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Trails in the Sky the 3rd

by Really Pants

Part 45: Man, this is the best reunion party ever...

To finish out the fourth plane, you need to go back to where it all began.

-Parallel Universe-

That light wasn't on when we were last here.
It's dark outside now, too.
Yeah... It's night here now, just like how the time of day changed on the second plane.
And I'd wager the time of day isn't the only thing that's changed here. Let's see if we can find anything else.
Got it.

That's why I left you open, suckerrr!

It didn't seem like there are any new chest messages elsewhere in Le Locle.

Christ, I hope not.

Look over there!

That must be the warp to the next plane!
And they turned off the sky. That's new.
Still, it's hard to believe that this is the same spot where we saw that beautiful scenery earlier.
Heh. The pretty covering's finally off to show us what's underneath, huh?
If nothin' else, you're not ever gonna get bored around here.

You think we should proceed onward?
I'd say so. We might as well at least get a look at what we're going to be facing on the nex--


But not before we deal with this first!

-Genuine Devil-

It's another of the seventy-seven devils! The other gatekeeper of Gehenna, feared for its dark incantations and frightful magic! Astarte of the Abyss!

I-Is this Weissmann's Evil Eye?!
It's gotta be from the curse that was based on--a far more powerful version that binds space itself! Damn it! I can't move a muscle!

Ugh... If we can't break out of this, we're finished!
Gah... (Don't think I've got a choice here...)
Girl's Voice: Begone, foul, blasphemous beast.


-Overdosing Heavenly Bliss-
I don't know if I'd call this the very best track in the whole game, but it's definitely in a dead heat.

Thank goodness... I was worried I might not make it in time.
Leave the devil to me. I'll take care of it in no time.

Not bad...
She's not letting the Gralsritter name down, that's for sure.
Don't push your luck, Ries! You know as well as I do that's not an opponent you can take out on your own!
I know, but I'm a squire of the Gralsritter. I have to at least try!

I've got a lot of things that I want to say to you...
...but right now, what I want to do most of all is protect you! Just like you and Rufina protected me!



-The Crimson Stigma-


Kevin can now use the S-Craft [Spear of Loa].
Spear of Loa was set as Kevin's S-Break.

I sure wasn't expecting to end up having to use THIS in here.
Hey Murder-Kevin. It's been a while.

This is just a formality for a worthless devil like you...but I hereby acknowledge you as a heretic to be hunted.
Your chances to repent or beg for the Goddess' forgiveness have long passed! May a thousand thorns adorn your flesh with sorrow!
Become dust, and vanish into the void of ignorance!

Let's get a-started.

C'mon, everyone!

Those 600 ADF accessories make quite a difference.

Welp. Later, J.


Dragon Dive came back just in time to get upstaged.

May a thousand thorns adorn your flesh with despair! May you be as garbage, ignorant and alone!

Strike! Unholy Spears of Time!

Astarte is determined to win the 'unholy spears' game.

Joshua finally came back after this attack, but he's blinded and out of EP so he gets to be useless for a little bit.

-This Is Our Real Power!-

Alright... What's next?



Heh. Well at least it gave us something to justify the trouble.
Hoarse Voice: Haha... Well done, Kevin Graham.

-The Lord of Phantasma-

You again...

'Your next destination is the path of beasts. Devour the new offering presented to you, and display your seal once more. Then shall the flames of Gehenna burn ever fiercer, and my kingdom draw closer to its true completion.' Heh. You didn't perform as well as I hoped, but my words still came true, did they not?
Just who are you?
I think it's about time you took that lame-looking mask off and showed us your face, don't you?
If that is what you wish, I would be happy to oblige. But ask yourself this: Is that truly what you desire?
You have but to say the word, and the deed shall be done. Well? What's it to be? Do you wish to see my face?
Kevin literally already said the word, now off with the pumpkin pail.
I... I...

That's enough, Lord of Phantasma! Stop trying to mess with Kevin's head with your cryptic nonsense!
Haha... I am doing no such thing. If he doesn't understand my words, that is because he chooses not to by himself.
Regardless, the time has come for the child of the sun to return to you. And with that, you will finally have sufficient pieces for me to prepare some more advanced game boards for you.
Can we play Candyland next?

Not again...
Haha. Your next destination is the path of the dream devils. Cross between the realms of shadow and light, and gather the black and white pieces therein. Only upon the completion of your collection will your path to yet a new game board become clear.


Kevin, I...
I know you've got a lot you wanna talk about, but let's save that until later, okay?

After all, it sounds like this contains the girl we've all been waiting for. Everything else can wait until after she's out of this stone.
Thanks, Kevin.
Heh. Damn right.
Thank goodness we've found her...

-The Hermit's Garden-

Here she comes...

Wh-What just happened...?
Hey, Estelle...
Are you okay, Joshua?! What was that light, anyway?!
Yeah, I'm not surprised you're feeling kind of bewildered right now.
Not every day you find yourself in a situation like this.
I guess there have been a couple days where it didn't happen, yeah.

I've missed you, Estelle!
Heehee. Same here.
You guys've missed ME? I've missed YOU!
Ahaha... I'm feeling all emotional all of a sudden.
There're so many faces I haven't seen in ages here, I'm not sure where to start. And a few who've done a total 180 since I've last seen them, too!
I mean, wow, Olivier! You look all...princely all of a sudden! And when did you cut your hair, Schera? And is that a new outfit? It's so...daring...
Haha. I've taken quite a liking to it, myself.
I have to say, I still prefer that old white coat. I feel much more at home in it than this.
Everyone else is same old, same old, though.
Well, sorry for not breaking the bank on some new getup for you to gawk at.
Haha... These clothes are practically my work uniform at this point. It'd take a lot to get me to change them!
Look forward to Kilika instantly making him change them in the Calvard games.
Aww, man! It's so good to see you again!
You don't look like you've changed at all. You're still a total airhead from where I'm standing.
Anelace! You're here, too!
And as for YOU, Josette...
...can you quit calling me a damn airhead? In case you were raised in a barn, that's not a very nice way to greet someone!
What? I was only telling the truth.
Sounds like you're always a huge pain in the butt for poor Joshua!
O-Okay, I'll give you sometimes, but always?
Actually, you know what? Scratch that! It's none of your business!
Wow, though. Even the captain and major are here!
It's lovely to see you, too, Estelle.
It's been quite some time.
Man, this is the best reunion party ever...
Haha. Don't forget about me, too.
I don't recognize the person with you, though. Umm... Hi.
Hello. I'm Ries Argent, a squire of the Gralsritter.
Kevin's told me quite a lot about you.
He has, huh?
It's nice to meet you.
You really are a special girl, Estelle...
Just having you here brightens up the room...
Y-You really think so?
...Hey, are you okay? You look a little pale...




-The Lord of Phantasma-

Sorry...Ries... Gonna have to take a rain check on our talk...
Goddamnit Kevin did you do this on purpose

Kevin handed the cube to Ries.

What are you...?
I'll leave things to you...for a while... Keep moving...on...

Ugh... Is this because of that thing he did?!
Wh-What thing? What's going on?
Kevin! Wake up! Kevin!