough, maybe I'd one day stop feeling like I was always running in place...

-A Cat Relaxing in the Sun-

I don't have a printout left for me...
(I wonder if I left mine in the classroom.)
(I must have... I'd better go back and get it!)



... Can I really keep going on like this?

Voices: Oh, the super smart one?
Yeah. Anyway... so, yeah...

(I-I should hurry back to my room and go over what we learned in class! I need to go over our credits list again, too!)

I'm feeling kind of tired.

You're the Student Council president, right?

Oh... Y-Yes, it is...

So, what're your impressions of the academy?
Umm... I think it's a wonderful place. It's well equipped in terms of facilities, for one thing.
It has everything needed to really cultivate a good environment for learning, and I'm happy to have chosen it.
Hahaha! Ahh, my hunch was right on the money. I knew you'd take it that way.
As opposed to...?
I-I'm sorry. Did I misunderstand you?
Well, I was more asking about your life at the academy outside of all the book junk.
Maybe it's just me, but you don't really seem to be letting loose or having fun.
W-Well, I do still feel as though I'm still adjusting to life here, s-so there's a lot that I have yet to learn...
...but I'll keep working as hard as I can on doing so. I promise!
Was that really what you came here to do, though?
Pardon me?
Man, you're too serious.
Have you ever tried playing hooky, like, ever? At least once?
I... Umm... I... I...
I think attending school in the first place counts as playing hooky for her.

I might not look the part, but I AM the Student Council president, y'know.
Our work's pretty damn easy, too. What do you think?
Are you inviting me to join?
Only if you have a thing for long nights filled with exciting paperwork and super-duper enthralling schedules! (Monotone)
Aww. I was hoping for some kinda reaction.
(If he's the president, there must be something respectable about him, but I'm not seeing it... How do I put this...?)
(I feel like I couldn't trust him with so much as a ten mira coin...)
Oh, whoops. After Millia was bugging me about showing up to lessons once in a while, I should probably cough up some new excuse to ditch.
I mean, I COULD go, but where's the fun in that? Pissing her off's like watching a pot boil over, though, so whatever crap I make up better be REALLY convincing.
(...Yep. I think my instincts were dead on.)
Umm... I... I should really be heading back to the dormitory now.

You might want to watch how you stand when I'm kickin' it down here...
My view's awesome, if you catch my drift!

Oh, boy...
This one's gonna be like pulling teeth.